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thUL8B5OM4 by SFC78767
While I had the rollers in my hair, Tiffany gave me some pink liquid to put on my arms and legs and told me to take a shower, when I got out I had no hair anywhere on my body, It felt a little cold, Tiffany told me to sit on her stool while she removed the rollers, she then plucked my eyebrows, I had no idea how much this would hurt, to which mum said "Don't be a baby, women do this all the time" So much for any sympathy!

I'm getting the first look at myself now Tiffany has taken the rollers out of my hair, Wow those hair extensions she put in have really made a difference. All mum has to say about my new look is what a great job Tiffany has done on my eyebrows, in my defence I begged mum not to let her do that but to no avail, "You should have thought of that when you phoned her model and told her she wasn't needed"
What are you going to do now Tiffany?
Mum said, with too much excitement in her voice for my liking, Well, first I think "She" needs a new name to get "Her" in the right frame of mind, any ideas? Mum answered a little too fast, Well if Luke had been born a girl we were going to call her "Samantha"

Tiff "That sounds perfect, Mum can I have a private word with you?"
Mum "Of course honey what is it?
Tiff "Would it be o.k. if we had some fun with Luke?"
Mum "What did you have in mind?"
Tiff ''Just go along with what I say ok?
Mum " Ok.
Tiffany disappeared into her bedroom, When she came out she told me to go in there and put on what she had laid out on the bed, "Do I have to mum"
"Just do it Luke, I mean Samantha lol" Twenty minutes later, I came out, tottering on too high heels, I had to cross my legs to stop myself from falling over looking totally ridiculous, or at least I thought so, Mum said "Hold your feather duster out dear."

Image by SFC78767

"Ok Tiffany lets see the dress Luke will wear to the final" Mum said,
Tiff "I think you mean Samantha lol, Ok mum but let me do his hair a little more and add a few extras, I'm really happy with the fake breasts,
Mum "Ok sweety, go get changed, Tiffany will help you".

images0SDQO27D by SFC78767
That's more like it Lu, sorry, Samantha, and Tiffany you did a good job with her makeup, you have a lovely smile Samantha make sure you smile like that at the finals, Ok lets get in the car or we'll be late.

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charlee718 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018
I wish it was me instead of Luke. And if Tiffany uses simi permanent makeup she could have a sister for as long as she likes
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018
I know
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
if tiff plays her cards right she could have a sister
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July 29, 2014
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