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Untitled by SFC78767

"Sit there Judy, until Samantha comes home"

John and I have been separated for 4 years, he is 40, and I (his EX wife, Sue) am 36, our daughter Samantha, is 15, John was always a jerk, but it took me 11 years to decide enough was enough, there never was another man, even though John constantly accused me of being unfaithful, hes an idiot and after so many denials it just became redundant, so I let him think whatever he liked.

I must agree with John on one thing though Samantha was becoming a hand full, she was a teenage girl with friends John and I didnt like, (At least that was something we could agree on) she needed a friend she could turn to, someone her own age, that was when I saw a advertisement on T.V.

Is your child acting up?

Is he/she going down the wrong path?

Mixing with the wrong crowd?

Look no more, we have the perfect solution.

Its not a person, its not a robot, its a combination of the two,
a Rob-son or a Per-bot if you will.

Its a system were any person can take on the persona of a robot
and be the friend your child needs. 

The child will never know the identity of the person inside the suit, due to our new technology of voice and body controls, the robot/person will be the perfect friend to your wayward child. 

Just call us 24/7 and we will take care of everything, or send us the measurements of the person who is willing to wear the suit, and we will come to your home and fit the suit to your specifications. (Dont worry too much about the sizes of the person, the suit will mould the body to the shape of the suit,) we will send you some medication a week before our people arrive to fit the suit, to relieve any pain the wearer has to go through, (4 out of 5 say it wasnt that bad, and no medication was needed.)

Hmmmm I thought two birds with one stone, but could I do it? 

Did I hate him that much?

One thing kept me going, I LOVE my daughter more than I hated my EX husband, 

I phoned the number on the screen,

"Hello Jenny here, how can I help you today?" She said,

"Hi Jenny my name is Sue, I have question I'd like to ask if I may"

"Go ahead Sue and dont be afraid to ask me anything, there is nothing I haven't heard"

"My husband and I have a 15 year old daughter, Samantha, she is going through a very bad patch and her friends aren't the friends we would like her to be with, my husband works away quite a lot so Samantha and I barely see him, now the strange part is, because we need the money my business brings in I cant be the one to wear the suit, but my husband has suggested that he would be willing to wear it for upto a week, would that be possible?"

"Yes of course Sue, but with daughters we find bringing a male robot into the household can be as disruptive as any bad influences she is getting from her outside friends, we usually like to bring in a female influence into the home for a girl of her age, they bond better, you know, shopping, clothes, makeup,
even talking about boys."

"Hmmm, I can see that, can I take a few days to think about this Jenny, and maybe talk with my husband (I didnt think she needed to know we were separated)

That was Tuesday, it only took me a few minutes to realise that this Rob-son/Per-bot thing was too far fetched, something from a science fiction novel or even a TG Magazine, I laughed at the thought, but it didn't stop me from checking it out on the internet, I checked on the company and they had great reviews then I went to the reviews of the people who had actually worn the suits, I was shocked.

"Best thing we ever did, it saved our sons life, having a close friend to turn to" 

Mary and Tom ****

"I cant believe we waited so long, the suit was amazing my son was completely fooled by his new best friend"

David and Sandy ****

"We should have done it years sooner" Our daughter starts university next year"

John and Myriah ****

That was it, I phoned Jenny back the same day, with John's measurements, she asked me if we had someone willing to wear the suit and would I need any medication for them? 

I told Jenny that John was going to be wearing the suit, and how would that affect the overall look?

"So let me get this straight, its your husband that's going to be wearing a female suit, and your ok with that? She asked........... After a long pause I answered "YES"

"Ok then" said Jenny, "Lets gets started"

Race?......... White,

Hair colour?....Dark hair

The eye colour will be the same as your husbands, is that acceptable?.......Yes

Age group?......17? Does that sound about right, Sam is 15.....
"Yes that sounds good" said Jenny

The robot/husband will be able to do all the things a 17 girl can do for example,
walk talk, sit, stand, dress style, make up, hair style,
she will even have an authentic period.

"You do understand Sue that your husband will feel everything the robot feels, are you sure hes ok with that?"

"I assure you my husband has told me he is willing to do what ever it take to help his daughter"

"Ok our fitters will be there next week, said Jenny, "And I will send the medication today."

"So you think he will need he medication Jenny?"

"Im afraid so Sue, from the measurements you have given us he will be going through a lot of pain so make sure he takes them regularly, maybe even start him off a day or two before our men arrive, a 17 year old girl is quite the stretch for him to make."

As she got off the phone with Sue, Jenny wrote on the order,

Make sure you have the persons consent before starting.

It didnt make much difference, Sue wasnt going to tell John that it was a female suit, so when the men arrived, and after John was full of the medication,
the guys asked John, 

"Do you give your consent to be fitted into this suit?"

"Yes I do," answered John.

"Please sign here sir"

As john put pen to paper the men suggested he take another two tablets, Sue handed him a glass of water, and kissed her husband on the forehead, it was a touching moment for John, unlike anything he had felt for a long time, he almost felt a strange love for his wife after 16 years. But this was something he thought was going to help his daughter so he gave the thumbs up signal to the two burly men to begin.

The two men looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and began to force John into the tiny suit of a 17 year old girl, John was feeling no pain as Sue had been feeding him the painkillers for days beforehand, when the fitting was over the men laid John on the dining room table and watched as the miracle suit began to shrink, the two fitters were surprised at how little pain the man seemed to be in, smaller and smaller the suit became, John was about 5'7" before the suit was fitted but the girl before them now was down to about 5'4" 

Sue threw a towel over Johns new female body parts, the body looked perfect all they had to do now was attach the face mask so John could look and speak with a female voice.

Untitled by SFC78767

"Ok ma'am thats our job finished now, we can just run through some of the words that will make your husband"..... Sue interrupted, "Judy, his name is Judy now"

"Ok here are the words that will make Judy come to life, sleep, eat, awaken and all the general things you need "Judy" to do"

The fitter handed a sheet of paper to Sue with the typed list of commands, at this time John started to come around, so Sue led the men to the door telling them not to worry she and her husband had everything under control, John sat up on the table and hung his legs over the edge, and asked his wife, 

"So how do I look?"

"Will Samantha like me?" 

"Do you think we can be friends?"

Sue spoke some words off the paper, "Be quiet now Judy, go get dresssed here are your clothes" 

Did she just call me Judy he thought

John instantly stood up and took the clothes Sue was holding out to him and went up stairs to put the clothes on without a word.

Untitled by SFC78767

John came down stairs after wearing the underwear Sue had left on the bed "She" put the blouse over his head and fastened the buttons then pulled the skirt up his legs and zipped it up then came the pale blue cardigan and the school jacket that Sue had bought a few days earlier.

"Judy" came down stairs and suddenly John spoke, "What's going on Sue why do I look like a school girl what happened to the suit we agreed on?"

"Sorry John I knew you wouldnt agree to this suit so I went ahead and told them to change it to this, they told me that Samantha would bond better with a girl her own age, and since I cant give up my job to do this, it had to be you, anyway you consented to the guys who fitted it to you"

'I consented to the original MALE suit we agreed on, I won't do this Sue call them back get me out of this suit"

Sue looked on the list for the right words, "Judy On"

It was like a switch went on in Johns head, 

"Hello Mrs Thompson, nice to meet you my name is Judy, is Samantha around I'd like to go to the Library with her if thats ok with you"

"Of course it is Judy have a nice time."

Sue has tricked her ex husband into wearing a 17 year olds body suit.
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xmarilix Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
It's amazing how John's life gave a 180-degree turn  n////n  
I guess he'll never get out of that suit, right? 
1 month ago I had a dream with something similar 
I think that's why I loved your story   :D 
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2017
A month later she had it sealed so no I dont think he is....
tripx713 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2017
I've never read a body suit story before but I may have to more often. This was a great one and I really enjoyed it.
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
Thats very nice to hear since I dont write them too much, bit far fetched for my taste.
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2017
I dont normally like body suit stories, but it almost wrote itself once I started.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017
i loved this story
this way they dont have to separated the family can stay together it will just be as 3 women
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