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They don't treat the waitresses very good at the casino, even the girls who work in the V.I.P. room, all day long the players feel it is ok for them to touch the girls, (accidentally) rub their hands up the girls legs as they serve them their drinks, the girls complain to the "Pit Bosses" all they hear in return is, "sorry sweetheart, if you don't like it, get a job in a burger bar," or "these guys pay your wages sweet-cakes" which is the one I particularly hate the most. Michelle has worked at the casino for almost 5 years now, never ever taken a day off from that god awful job.

She took a day off today!

Rise and shine, today you become a woman, who knows, one day, maybe even a lady, It was Michelle, it was 5:00 am.

Unbeknown's to me she had arranged with her father for a full day of spa treatments, but before we got to the "fun" part as she called it, we had to dig deep and make up was where it all began, foundation 101 she said, first you need a base foundation to even out your skin tone, OMG she may have been talking a foreign language, all new to me, "spread it on evenly" she warned, if its too thick people (women) will notice.

I thought I had done a reasonable job, Ok she says, "wash it off, do it again", M was what they call an army brat living in different locations, every time her father moved bases, John had been easy on her growing up but I could tell she was all army inside.

Next was the eyes, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and eyebrows, this was very tricky, I had a lot of trouble shading/blending, In my job as a civil engineer I had to do a lot of drawing, this came in handy with the eyeliner, I got my first compliment of the long long day, Perfect said M. (gold star whoop di do)

Now wash it off, and do it again.

The eyebrows were the most pain, I plucked one hair and freaked out, Michelle took over, but she had to ice my eyebrows to finish the job, I thought she had finished but i found out later at the spa, M only did a rough job, the spa would do the "fine tuning". I thought my lips would be the easiest to do! ( Michelle's voice in my head comes back to haunt me,)  "you have NO idea whats its like to be a woman" And of course she was right again, Lip liner, lipstick, gloss, and tissue to take away excess.

Go have a shower, she orders, Are you kidding me? We have to make that body of yours hair free, (and then that word) "sweetcakes" AAAArrrrrrrgggghhhh.

She comes into the bathroom carrying an array of bottles, solutions and hair products, I shave my face and she starts with something to strip the hair from my body chemically, some pink liquid is spread all over from my neck down, "stand there till I tell you to shower", after about 10 minutes my body feels like an attack of fire ants, I ask "ok now" another 5 minutes she says, this is the longest 5 minutes of my life so far, Ok she says you can wash it off now, thank goodness she didn't say "and do it again"

This stuff is amazing, my body has never felt so soft, and not a hair in sight.

I have always liked my hair long (shoulder length), it wasn't until now that i wished id liked it in a crew cut style, M washed my hair, then put a "conditioner" on it, and wrapped it in a towel, "Go and relax for 20 minutes while i cook breakfast, "we have to keep our strength up, its going to be a long day, Its too early for breakfast surely, I look at the clock, Its eight o'clock we have been going at this for three hours.

After we finished eating, she starts on my hair, combing it straight, I always have a rough and go style, but combed straight like this it looks even longer than before.
Out come the curling irons, I protest, "can't i have my hair straight"? M says "Look, when you are at the hair salon you will be stripped of all your make up, the only thing that will make you look feminine is your hair, eyebrows, earrings, and what you will be wearing, So what do you think?"

"Start curling" comes my reply.

She starts at the top and works her way down, the more she curls the shorter my hair appears, until my head is one mass of curls, I'm looking at it, all I can think of is Shirley Temple, Thank goodness she starts to brush some of the curls out to give my hair a wavy effect, "Now accessories" A barrette on one side and a bow on the other, only small, she doesn't want me to look too girly she says, too late for that I think.

Ok "Joyce" she calls me for the first time, "go get your makeup done and remember, less is more" "I will get your outfit ready in the bedroom''

"OUTFIT" wow it hits me like a brick, I wear outfits now?

I have to try a couple of times to get the eyes just right, and then I go to the bedroom, laid out on the bed is everything from top to bottom I will need, and a couple of things I'm sure i don't want, or recognize.

Lets start with that thing, she points to my groin area, that will have to go, I nearly die of shock as she reaches for a kitchen knife, "Just kidding" she says, "Ha ha" I say, not funny, On the way home from work she stopped in at a sex shop and bought something called a "Gaff", Drag artists wear them to hide their manhood apparently, She slides it up my legs, i must admit my legs feel very smooth as she does this, It starts to squeeze me where I don't not want squeezing, Minutes later its like my manhood was never there.

Next, Panties, white, more army training on show, then Panty hose, Nude? How can nude be a colour? again the feeling on my legs is smooth, "Chicken filets" glued to my chest, I don't find this out till later, M uses crazy glue, a white bra with a lace edging is wrapped around my newly defined chest, Not bad 34b i guess, Then the dreaded corset, except this one is white, as M says I don't have much of a shape so this will help with the illusion, the last time I was in this torturous device, she got my waist down to 26", now maybe it was because of all the stress of being a woman for a day was too much for my body, but manages to get me down to a 24"  Man, I can hardly breathe, this is good she says, it will help with my posture.

Getting my waist to 24" enables me to fit in M's extensive wardrobe,"Oh Lucky me"

"See anything you fancy" I start looking for the biggest dress that will cover the most of my new body, I pick a few things out all below the knee, M stops me in my tracks, "do you want to go to jail in those dresses" , Im confused "what"? your a young woman you can't dress like your in your 40's, if you do you will stand out and thats the last thing you need, "what about this?"

OMG I remember the last time M wore this dress, I couldn't keep my hands off her, "Just kidding" she says for the second time in an hour "Ha ha Not funny"
Now we accessorize, pearl stud earrings, Pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, costume jewellery rings and a watch, all set.

We go through 5 more dresses before we settle on a simple white "sheath" dress, V neck, sleeveless, ends mid thigh, white pumps with 2" heels, a simple thin black belt rounds out my "OUTFIT"

As M zips me in, I feel good and trapped......and we haven't even made it to the spa!

More to come? unfortunately yes.

Stay tuned

All comments welcome
This is a continuation of my life so far, If you don't believe me I'm not surprised.
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charlee718 Featured By Owner May 17, 2018
I love that dress
charlee718 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017
I love the story and can't wait to see what is next i would trade places with him in a heartbeat
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
Hi Charlee, did you know that “HE” is actually what happened to me?

Thats my story and its all true.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
No i didn't know that
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
Unfortunately it is true.
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