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Young-woman-in-bed-snorin-008 by SFC78767

Tom in between transformation

Every year for the last 4 years my girlfriends and I have been going to the same resort,  just 4 days, but its great to get away from our husbands/boyfriends, (You know how it is ladies), anyway, we have to book a year ahead, so we can get the same cabin, and also the cabin holds 6, if we don't have 6 we have to forfeit the cabin and go to a smaller one, (They are always fully booked, usually with guys going fishing).

We travel up there in a Minivan, its a bit of a squeeze with each girl bringing all the clothes we have bought recently, (we always have a little fashion show so we can show each other what looks good and what doesn't).

It started off badly this year as the girl, who usually drives, Cindy, said she couldn't make it up to the cabin till the Saturday of the 4 day weekend, Its about 2 hours north, so a cab is out of the question, especially with all the clothes we were taking, so I bit my tongue and asked my brother if he would take us up there, he just had to drop us off then Cindy would bring us back, I was a little shocked when he said he would take us, (I think he has a little crush on one of my friends, (Bev)

We set off Friday morning, Tom's driving, all's well with the world, Tom cant believe all the clothes, shoes, makeup, even a couple of wigs Ann had bought this year, Ha ha, I wouldn't expect him to understand, We arrive at the resort office, Tom waits in the Minivan until we book in, Now it all starts to go sour, the owner asks, You only have 5 girls here, you will have to take a smaller cabin girls, you know the rules! we all start to panic until Bev says, Cindy is in the Minivan, The owner looks out of the window of the office, at the van and waves at the driver not knowing its my brother, Of course my brother doesn't know what's happening and waves back, Ok then off you go girls, see you all at breakfast tomorrow, No problem, the real Cindy will be here by then and Tom can go home. Great plan, "what is it they say about the plans of mice and men often go astray"

We tell Tom he will have to stay the night, he's not happy, but agrees to spend the night, (I swear if Bev hadn't been here he would have left in a heart beat lol)

Here's where it all falls apart, Cindy phones me on my cell, she cant make it AT ALL, that's it, tomorrow the owner will move us to a smaller cabin, unless???.
I tell the girls about Cindy, they all start griping about having to move all the clothes to a smaller cabin, Bev says "But we do have 6 people here!, its just that one of them is a man" the problem is, they don't rent coed cabin's, we all stare at each other thinking the same thing at the same time, "Cindy is here, she just needs a makeover lol."

Tom didn't know what hit him, we laced his drinks, it only took 3, he was half in the bag, and with Bev leading the way, he went along with the "Game" we were playing, we started with strip poker he had no idea we had stacked the deck, he was so far gone with the booze, Bev took her blouse off, he was in ga ga land lol, after 3 more drinks he didn't know what day it was, never mind where he was, or what we had planned for him.

After we stripped him of the clothes he had left on, I shaved his legs and arms, not much on his chest but shaved it anyway, Ann trimmed his eyebrows to a lovely feminine arch, I supplied a pair of beige stockings and red garter belt to go with the red bra, Tanya found a beautiful salmon mini skirt, and to set it off Sue had a white blouse, Tom has always hated the fact that he and I have the same size feet, so shoes were not going to be a problem, black 3" pumps. We sat Tom in a chair and tried to prop him up as best we could.

I had once dared Tom to have his ears pierced for a bet, that cost me $20, but today made that bet worth while ha ha, Sue had gold hoops that looked great on him. All that was left was his makeup, we all wanted a go at it but Carol moved forward, with the largest makeup case anyone had ever seen, "step away from the subject" she said, we couldn't argue, Carol was a professional when it came to makeup, less than an hour later, Tom looked amazing, foundation, shading, eye shadows, three or four different colors all blended so you didn't know where one started and one ended, false eyelashes, rouge, lip plumper's, and two different lipsticks, plus gloss, with a manicure and pedicure of salmon nail polish, and the Blonde wig belonging to Ann, he was ready for breakfast, after of course we took all the pictures of his transformation lol, after all we needed "Cindy" for 4 days ha ha.

0 by SFC78767

Carols Makeup job + Blonde wig

th3LM6VEF1 by SFC78767

Blonde wig Red dress. That's Ann behind him

thF6RTFELT by SFC78767

Black wig "Cindy" is all ready for Brekfast

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charlee718 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017
When he wakes up he is not going to be happy but I would like to be in his place now
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017
Your right there sis
charlee718 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
he is in for a surprise
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
He sure is
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