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imagesK388V59W by SFC78767

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To get the full story.

This is a continuation of the same story.

So it looks like Marie and Tom have me at their mercy, "Ok lets get you ready for the party shall we" I hear Marie say, Party? what party? I ask, Theres a party at the Spanish Embassy, "We have a tux for you Tom, But we have something special for you "Simone"

Tom - ''Thanks Marie, Good luck Simon looks like you may need some"

Me - "No, please, Marie dont do this to me, Tom don't leave me"

Marie - "Trust me Simon its only what you deserve, Lets start by getting you out of those clothes"

Now I'm standing there naked except for the girliest panties I have ever seen, (See above), my waist is still like this because of the corset Marie has had me in for a week.

Marie - Lets start with some pretty underwear,
What colour would you suggest?'

Me - Colour, what do you mean what colour?, (This was a BIG mistake)

Marie - "ok let me show you, we have White, I must say, those fake breasts look amazing, Turn around lets see the back, that's better''
imagesZIE9IUHT by SFC78767
Or Black?
imagesNZ8FGSD8 by SFC78767
Marie - "I hope that corset isn't too tight?"

Me - "I cant breathe, help me"

Or my favourite, RED
Untitled1 by SFC78767

Marie - "Ok now we need to get you into your dress, this is what we had in mind, and since the dress is red maybe we should leave you in that colour, now hair and make up, what do you think?"

imagesS1Y7ZLPL by SFC78767

Marie - How is this one?"

Me - One question, Marie? If you knew the colour of the dress was red, why did you have me try on the Black and the White corsets? I get the feeling your enjoying this Marie, are you sure it was a gender wiring problem?

Marie - "Simon! I cant believe you think I'd do all this just because you slept with my sister?"

Me - "Oh you know about that?"

Marie - "Yes I do, But I don't mind, If I did mind you would be wearing this instead"

imagesQPCZA212 by SFC78767or maybe this, "stop please"imagesAWKKMPKP by SFC78767or even this. "No please"

images7OHZEXZA by SFC78767 "Ok Ok Please stop, I cant breathe"

Marie - "Don't push me Simon, I can just as easy make this happen, I hear the prince is looking for a new bride!
imagesOSVC5XZW by SFC78767
 or at least some pretty young thing to play with, do you fancy being a bride or a slut?"
imagesLA2RVOOB by SFC78767"You just think about what you did to me Simon"

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charlee718 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018
Is there going to be a part 6
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018
I love the story and also love all of the dresses but yes I do believe that he is going to get what he deserves
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018
Oh no
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
simon said if i had to chose i would pick the bride but please dont do this to me
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
Hi Charlee, How are you? I am really busy right now so I hope you dont mind if I dont answer every one of your comments, I feel bad but its getting to be too much and I dont want to have another break down I hope you continue to comment but hope you understand if you dont always get a reply.

Samantha xxx
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