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Untitled by SFC78767
Emily was a stunning girl, probably the prettiest girl I had ever seen, why she choose me out of all those great looking guys in the bar that night I thought I would never find out, they were all a good foot taller than me, and better built, it was when one of the guys tripped me, she came over and gave him a piece of her mind, she helped me to my feet and asked if I was okay, the other guys just laughed and walked away,

I stood up and looked at her properly for the first time, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, it wasnt till a year later that I wished I had died that night because I ended up in hell.

"Are you ok?" She asked, "My name is Emily, whats your name?"

"I'm Jimmy, thanks Emily, I dont know why I bother with those guys, but they are the only friends Ive got I guess"

"You need new friends" she said, and we both laughed.

She took me back to her apartment, to put a Band Aid on a cut I got when I tripped, after she had seen to my "injuries" (She must have thought I was a real wimp) she showed me around her place, we came to a door that said, "Doll Room"

"Stupid question" I said, but "You have a room just for your dolls?"

"Wanna see" she asked, "Most guys think I'm freaky about my dolls"

When she opened the door I was taken aback, and if I'm honest with myself if she hadnt been so pretty and so nice to me, I may have run a mile there and then, the room was actually the biggest room in the apartment, it was full of life size dolls, wall to wall, as I looked around the room at all the dolls, I couldnt help but think they were looking at me, you know like one of those pictures were the eyes seem to follow you, anyway long story short, we started dating, things were going okay, until it got close to her birthday, I hadnt got her anything, so when she asked if we could go to a doll factory in the U.S. I knew I would have to say yes.

It took forever to get over the border from Canada, so when we arrived at the factory we had missed the tour, so I was in the doghouse again, (So what's new you might say), she started crying (She knows I hate that) so I promised I would try and get us in for a "Special tour", Oh man I had to do something, bad idea....

I broke a window and waited to see if an alarm would sound, Emily's face lit up when no alarm sounded, (Of course there was no alarm, who in their right mind would break into a doll factory, dont bother I know the answer) I pushed open the broken window and helped Emily inside, there was a low light in the factory, so it meant we could see things, but nothing clearly, as we moved around the conveyer belts Emily could see all the different stations where things were added to produce a life size doll at the the end.

We got to the first station but she couldnt see where it all began, "I cant see" she cried, "Haven't you seen enough yet Em"? I asked, knowing nothing would be good enough to get me out of this. As I was leaning in to see if she could get a better look, I must have set the conveyer going, Just as the conveyer started to move I managed to push myself away enough to get clear of the belt.

As the belt began to move Emily came rushing by me to get a better look, "Let me get a better look" she shouted, Now im not saying she pushed me but I did feel her hand in my back, needless to say I was now ON the conveyer, Emily held her hands up to her mouth "Oh My God" "Jimmy get off the conveyer," she shouted, I looked around at her but the conveyer was moving too fast and my scarf had caught in the belt, I tugged at the scarf but it just got tighter round my neck until I passed out.

I awoke to find all my clothes had been removed and Emily was running along side me looking through the glass partition that kept people from the dolls, she was shouting "Jimmy are you ok?" I tried to move but there was a support around my waist holding my feet off the floor, I tried to pull the metal piece off but it was fasten at the back and I couldnt see what it was that held me.

Untitled by SFC78767

I was now supported by my waist and on the conveyer, I heard other machinery start up as we got closer to each station, when I got to the first station the belt stopped and I was suspended over a vat of pink liquid, thank god I thought, its stopped.

Emily was on the other side of the glass asking what should she do?, I told her to look for a button that said "Release doll", she looked for the right button, but the machine started up again, and I was dunked into the pink liquid, I was sacred that I would go under completely and drown, but the machine stopped at the level of my neck, Phew....

After a minute I would say, the machine raised me up with pink goo all over me, from my neck to my toes, I was suspended there for about ten minutes, I felt the goo begining to burn and I started to panic but the conveyer set off again, about twenty feet more down the belt I was sprayed with water and when I looked down all the hair had disappeared from my body

I was asking Emily if she could see any buttons that would get me out of this mess, but there was nothing she could do, at least thats what she said at the time, Jets of warm air blasted me dry before I came to the next station, again the conveyer came to a stop, and a laser scanned my body, then two arms came from either side of me, with some kind of plastic tube held vertically in the grips, I couldnt see clearly, they extended their arms and the plastic tubes encased my body and covered my genitals.

I could feel my ribs being crushed until both side of the tube met in the middle, even with the pain of my ribs, I could feel the heat from the plastic tube being fused together, the arms retracted back into the machine, as I looked down at this thing around my waist, Emily screamed,

"Oh My God its a corset" she was right, I had been fused into a plastic corset and my genitals had been forced into what looked like the flat fronted shape of a girl, I was just about to shout to Emily to phone the police when two more arms came out from the side of the machine, this time the half tubes looked smaller, they advanced towards me, I tried to avoid them but they were set to take into account the flopping head of a real doll I suppose, the arms moved to my neck and again fused the two pieces of plastic together, I was speechless, NO I mean "really" speechless, I couldnt talk at all.

I began to lose conciseness it wasnt until three stations later that I came round, I heard Emily shouting, "Oh thank god you woke up I thought you were dead" when I looked down my body had been sprayed with a flexable rubber paint that made them look like all of the other dolls, my nails (Fingers and toes) had been painted red, and the bottom of the stand read "Candi".

Untitled by SFC78767

I could still move my feet and toes so I knew If I could just get off this stand there was a chance I could get all this stuff off me, but my arms had somehow been attached to a bracket above my head and my head was now in a frame holding it perfectly still, (That must have been while I was unconscious) the next station came all too soon after me waking up, it was where the doll recieved her generous supply of make up.

I couldnt see what was happeneing but I felt the machine working on my face applying face powder, lipstick, false eyelashes and a pink rouge to my cheeks, I tried to dodge the makeup but the bracket held my head rigid, the arms and brushes moved back to their station and then my face was sprayed with a clear coat of the same rubbery liquid I had on my body, I tried it wipe the make up off my face but the clear coat had already set.

At the next station I saw needles sticking out from the sides of the machine, after they had finished their work I had four, yes four earrings in each ear, the pain was unreal, but I couldn't even scream because of the thing around my neck, then a short black wig came down from above me, and the machine STITCHED it to my head, again I lost consciousness, this made it very easy for the machine to dress me in Biege pantyhose, a pink tutu mini skirt, and a pink waist cincher, Now you may call this a coincidence but, it was then that Emily found a button on the panel that said

"Reject Doll"

"Ive found it" she said and she pressed the button and I was transferred to another conveyer that ended in a pile of trash bags.

I stood up and Emily put her hand around my back and pressed something that released me from the metal stand (How did she do that and why hadn't she told me how to do it while I was at the start) I tried to remove the collar from my neck but it wouldn't budge.

"Quick" Emily said "Theres someone coming," I ran as best I could but the corset was really tight, I thought we would get caught, Emily pulled me and we sat behind a large stack of boxes, We have to get you out of here, I shrugged my shoulders In a "HOW" motion, "I know" she said "Do you have your passport with you?" I stupidly went to feel in my pockets, but I felt a fool when I realized I didnt even have pants on never mind pockets, the machine had taken everything, Emiy realized this at the same time.

How are we going to get you across the border and back to Canada without a passport, it looked hopeless, then miraculously Emily said "I have an idea" and she grabbed one of the boxes ( It had a plastic front to it).  I helped her push it into the back of a small van in the loading dock, "Get in the box" she said, I shook my head NO way,

She said "Ok stay here then, I hope you have a nice time in jail when they find you" She was right I think that scared me more than anything, I climbed into the box just as the night watchman came around the corner, I lay still not knowing what would happen next.

I could hear them talking, The guard asked Emily "Whats going on, Special Delivery is it?" I was thinking finally we are getting a break.

charlee718 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017
I'm loving this story is really good can't wait to see part 2
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Nice start.
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