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3f5b5297-fb3e-44bf-a0eb-50b65634ea7d by SFC78767

I filled my editor in on the kind of story I wanted to write, he asked me,

“Who knows about this Brian? Its very important no one finds out
about your true self, thats number one” 

“Number two is if your going to catch a big fish your going to need the right bait”

I told him my sister helped me so far, so she is the only one who knows, I was a bit confused about that “Right Bait part?” but he was on a roll, and when P.J. Thompson gets on a roll you dont get in the way of that train, he knew I was a top writer but just the wrong shape, “Ok we need to get you in a new location”

He pressed the intercom on his desk, ”Come in here Miss Bell, and bring a pad”

Miss Bell entered the room and nodded to me before sitting, she had no idea who I was, just another woman, maybe hoping for a job with the newspaper.

”Do we still have that apartment downtown?” He asked

“Yes Mr Thompson,” came the reply

“Ok good er” he stalled, this is my daughter, (Now I was the one taken aback? His daughter?) shes from out of town she will be moving into that apartment, I want the decorators there tomorrow.. no I want them there this afternoon to decorate that apartment to her specifications, whatever she wants, bill it to the newspaper, and make an appointment at my friends salon for my daughter,”

“Thats all for now Miss Bell” and she hurried off to her desk.

“P.J. What the hell? Your daughter,? and why do I need to go to a salon” I asked

“Yes sorry Brian it was a spare of the moment thing, you need a new address, a new identity, we cant have people following you home to a mans apartment, Dont worry I have everything under control,” ( That’s what worried me. )

“We need to make you desirable, You will need a drivers license, Passport, credit cards, then from out of the blue, “Im thinking blonde, what do you think?”

P.J. Im sorry I cant do this, Im not here to trap men into harassment, Im here to catch men who think its ok to harass All women not just the pretty ones.

“Look Brian I understand what you mean but these men shouldnt be harassing any women, just because she is pretty doesnt make it right does it?”

Of course he was right I was protecting ALL women, pretty, or otherwise.

I arrive at the salon, it looks closed, I was just about to walk away thinking maybe I had the wrong day, maybe P.J. had changed his mind, I turned to go home but I hear a voice from behind me, “You must be Brian”

OMG I've been outed, but how would they know I was a man in this get up? 

It suddenly clicks, its P.J’s friend standing in the door, all the lights from the salon suddenly lit, I couldnt make her out until my eyes got used to the neon inside.

Her hair is perfect her make up is perfect, she could have been a model, except for one thing, her face was burned on the left side, I learned later that night, she had been in a car accident with her son. He was thrown from the car but she hadnt been so lucky, the left side of her face was covered with plastic in the accident and it had melted on her face.

“Ok sweetie, P.J has told me what you want doing maybe you can explain “WHY”

I told her why it was we were changing my gender, I thought she was going to cry, it seems that when she was in the accident it was because the man in the front seat (Her boss) had tried to slide his hand up her skirt which made her wander into the oncoming traffic and almost killing her and her son, she looked at me and said,

”God bless you Brian.”

This is how I looked after she had worked her magic.

61edec35-a577-467f-854f-1bf72af6aaf0 by SFC78767

“Ok Brian” she said, I stopped her when I saw myself in the mirror,

“Please, call me Brianna”

“Good call Brianna, I’m just going to add some extensions to your hair, I was thinking of using a wig but this will look more real, if thats a word,” and we both laughed.

After the extensions were added I looked in the mirror again, I couldnt believe what I was seeing, a beautiful young woman staring back at me.

53741bce-b84d-489b-82cf-b0e4857ef798 by SFC78767

As I was leaving the salon I kissed her cheek, the one that was so badly burned and I said “Thank you” She just looked at me and said,

“Go get em girl”

Looks like “Brian” is getting deeper
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charlee718 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017
I'm loving this story and wish that i could look that good
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017
We all do sis
jeanettentutu Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
You like?
jeanettentutu Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
Of course
LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017
Deeper, but well motivated! It's getting better and better.
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
Thanks I love your comments
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