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This is a picture of my sister Megan and me (John) 5 months after we were born.

The perfect family!    

My sister and I were both 4 years old when disaster stuck, it was a sunny day and our dad wanted to take the whole family for a drive, “Why not pack picnic mother”, he said as he went out to the car to “Check the car over” he always was so safety conscious. It was one of the happiest days of my short life so far, we had a lovely day, sandwiches, pop and lots of games to play, we were having so much fun, so much so that it had gotten quite late when we set off for home.

Being only 4 years old we dont remember what happened but Mom always told us that a drunk driver had hit us head on, Daddy swerved to avoid the crash, the other car took out the whole of his side of the car killing him instantly, but protecting us.

This is a picture of us 2 years later.

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Megan - Mom - John

I always thought Megan and I were so close, but once a month things would change, Megan and mom would have a girls night, and I would have to go to bed, which I thought was so unfair. “Why cant I stay up mommy” I would ask.

“Megan and I just do girl things John you dont want to do girl things do you?” She asked, I really didnt want to do that, but if it meant I could stay up late like Megan then maybe I could give it a shot I thought.

Megan and I were twins so we looked alike,  our hair was the same length we were the same size. The first time we tried it mom took it easy on me but Megan didnt like the fact that she now had to share mom, so one girls night when I had fallen asleep, she tied my hair back with a pink ribbon like hers, I didnt notice until morning when I went down for breakfast, “Nice ribbon John” said Mom, I just looked at mom,

“Or maybe its time to call you Amy”

Megan was smirking under her hand so mom couldnt see, I went over to the mirror and we all started to laugh, (Amy was the name they were going to call me if mom and dad would have had twin girls), and thats how this whole thing got started, Once a month the three of us would have a girls night and I would become “Amy”

It was always fun when Girls night came around, mom never let me feel like a third wheel and she would do the same things with me as she did with Megan, one time we both dressed as Disney princesses even wearing the same wigs.

Thats me on the right just incase you couldnt tell.

4b8df725-1a8c-4018-ae01-130cf5da5dc2 by SFC78767

Fast forward to 16 years old

B0c20031-9483-4208-b911-8307e87aa841 by SFC78767

I was sat at home watching the new Star Wars movie, when the phone rang, It was Megan and she was frantic, Megan and mom had gone to see our aunt in New York, I didnt feel like going so I asked mom if I could stay home, I was surprised when she said it would be ok but no parties! I had no intentions of having a party, just a nice relaxing four day weekend.

Back to frantic Megan.

“John Ive got a problem, I completely forgot that David (Her Boyfriend) is coming over tonight,” she told me that she was going to break up with him but she didnt want to hurt him, he was a nice guy but just not much fun, she said.

“So what do you want me to do?” I asked, “Break up with him for you?”

It fell silent on the phone, I asked “Are you still there?”

“Could you?” She said

“Could I what” I asked

“Break up with him AS ME”

Now it was my turn to go silent, Ideas rushing through my mind, it could be fun, he wasnt the sharpest of people, Megan and I were twins and sometimes on girls night when we were dressed the same even mom had trouble telling us apart.

Could I? Should I?

It was too good a chance to miss, the movie had finished and I was at a loose end.

 “If I do this you will owe me big time,” I said, I had been looking at colleges out of town and I knew if I could get Megan on my side with mom I would have a better chance of mom letting me go to the college of my choice, “Ok I’ll Do it, I said, but you have to be on my side when I ask mom about going away to college, Deal?

Megan thought about it and decided breaking up with Daivd was the least thing she wanted to do, he was trying to be more spontaneous, but it would be so much easier for her if John broke up with him as her.

”Ok Deal” and she hung up.

John gave this break up a lot of thought, John had been very good at applying make up, doing his own hair and walking in heels in the past 15+ years of playing girls night. He started running the plan through his head

So, he thought David is a bit boring and doesnt like to party, so maybe I should be a typical party girl then he will see that he and Megan the “party girl” arent really compatible, this is going to be easier than I thought, he headed off up stairs to get ready.

He started looking through Megans clothes and found the perfect outfit, it was one of Megans halloween costumes, he remembered John’s jaw drop when he saw her in it.

All red
Red painted nails
Red Basque
Red frilly skirt
Red high heels
Black fishnet tights
Large red hair facinator
Hot make up

Adde4429-86dd-4f23-bd24-20d6ca29b22e by SFC78767

John stood back looking at the hot girl in the mirror and said to himself,

“Sorry David you just arent man enough for this hot girl”

John sat in the living room and had a stiff drink to calm himself down, Just as John was having second thoughts about tricking David and thinking about scaling it all back to jeans and a T shirt, John heard a knock at the door, too late to turn back now thought John, the show must go on.

David seemed to be getting impatient, and started knocking again,

“Im coming, hold your horses” said John in Megans high pitched voice.

John, I mean Megan, opened the door to see David dressed in a tuxedo, a top hat and a bow tie, and he was a little tipsy, his white shirt was hanging out of his pants and he had a definite wobble, 

“Good evening Megan” said David

He was definitely tipsy, she thought as he repeated

“Good evening Megan, your looking very nice tonight”

Megan said, “Come inside David, you look like you may fall”

“No time for that” said David, “I have a limo waiting with all our friends inside,” 

“Happy Birthday” he said

“Its not my birthday David, its yours”

Then John thought what an ass his sister was to dump a guy on his birthday, no wonder she didnt want to be here, and now I have to do her dirty work.

While all this was going on David said, “I know im not very spontaneous, but that all changes tonight, look all our friends are here,” John Looked over at the limo, people stood outside having a smoke and people standing looking through the sunroof, all screaming “Come on Megan lets have some fun”

The tables had been turned, just as John was about to dash back in the house two burly men scooped John up on their shoulders and carried him to the limo, it seemed there was no getting out of this.

John and David arrived at the venue that David had booked weeks before, John now felt so stupid, yes everyone was dressed up, but not like a carnival showgirl.

400ce2ea-70d5-4629-a395-0250b4928610 by SFC78767

John started scanning the room to see if there was someone he could confide in and tell his story, there was no one and his corset started getting very tight.

The night didnt go as bad as John thought it might, yes he was stuck in his showgirl costume with a bunch of drunken men wanting to grab him, but John couldnt go through with dumping David and instead stated dating him as Amy after Megan had finished with him

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mademandy Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018
love this and the conclusion of billy....nice to see our 'girls' ending up with boyfriends and accepting their feminine life....
love to see more like this!! thanks so much!
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018
Not really my style I like my men to be forced and stuck, as men in womens clothes but I try to write what people want sometimes.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018
I love the story and can't wait to see what happens next
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018
Sorry Charlee that is the end of the story John has accepted that he will be a woman forever.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018
I could be so lucky
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018
One day sis
SubTommy6 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Student Writer
Nice!  He looks cute as a little princesss
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018
He does
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