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"Can you let "Pixie" out this morning honey or I'll be late for my shoot"

How can an innocent question end so badly? Join me on my very special journey.

Sleep wear

I sleep in a T shirt and shorts normally, it looked a bit chilly outside so I just grabbed the nearest coat, it was Julia's, but I was only going out the back door, I'd done it a thousand times before, ok maybe a hundred, no big deal, I pulled on her huggs boots too they are so warm and easy to slip on, as I got out the back door I realized how cold it was and pulled the hood of her coat over my head. Hmmmm nice and warm.

"Pixie" was taking forever and my hands were getting cold, as I put my hands in the pockets of the coat I could feel Julia's ear muffs and gloves, the gloves were a little snug but I have small hands and it was better than being cold, the collar of the coat and the cuffs of the gloves were just big fluffy balls but I'd be in soon if that damn dog would co-operate.

Locked out

Five minutes later I had picked up her pooh and was heading back up the garden, I saw Julia through the glass back door but she was looking the other way, she had her hand on the lock, she didnt see me outside, I saw her turn the lock, it looked like it was in slow motion, I heard her shout "Ok Honey the limousine is here I have to rush see you next week," and she locked the back door, I dropped Pixies pooh and ran to the door shouting, "Julia, Julia, but by the time I got to the door I could see her getting in the limousine." So picture this, I'm wearing a womans three quarter length coat with a large furry clollar, I have on a pair of womens Huggs which luckily show only about 2 inches of the skin on my legs, Im also wearing large puffy gloves and a pair of fluffy ear muffs.


We live in a row of townhouses so that meant I had to walk down the back of the houses and then around to the front, to see if she had locked that door too, I got down the back of the houses walking Pixie as I went, one guy came out from his house and said "Good morning "Miss" I just kept walking,  I pulled out a large pair of womens sunglasses from Julia's pocket to best hide my face, as I turned the corner to walk towards our front door I noticed 5 or 6 school girls on the other side of the road, I was pleading to my self, (Please stay on that side Please, Please).

My luck was out for the second time that day, they saw Pixie and that was it.

"Look at the little dog Cindi, hes so cute lets go see him," and with a chorus of

"Oh My Gods" ringing in the morning air they surrounded me.....

Is it a boy or a girl?

How old is it?

I want one of these where did you buy it?

Are they expensive?

Whats its name?

All the questions came to a shuddering halt when one girl said, Oh My God, its a man!

The other girls looked a little confused,

"You mean its a boy?" "Not its a man" ha ha

"No, No, SHES a man", and pointed straight at me, like all young girls these days, they took out their cell phones and I was hit with a thousand flashes, they were all taking pictures of me, I felt like a real fool and started running towards my house, I reached the door about 30 seconds before them, then realized Julia had locked the front door as well as the back, I was trapped, the girls stood in a pack at the gate, the pointing began straight away, then a few more pictures, then some giggling, then it seemed like they had come to some kind of agreement between themselves.


Cindi seemed to be the leader and she said they would try and help me get into the house, I was very wary but having no choice I thanked her, one girl had gone to ask the guy next door who was cleaning the windows if he would help the "Lady" next door get in her house through an open window on the second floor, (This was working better than I thought it might,) "Ok miss we'll soon have you out of the cold" he said to me, to which all the girls had a collective giggle.

The guy was in and back at the front door in seconds, the girls thanked him and he was on his way, I turned to thank the girls but they rushed the door and were inside by the time I got to "Thanks"

I said "Ok girls the jokes over, thanks for your help now I need to get changed, Cindi answered for the girls, "Funny you should say that but thats exactly what we had in mind also"

I stared at Cindi with my "What the hell are you talking about look," "Well she said, "We've helped you now you need to help us" she said.

"I have no idea what you mean"

Showing them the house

"Why dont you show us around your lovely home then we'll call it quits," I should have suspected something when the other girls looked at Cindi, I took her at her word and showed them up stairs first, I thought I could get rid of them easier if I showed them downstairs last, you know just shove them out the door. "This is the bathroom, this is mine and my wife's bedroom," that was the first mistake, two of them jumped on the bed and started taking selfies of themselves, two went for my wife's closet and started looking through her clothes, holding them up against their bodies.

"Your wife has pretty clothes" said Cindi.

Mistake number two coming up.....

"Thats because shes a model" I said

Cindi started to undress right in front of me, the girls were all over the room and out of any control, I tried to grab the dress Cindi had, but I tripped, while I was on the floor two other girls pretended to fall and fell on top of me. More flashes ensued, "Ok" said Cindi "I think we have enough now, She turned to me and said, "Put this dress on,"

I said "Don't be ridiculous"

She told me "If you don't put the dress on we will post onto Facebook and twitter, all the other pictures of you on the street, and here in your house with my two friends on your bed, and the other pictures of you rolling around with two teenage girls on the floor. Whats it to be? "Im sorry whats your name?"

"My name is Robert" I said in a whisper

"What was that I didnt hear you Sasha"

"My name is Robert" I said it louder his time,

"I still cant hear you SASHA"

I took the not so vague hint, "My name is Sasha."

I took off all of the clothes I was wearing, and proceeded to step into one of Julia's designer dresses,

"Wait a minute" said one of the other girls "Sasha cant wear those awful boy clothes underneath that beautiful dress can she Cindi?"

Clean him up

"Quite right" said Cindi and she led me to the bathroom, she handed me some of Julia's shampoo and shower lotion, and said "Don't come out until you have had a shower and shaved all that awful hair off your arms and legs and face, and dont forget to do under your arms too." As Cindi left me in the bathroom I could hear all the other girls laughing.


I considered calling the cops but there was six of them and only one of me, who did I think they would believe, especially with all those pictures. When I had followed Cindi's directions I came out of the bathroom with the towel around my waist, she stood at the back of me and undid the towel showing my manhood to the girls sitting on the bed, she readjusted the towel to go under my arms like a woman does, "There thats better, she led me to Julia's vanity table and started brushing my hair, then she picked up a curling iron and wrapped the first piece of hair to be curled, twenty minutes later I had a head full of curls, "Thats better isnt it Sasha?"

Red Nails

The other girls had been busy while Cindi was girlifying my hair, One girl took out the studs from my ear lobes that I had had since I was seventeen, she replaced them with large fake diamond studs that Julia had won in a competion somewhere, another girl had found a matching necklace and placed it around my neck, as I felt the clasp being fastened one of the other girls took my hand and was trying to apply red polish to my nails, I pulled my hand back but Cindi put her hand on my shoulder, I knew what she meant, (If you dont give in, the pictures go public) she did that without saying a word.

Under garments

After having my nails (toes and fingers) painted Cindi found Julia's best underwear drawer, she took out a few things and let the girls vote on what I should wear, the first "Winner" was a lacy, embroidered corset, with matching panties, it took two of the girls to lace me in, taking time to fasten it all the way as tight as it would go, one thing I did find out that I didnt know about Julia was that she had been investigating with having larger breasts, unluckily for me the girls found the silicone implants in a shoe box, lots of clapping from the girls as they were fitted into the cups of my corset.

Silk Stockings and heels

Yeh for me. I have always loved the feeling of silk stockings when worn by Julia, I can tell you the feeling was sooo different when the silk stockings were rolled up MY legs, Cindi was very careful when fastening them to the suspenders on the corset, but snapped them after securing each one, (There were eight BTW) There was some disagreement when it came to shoes, two of the girls wanted a 4" heel and two of the girls wanted a 3" heel Cindi was the deciding vote I looked at her with a pleading face, she went easy on me, and I was forced into a pair of 3" black heeled court shoes.

Make up time

"Come on girls its time for Sasha's make up," said Cindi, I turned to Cindi to offer my useless protests, she just looked at me with her finger over the send button on her phone and smiled, believe it or not this was the thing I worried about the most, you know how girls are these days, they wear far too much make up, well it seems I had nothing to worry about, even though I thought their make up was over the top Cindi told them, "Dont forget girls we're looking for elegant not slut of the month" to which they all laughed.... I think I turned out pretty cute. Scary really.....

Untitled by SFC78767

The Dress

This was the dress the girls choose for me, I tried to protest its length but to no avail, I stepped into it and Cindi zippered me in, I felt truly trapped.

Untitled by SFC78767

Free at Last?.... Not so fast Sasha 

After the girls had done their finishing touches, I was allowed to see the finished Sasha, "Ok girls" Cindi rounded all the girls together, "You know what to do, so go home and wait," I thought, finally, this nightmare is over, I only had to worry about getting this make up and this dress off and hoping I could explain how I got my eyebrows into such a feminine arch and my very smooth hair free legs to Julia. But that wasnt my only worry.....

Revealing the plan

When the other girls had left and it was just Cindi and I she picked up her purse and said "Ok Sasha lets move we dont have long," "Where are we going?" I asked, the plan was then finally revealed, "OK look, we need a Chaperone so we can go on a trip to New York, I'll give you one guess who that chaperone will be, I literally fell off my shoes, luckily there was a chair to catch my fall, "NO WAY Cindi I wont do it," "Ok she said very calmly "Say goodbye to your "Normal" life SASHA," and went to press the send button, I freaked out, she knew what she had, or actually what she thought she had, (She actually had more power than she thought, but I'll tell you later)

Walking in heels

I drove to the first of the girls houses and walked up the path, Cindi complimented me on how well I was walking in heels, what she didnt know was we had a house party once and a group of us were playing "Truth or Dare", one of the women there always wore heels, she had never been seen without them, one guys joked "I bet she wears heels in bed" everyone laughed when her husband shouted out that "She does" anyway I dared this woman to go the whole night wearing flat shoes, Not a good idea, I obviously didnt think it through, when it came to my turn she turned the tables on me and dared me to wear heels the whole night, I was cornered everyone knew I had the same size feet as my wife (Julia) so I took on the challenge, I was in agony but I couldnt let her win.

Chaperone permission

Cindi explained that I was the auntie of one of the other girls, thereby the parents wouldnt know who to call, I was to be the chaperone they all needed to go on the trip, I really didnt have to say much, and what I did say was short and low, I can do a womans voice but it comes out like Helen Mirren in "The Queen" long story short four of the girls got their parents permission, the last house was Cindi's, I had no idea what to expect.

Cynthia Morgans house

As we walked upto her house I could see a change in her, no longer the cocky attitude it was genuine fear, There were cars, no, not cars, they were wrecks on the grass as we approached the door, Cindi went in first. OMG what a reception....

Werve ya been ya lazy good for nuffin. Said her father , or what I assumed was her father it was in fact her Uncle, her mother and father had been killed when she was a small girl, he was fat, horrible and rude, no decency at all in this man, he had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, I began to feel sorry for Cindi, it was a miracle that she turned out so well, He tried to stand up from his "Lazy Boy" but failed on his first attempt, falling back and spilling his beer...

Look wot you made me do now you stupid girl, 

She ran to get him cloth as she had probaly done a hundred time before,

"Gimme that" he shouted as he grabbed at the cloth, "Now, wot do you want," 

He would strike fear in most people that met him, but I was "Wonder Woman," I walked over to him and slapped his face, one of my longest nails cut his cheek, he was taken aback by this, No one had ever hit him, let alone a woman, in my best Helen Mirren voice I told him, "Im here to be a chaperone for Cindi, we are going to New York with her friends, what do you have to say to that?"

I hope there will have be some kind of compensation, he asked for hopefully,

I reached into the purse I was carrying and handed him a card with my name on it, this is my brothers name and cell number if you have ANY issues please give him a call, but please give him time to check for any outstanding arrest warrants on you, before you hang up.

"Shes called Cinfier," thats how it came from his mouth, "My name is Cynthia, Cynthia Morgan," said the girl I knew only as Cindi.

The "plan" was never meant for me to go to New York with the girls, they just needed a patsy to tell their parents that they had some kind of parental guidance, I was never "meant" to go but I wanted to spend more time with Cynthia, I knew there was more other than this Cindi character, I didnt want to blow my cover with the other girls, so I stayed en femme, I did learn a lot from her, in fact I dedicated my next book to her....

My Auntie Sasha


Robert Ludlow

Half of the proceeds of this book 
will go to Cynthia Ludlow
Without whom it could never have been written.

I told you she had more power over me than she knew,  my career as an author would have been over and I would have been a laughing stock of the literary world if those pictures of me had got to the internet/twitter/Facebook, I set up a bank account in the name of Cynthia Ludlow, so she could escape that awful life she had, and i told her all she had to do was go to my bank and sign her new name, and the money would be hers, we both had a great time in New York, seeing the sights, lots of talking and walking the streets (all in heels I might add)

Returning Home To Julia

As I walked up to my front door and rang the bell, Julia came to the door, "Can I help you" she asked this strange woman, I handed Pixie to her and in my best Helen Mirren voice,  I said, "Shes all yours I need to get out of the heels," I wish I had taken time to see her face at that moment, I bet it would have been a picture.

Who knew one small act of kindness could screw their life up.
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charlee718 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017
I loved the story wish it was me instead of Robert
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I know 
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Great story.
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I sense a theme here Thanks
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You are welcome.
LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
Mixed feelings at first about how easily these girls take the wrong path of threatening to ruin someone's life who has never done them wrong. But finishing with a warm feeling on how his life is changed but also the girls life, for the good. Very interesting!
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
Yeah I understand your feelings but we need blackmail to force those boys/men into those pretty dresses and high heels, lol. And as you say it ended well.
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