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Adam was a P.A. to the owner of the company and he was a mans man, when I say that I mean he had dated every woman in the office, all the girls knew what he was like, but no one could resist his charms, no matter what the other girls that had dated him and had their hearts broken told them, There was only one girl that could resist him, and she was his best friend, Emily, she was the one he confided in, told her all his hopes and fears.

The problem was Adam had no scruples, so when he dated and dumped a young 18 year old intern, the girls felt he had gone too far, and they decided to get revenge, they tried to think of ideas how to humiliate him, but they couldn't come up with any ideas that would truly show him how low he made the girls feel when he dated and dumped them sooo quickly.

It was the intern that ironically came up with an idea, the intern said,

"If we could just show him what its like to walk a mile in our shoes"

"Hmmm" said the girls in harmony,

The plan was put in place, they would invite him to a party, where all the men had to wear womens shoes and the one who wore them the longest would win the prize, the men would be told it was for a charity, the girls managed to find enough guys that were sympathetic to how the girls had been treated by Adam to go along with the scam, and they knew Adam was such a competeitive guy he would wear them just long enough for the second part of the plan.

The night of the party was upon them, as usual Adam was the last man to arrive, he always liked to make an entrance

The girls had him try on three different pairs of heels "Try these Adam" the first pair were black ankle boots, he said they were ok but a little tight, so the girls had him try a pair of strappy sandals, but told him they might cut into his foot, but what he didnt know was the the girls made sure the first two pairs he tried on were just a little tight on his surprisingly small feet,

What about those, He pointed to a pair of white heels, "No" said the girls "They have a gel in them, it would be unfair to the other guys."

"Gel? what do you mean," said Adam,

"Its so we can wear the heels all day, said the girls, "but that wouldnt be fair"

Before they could say another word Adam had slipped the white heels on his feet, he said,  "I can feel the gel, its even going in between my toes, this is a great idea," the girls gave each other a knowing giggle, the party went well with the girls making sure Adam didnt take the heels off, they had him up dancing most of the night, as it came closer to the end of the night and guys were taking their heels off, it got down to two guys Adam and John, they both had to dance one more dance and it would be a tie, half way through the dance John said "I cant do this anymore you win Adam," he sat down on the couch and took the heels off, rubbing his feet.

Adam shouted out that he had won, everyone cheered, Adam was glad it was over, he was so relieved, he sat on a couch to take the shoes off telling the girls the gel was good but it didnt help much towards the end of the night because the shoes seemed to get stiff the longer he wore them. he bent down to take the shoes off but shock came over his face when he realized that the shoes were not coming off, the girls told him that maybe his feet had swelled, that can happen when wearing heels for a long time, he was happy just to sit down, the girls lifted his feet up on to the couch and told him to just rest for a while, you cant go home like that anyway.

As Adam laid on the couch everyone started to leave, the girls gave him a blanket and told him he could stay there the night, the shoes should be easy to get off tomorrow when the swelling in his feet has gone down, that made sense to Adam, he didnt know about wearing heels, he just had to take the girls word for it.

The next morning the girls were up at 6 O'clock to see Adam lying there on the couch still in the heels, as Adam woke he felt his head, it was pounding, he looked over at the girls and said, "Wow that was quite a night," then he realized he still had the shoes on, he turned to put his feet on the floor to take them off, Adam said, "the swelling in my feet must have gone down by now" but they wouldnt budge, he had a very confused look on his face and as the girls started to laugh, he realised he'd been had, the shoes were stuck solid, he asked, "Whats going on? what is this?"

It was the intern who spoke up first, "Its pay back Adam, its time for you to walk a mile in our shoes, you have walked over all of us one time or another so now you get to feel what its like" Adam was furious he phoned his friend Emily to come pick him up, he would figure this out when he got home, Emily arrived at the apartment building to see Adam in the lobby so no one could see his footwear, he tried to run to the car but no luck, he stumbled and a man caught him saying, "Hey take it easy there little lady" then the guy saw it was a man in heels. "What the hell is this?" he said, Adam made a leap for the car door and Emily sped off before anything else could happen.

"What happened to you?" she asked

All the girls at the office tricked me into wearing heels with glue in them, and now I cant get them off,'' Emily almost crashed the car she was laughing so much, "Why are you laughing, this isnt funny, I have to get these shoes off before tomorrow I cant go to work like this" 

Emily said "I knew something like this would happen one day, the way you treat women is so bad" When they arrived back at his place he and Emily tried again to pull the shoes off, with no success, "This is bad said Adam what can I do," he phoned his boss and told him that he had a slight throat infection and wouldnt be in work for a few days, nothing Adam or Emily tried would loosen the grip the shoes had on Adams feet, he couldnt even get his favorite white jeans off, Emily said, "At least the shoes match your jeans ha ha" They both tried for two days to get the shoes off but they wouldnt move.

Emily said, "Well theres only one thing for it Adam,"
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charlee718 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
i hope he gets fixed up to look like a woman that would be sooo awsome
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Interesting story. It is a fitting punishment though.
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015
Yes, now hes the one being pursued, by creepy men
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
To true. :)
JohnFromJersey Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
I love it!  I've missed your stories!
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
Part 2 coming soon, what has Emily got in mind?
JohnFromJersey Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
I can't wait to see
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015
Today yeh
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