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I've had a very juicy suggestion..

thWA7HVMVS by SFC78767
Our hero Norman has been used and abused by his older brothers for many years now, 6, to be exact, but I feel the worst is yet to come, His brother, Tom has been bitten by the love bug, her name is Susan, he watches her everyday in college, and she notices him too, but her motives are not the same as Tom's.

One day Tom gets up the courage to talk to Sue, It doesn't seem to go well, the reason being is, Sue is more interested in Baby girl Norma, she has a class in beauty and she must find a suitable model, Norma is cute, but, Sue has designs to go one step, maybe several steps further.

Norman has enjoyed the benefits of dressing as a girl every Halloween, but he feels its getting a little old to be dressed as a girl, the picture above was last years attempt, his mom and dad have no idea he is still dressing as a girl, but as you can see his brothers do quite a good job on their own now.

Tom tries another angle with Sue, "What would it take for you to go on a date with me?" says Tom, "I would go on a date with you if I can have your sister for 4 hrs a week" Tom looks at her confused, "My sister?" ..... "Yes Norma," "Oh yeah no problem" he says, "but she has to come home looking the same as when I drop her off, My mom doesn't like it when she comes home full of makeup and such" Tom says, "Ok its a deal, bring her over Saturday at 8:00 am sharp" Sue says as she skips home merrily, she knows Norma is cute but feels she can do so much better and maybe even ace the class.

As Tom walks home he begins to have doubts as to whether Norman will be a willing participant, but he has an ace up his sleeve, when he arrives home he shouts up the stairs to find Norman, he's no where to be found, Tom walks out the back door just as Norman is falling out of the tree house him and his friends have built, he scars his knee and cuts his finger, Oh yeah he's going to love being dressed up ha ha NOT.

Hey Norman, come inside I have great news, Tom sits at the kitchen table, "You know when Bill and I dress you as a girl for Halloween?" says Tom, "Yeah" Norman answers nervously, "Well I know this girl that needs a model for her beauty class, and guess what? she wants you".... "No way Tom I'm not doing that anymore, not even at Halloween, I was almost caught out last year," says Norman.

"Thats not the reaction I was hoping for, and I really didnt want to do this but, you leave me with no choice" says Tom, with that he takes his cell phone from his pocket and begins to show Norman every picture from every year you dressed as a girl, and asks," How would you like me to show all your friends "who" dressed as a girl, oh and by the way none of these pictures show anything related to halloween so it just looks like you enjoy it!

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"Maybe you'd like to reconsider Norman? or shall I call your friends in?" Normans jaw hit the table, he hated his brother and what he was doing, but he knew he had NO choice in the matter.

Saturday came and Tom went to Sues house, 8:00am on the dot, "Ok Sue, here she is, shes all yours, I will be back at 12:00, then we can go for lunch," said Tom, "Oh, your not going to stay?" Sue said, Tom was hoping Sue would say that, he was thinking, this way he could spend more time with her, Saturdays came and went Norman hated everyone, Tom kept a record of every week,
Norma in rollersthTW3NAG6M by SFC78767 Pretty in PinkthM70EMHAG by SFC78767
Try the purple dress on Normath0MHXFOOQ by SFC78767This corset is too tight Sue thKEI03EES by SFC78767

The day of the class exam came, Norman had been pushed and prodded until he just couldnt take anymore, he sat on a chair and just refused to let Sue dress him or makeup his face, Sue started to cry, Tom stepped in and said "look you will do this so help me god", at that point Sue was going out of her mind, thinking she was going to fail the class if she couldnt get "Norma" to do as she asked, Sue reverted to what her mom used to do to get her to eat something she didnt want, She sat Tom down next to Norma "Ok Norma, lets try this, Let me try this lipstick", she moved towards Tom, he backed up, "What are you doing?" ...."just go with it Tom if she sees you do it maybe she will", Tom didnt like this but he knew if he didn't do it, Sue would finish with him, Sue put the lipstick on Tom then turned to "Norma" and said Ok your turn Norma, Norman liked the way this was going so he went along with this "Game", Sue then tried the mascara Norman backed away again, "ok said sue lets try this on Tom shall we", Norman nodded, Now it was Tom that had no choice but to go along with Sue.

This went on till both Tom and Norman were made up, This was when Sue came up with what she thought was a great idea,"why dont you both be my class exam, would you do that for me Tom", "No way Sue I'm not going out there looking like this", "dont worry I have a dress and wig here that will fit you no one will know", Tom still refused, Just then Norman  took out his cell phoned and showed Tom all the pictures he had just taken while Sue was putting the make up on him, "You might want to reconsider that Tom!" said Norman.

tom was mortified, he knew Norman had finally got the upper hand.
th8YPYOS0T by SFC78767

Doesn't Tom look pretty ha ha.

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charlee718 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018
I would love to trade places with Tom
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018
I bet you would
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017
i wish i was tom i would say yes to it
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