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Josh sat on the Chaise Lounge in a beautiful pure white wedding dress, his hair made into a perfect brides style, He heard the front door open, it was his wife back from a day at the office,

"You wont believe the day I've had" she said,

"Why don't you come in here honey, and tell me all about your hellish day, answered Josh.


Josh and Melissa Southwell were voted two of the most successful people in their field, Melissa was about 5'7", tall and slim, but elegant, her hair was Ash blonde, Josh on the other hand was quite plain looking 5' 6" a little shorter than Melissa especially when she wore her heels, which was all the time, he had short brown hair, worked out every day trying to build muscle instead of the thin arms he had always had as a child, they had everything that the year 2395 had to offer, they had no children, and lived in the most expensive part of town in a penthouse at the tallest building in Manhattan.

Let me take you back 8 Hours.

The July day started much the same as any other day in the Southwell home, the home help, (people stopped calling them robots when they were allowed to vote in the year 2278,) of course they bought the Mark 10 no less, it was the latest model, their home was filled with all the newest gadgets, the T.V. was the full size of one wall, and 3D, when Melissa watched her cooking channel you could even smell what the chefs were cooking, if a recipe got too complicated she could stop the show and ask the chef questions, then press another button and continue on with the show, it was totally interactive.

But the pride of place in their gadget filled world was the top of the line fully loaded, "Auto Dresser 3000" Melissa had wanted this model because of all the extras, things like a 3D printer, but not like the 3D printers in 2015 that could only print using paper or plastic, this model could replicate skin that you could build and sculpt into any body part, so if she wanted to have larger hips for a particular dress the 3000 could reproduce that part and "attach" it to her, using the DNA of the dresser to bond with them.

Josh hated the autodresser and refused to use it, it was just another obstacle on his way to the living room, he got out of his bed and made his way to the bathroom, showered and wrapped a towel around his waist and headed for the section of the dresser where his suits hung, he laughed at the thought of a machine picking a suit for him to wear, how stupid, as he walked into the center of the room he heard a small but audible click, when he looked around, the door behind him had closed, stupid machine he thought, and continued to look for the blue suit he intended to wear that day, meanwhile in Melissa's corner office suite, in downtown Manhattan, the salesman had arrived to show her some of the extras she had purchased and some surprises that the autodresser company had added for Mrs Southwell so they could seal the deal, let's face it, if Mrs Southwell didn't like this particular model there were lots of company's out there that could deliver a similar dresser, what Mrs Southwell didn't know was this was the last chance for this company, if she decided to have the dresser removed they would go bankrupt, it had to be a hard sell, nothing could go wrong.

The sales pitch began,

"Good morning Mrs Southwell, my name is David, and this is my assistant Mary, we are here to show you some of the options of the Autodresser 3000, normally we would be at your home to show you all the wonderful things this model can do to make your busy day less stressful"

"Ok David thank you for coming to my office, as you know I am a very busy woman, and please, call me Melissa"

''Thank you Mrs South....., I mean thank you Melissa, Firstly, I'd like to ask you, Is there anyone at your home as we speak?

"No, my husband was there this morning but he hates the autodresser and will have left to go to his office by now"

"Ok Mellissa that's good, it offers me the opportunity to show you the first thing on the menu," David took out his Ipad 200 and showed her the app, "It's a microphone/speaker, if there is a power cut it will enable you to contact an outside line if you are dressing while the power is cut, this button disables the microphone/speaker, now the doors will lock automatically , and all the controls will now switch to the Ipad 200, the controls in the room will become null and void

"Why do the doors lock David?"

"It's a privacy issue, Melissa, we don't want anyone walking in while you are in the middle of dressing do we"

"Good point David, which button is that?"

The red button labeled LOCK, he answered, with that Josh heard a much louder "CLICK"

What the hell was that, he thought and walked to the door leading to the bedroom, his fears were real, it was locked, next he checked the door to living room, it too was locked, "If anyone can hear me, get me out of this thing" he shouted, of course his pleas fell on deaf ears, back to David and Melissa.

"Next step is to show you just how good this model is", continued David, "we have installed a Virtual Mannequin so when there is no one in the room you can try on different outfits on the mannequin, using the controls on the Ipad 200, so you don't waste time trying different clothes on then taking them off again, of course if someone is in the room the clothes will be on them, as there is no one in the room we can proceed with the second step.

Josh was getting very annoyed and agitated by this time, the 3000 model took this into account, as if dressing a small child or someone with anxiety issues about an upcoming meeting or a job interview, without anyone knowing the 3000 released a calming gas into the room, David felt somehow calmer and more relaxed, the two home helpers in the autodresser led Josh to the chair in the middle of the room,

"Stay calm Mrs Southwell we will take care of you, "Mrs. Southwell? but I'm Mr. Southwell,"

"Of course you are madam, just relax" answered the senior robot, (sorry home helper) she removed the towel from Josh as he sat in the chair.

David continued his instructions, "Ok now we have the Virtual Mannequin in the chair, shall we start top to bottom?"

"Ok David what ever you think" answered Melissa,

"First we will use the laser measuring device to check that the measurements on the mannequine are the same as your own"

In the dressing room a hundred lasers covered Josh's body, "Ok" said David "It seems the measurements are a little off, they were way off, but David tried to stay calm, "I'm assuming the mannequin hasn't been calibrated, but this is a good chance to show you how the 3D printer can be of use"

David checked the measurements that his company had on file, after all they couldn't show Mrs. Southwell how she could try clothes on if they didn't fit the mannequin

Neck Melissa - 15''         Mannequin - 16''

The 3D printer started clicking, within minutes it produced a kind of sheath of skin, the home helper picked up the sheath and began wrapping it around Josh's neck, as it bonded with his D.N.A. it became smaller, 15'' to be exact, Josh began to almost choke, but just in time, more calming gas entered the room easing his throat.

"There" said David, "Next measurement we do will be all three in one measurement".

When David looked at the Ipad his face said it all, he looked at Mary, she saw it too, the mannequin had no boobs, how could this happen? if Melissa saw this she would think they were complete amateur's, Mary whispered to David (Use the 3D printer) David and Mary caught a lucky break, Melissa told them she had to take a call "Please allow me to take this call" she told them, David nodded and began pressing buttons on the Ipad to build a woman's chest on the 3D printer, and attach them to the mannequin before Melissa finished on the phone.

"Ok now where were we? asked Melissa, as Mary was just putting the finishing touches to Josh's new chest, the helper in the auotdressing room was picking up the 36B chest and laying it on Josh, he tried to move but there was too much calming gas in the room for him to dodge the 36B chest coming straight at him, "IT" lay there on his chest. he could see the edges blending with his own skin, "Help" he shouted "I'm being attacked by boobs" he could also feel the new weight, he shook a little, the boobs moved silently, with the sway of his own body, Mary and David both sighed with relief.

"Ok lets continue with the next sizes" said David

Chest size - 36" cup size B,
Waist size - 26''
Hips size - 34"

"I'm sorry to stop you David, Why must we program these sizes into the Ipad, when I am already these sizes?

"Good question Mrs. Southwell, sorry, Melissa" These measurements are necessary in case, Hmmm how can I put this delicately,

Melissa jumped in, Is this so if I gain a few pounds over Christmas say, that I will still fit into my clothes?

"Thank you madam, I appreciate your insight." "Ok so we have a body measurement of 36"-26"-34""

The 3D printer started clicking again, Josh stared at the printer, last time this thing started up it almost choked him, then gave him a woman's chest, what torture was to come this time. the printer took a little over one minute to produce something that looked like a corset but looked like it was made of skin, It took both helpers to lift the skin off the printer this time, not because it was heavy, it was because it looked so delicate, they placed the front over Josh's new breasts and held him forward to allow the "Skin corset" to attach at the back, of course it looked way to small, but it didn't stop the skin from doing exactly what it was designed to do, make the wearer the same size as the measurements it was made for. It was the first time Josh was glad to be breathing the calming gas, as the "Corset" became tighter Josh felt a faintness, the gas was calming but the it didn't take away much of the pain, 3" later he felt the corset relax, it had done its job, Josh sat there with a perfect 36-26-34 body.

It was at this point that Melissa asked to take a break and she asked would he and Mary join her for lunch, David happily agreed, telling Melissa, "Thank you" and that they could leave the "Autodresser 3000" to continue its work calibrating the mannequin and when they come back they can "Get to the fun part" as he called it. It wasn't going to be fun for Josh, unfortunately the 3D printer started clicking, it started building female genitalia, it seems Josh's manhood didnt match the measurements they had for Melissa, Surprise, Surprise, Melissa, Mary and David left for lunch.

When they all returned from lunch David and Mary were feeling more relaxed about the whole deal, thinking Mrs Soutwell wouldn't have taken them to lunch if she wasn't happy with the way things were going, When they arrived back at Melissa's office David looked at the IPad showing the mannequin, the hair and been spun into a perfect ash blonde by the 3D printer and was now firmly attached to the mannequin's head, the hair removal lasers had done their job, every hair on Josh's body had been removed, even his eyebrows, his new genitalia was perfectly attached over his manhood.

"Now that the mannequin seems to be finished, you mentioned the fun part? Can begin," said Melissa, "Yes that's correct, we have all your clothes set up in the catalogue on this IPad, you can skim through all your clothes as if you were looking at pictures, just swipe your finger left to right to see what it is you would like to wear"

'Like this'' she asked, the clothes flew by in a stream of colours, "Hmmm Josh and I are going out to a dinner dance tonight, maybe we could try on this little black cocktail dress?"

"Ok but we should start with underwear first,"  David said, Melissa laughed which made David very happy, "So I just tap on lingerie?" asked Melissa, she tapped the lingerie app and all her underwear appeared on the Ipad, "Wow this is very easy, let's start with stockings," she clicked on the black stockings and the home helpers moved to the drawers were Melissa's lingerie was kept, a brand new pair of black stockings were brought over to Josh, the helper rolled the stockings up Josh's perfectly smooth and hair free legs, next she chose a black over the bust corset, she didn't need a corset but she loved the way it hugged her curves, but now it was Josh's turn to feel what that was like, the helpers tightened the laces at the back to fit snugly over Josh's new breasts and his new waist, the stockings were attached to the suspenders hanging from the corset.

"Ok" said David "All you have to do now is click on the dress and the home helpers will pick up the dress from the rack and place it on the mannequin," Josh's arms were raised over his head by one of the helpers and the "Little Black Dress" was placed over his head, the zip was pulled up, of course the dress fitted Josh's new body perfectly, he looked at himself in a mirror,

"Oh My Goodness." He said to no one in particular, it was like he was looking at a picture of his wife, his hair sat on top of his head with hundreds of curls going in all directions,
imagesSSNNXE6U by SFC78767
His face was covered in a shade of beige,

Untitled4 by SFC78767

His eyebrows were arched, his eyelashes curled with pure black mascara, his eyelids were coloured with three maybe even four shades of eyeshadow and blended together so you couldn't see were one colour started and another colour finished, his blushing pink rouged cheeks shone, to create perfect apple shape cheek bones, but by far, the piece de resistance were his lips,

imagesZYP6HDX2 by SFC78767
A shade of red which seemed to be translucent and glowing, shining like a glass lake from the lip gloss.

Melissa was very happy with the outcome, the mannequin looked just like her, this would save her so much time, she could try on different outfits without even leaving her desk, ready for the next day or the night ahead or swim suits for the vacations, she laughed at that one, when did she ever have time for a vacation?

Josh thought his torture would be over now he looked exactly like his wife, he had no idea just how bad it was about to get, David and Mary were just finishing off there presentation, when over the intercom, came a voice from Melissa's secretary,

"Mrs.Southwell, your nieces are here to see you, should I send them both in?"

"Are we finished David," she asked

"Yes Mrs. Southwell we are" answered David, " Thank you for your time, allowing us to show you just how awesome the Autodresser 3000 is, back at the house Josh sat in the chair looking pretty as a picture, waiting for the craziest ride he had ever been on to end, Meliss'a nieces came running into the room and hugged their Aunty, the girls were 10 year old twins, very girlie girls, with ribbons and bows abounding, they were introduced to David and Mary, both curtseyed which made Mary smile, 

"What's this Aunty?" asked one of the girls,"

"Be careful with that Lyndsey, its my new Autodresser, can you see the mannequin dressed like me on the screen?"

"Yes Aunty"

"Well I can dress it up anyway I like, to see how I will look in any of my outfits"

"Can we play with it, Pleeaassse?"

"I'm not sure sweetheart, would it be ok David?"

"Well as long as your mannequin doesn't mind" David laughed at his own joke.

Josh's day was about to get a whole lot worse. These dresses are just the tip of the iceberg, the girls had him wear.

Image by SFC78767  Image by SFC78767  Image by SFC78767
Image by SFC78767Image by SFC78767  Image by SFC78767  Image by SFC78767 Image by SFC78767   Image by SFC78767  Image by SFC78767

After a full day at the office Melissa said, "Ok guys lets get out of here, we can go see Uncle Josh"

"Can we just do one more Pleeaasse?" asked the girls,

"Ok lets do one together, what shall it be?" asked Melissa, Both girls answered at the same time,

"A bride, we want to do a bride," If only Josh could have heard what they asked,

The Mannequin was stripped, ready for hopefully his last adventure of the day.

This story was asked for by Thesamurai2013, I hope you all enjoy it.
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charlee718 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
sounds like he is about to become a bride
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
Maybe not read Pt 2
Taogca Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
would be a very interesting way to spend a day . enjoyable reading .
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
I think that depends on whether your a crossdresser or not, Im glad you enjoyed it though I hope you enjoy my other stories as much, and thanks for the comment, it is always nice to hear from people and find out what they like and even what they dont like, not enough people bother. 
Jaybird196 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
Y'know, after reading this, calm or not, I think Josh would be a dead man. His own DNA would have to be altered, in order for his body to accept the grafts, or else there could be lethal complications, potentially.

Good story, though. It reminded me of something Sapphirefox did, fairly recently.
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
No not really the 3D machine makes the dna for the person being dressed. 
I see lots of ideas that may look like someone else's work but I try not to judge, I f read something that sounds like my stories then I take that as a compliment.
Jaybird196 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
That's fine. And, I wasn't accusing.
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
I didnt think you were.
Jaybird196 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
TheSamurai2013 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
SFC78767 hey can there beb a part two i really love the story so much
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016
I am looking into it, Is the anything you would like to happen?
TheSamurai2013 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
ok what if Melissa turns me back into my normal self and we use the Autodresser 3000 to have me and her switch back and forth as each other and mess with people or Melissa wasn't feeling good one day and didn't want to go into work she would ask me to fill in for or see the other's point of view to see what its like to be the other its just a thought but I got so many other ideas just let me know what you think oh by the way I am writing a story about two brother's and the parallel universe   
xmarilix Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016
beautiful dresses   n///n
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
They aren't they
JamesM1984 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
This is very good story. Hope there more parts.Keep up the good work 
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Thanks James I'm wondering if I can stretch this out myself.
MariaSki Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
A great start to a great story.
Please tell us... Is there going to be a Part 2?
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Im trying
TheSamurai2013 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
omg i love this story sooooo much dude n thx so much 
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Your welcome, glad you liked it.
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