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Addcf761-f30f-4513-bf92-20e3ecb5b931 by SFC78767

As Gina looks at you she can see your worried that people will be able to tell your a man dressing as a woman, she asks you, “Charlee I can see your nervous but I promise you no one will know your a man when we put makeup on your face, just give me a few minutes and if you still dont like it we can stop ok?”

You reluctantly say you will let her makeup half your face, when she is finished

You have to agree this person looks nothing like a man.

But still not realizing the situation you were in, you nervously glance around the room to see all eyes on you. The three beautiful women had their attention focused on you, you couldnt possibly say no in front of them. This is a joke, right? You ask for affirmation.

“No, Im afraid we are really in desperate need of your help, just sign here please,” says Gina, as she places a stack of papers in front of you. “This is mainly for legal reasons, just a signature for your consent mostly.” Gina clarifies, handing you a pen.

Wait! Mostly? What else does it...Gina interrupts, “Im afraid time isnt on our side Charlee, I need you to make a decision fast.” You have the full attention of the three beauties who seem to be smiling at you. The pressure builds, and you impulsively decide to sign. Charlee Meyers the text reads in hot pink ink. “Very well, we have lots to do, follow me” Gina exclaims, pulling your arm to follow along.

After you get all the paperwork signed they take you back to the back where all the dresses are and get you measured, but what you don't know is that your ex girlfriend is part of the crew and she knows that you are going to be one of the girls she replaces the makeup with semi permanat makeup and she tells the girls there that you broke her heart and so she wants to get even, so she has replaced the makeup with semi permanant makeup, but you don't have no idea what is about to happen

Gina looks at you and sees you are begining to have doubts again, she says “Please don't let us down” she looks at you with those beautiful brown eyes you just have to say you will do it, you signed the papers not knowing exactly what you were really getting yourself into but you have made a promise and you will keep it, she takes you by the hand and you follow her

As you enter the biggest room you see 8 women are looking at you and smiling. They walk towards you forming a circle around you. One of them says " I think we have found a replacement right here" The others giggle...

772b8317-5fd1-4c5d-b394-441beabc6906 by SFC78767

One of them unbuttons my shirt, another starts to brush my hair. I realize I am outnumbered and am not going anywhere. They drape a towel over the mirror, and they tell you its so you can get the full effect when they are finished, you think to yourself what the hell am I doing? 

You hear Gina saying they have picked out the dress you are to wear, you are going to be the star of the show and go on last, when all the makeup and a wig has been attached to your own hair, Gina has asked you to keep your eyes closed for the whole process from start to finish, as you feel the dress going over your head it feels quite heavy but you have no idea what it looks like, you hope it isnt too girlie.

Finally after all the work the girls have done and the dress is being zipped up the back, and someone is putting your feet in womens high heeled shoes, Gina stands you up and says

“Ok Charlee you can open your eyes now”

As you open your eyes the first thing you see is a little blurry, because you are wearing false eyelashes and they are so big it looks like you are looking through a vail of black, then as your eyesight clears and you get the first full view of yourself, you almost faint, they have dressed you as a bride.

C03cf33d-01f2-411f-9ab4-505be07a1c4d by SFC78767

Gina asks you to smile for the press, as you smile you see camera flashes almost blinding you, with all the camera men asking you to look their way, so they can get a picture for the cover of.......

“Bride of the year 2018”

Charlee Meyers.

To continue the story please add a line or a paragraph, send it to me in a note not a comment ok, thanks.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018
I love this story so far and yes she is just the way that i imagined that i would look as a bride
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
Im so glad I had you in mind when I added your name.
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018
I hope you like it Charlee, I think she looks just like you, dont you?
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