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Monday morning started like any other Monday, I (Luke) was home from college and my sister (Barbara) asked me to take her to work, shes in between jobs right now, so she took a job as a mascot, outside a department store in our small town.

Shes a very smart woman, but the local newspaper went out of business recently, and there aren't many jobs for journalists, she has a son called "Tom", typical single mother, she has moved back home with my mom, Just trying to get her life back.

The mascot thing started as a joke really, it was my idea, shes lively, and dances all the time, I told her they were looking for a mascot at Barretts in town, "why don't you try out for it" lol.

So, Barbara has been outside Barretts with a large head on her shoulders for a few days, no crazy uniform, just the head, all was going well until, this Monday, I got a call from her saying that Tom had been hurt at school, she asked me to come down to Barretts because they wouldn't let her go to the school to see if he was ok, and wear your red sweater and black pants, Strange!

I waited till Barbara took her break, we went to the back of the store, and she told me about her plan, she asked me to take her place so she could go to the school and see if Tom was ok, Hey, shes my sister what was I going to say! So I put the mascot head on and she showed me a few moves she had been using, Thats why she wanted me to wear a red sweater and black pants, to match what she was wearing.

It was all going well until MR Barrett himself showed up for work at 9:00am, he took one look at me and said whats this? The manager told him it was a new idea of his to drum up trade, No one noticed it was me instead of my sister, her great plan had worked....... Until.

I had been mascotting? for about an hour when a woman came out of the store and led me inside the store, she told me MR Barrett wasn't happy about the mascot and wanted to make a few changes, I kept the head on, so Barbara wouldn't lose her job, "Come with me honey" she said "lets get you changed" she led me to the departments salon, I was handed a robe, led to a cubicle and told to undress, then the girls set to work on my finger nails, I never had a lot of hair on my legs, they assumed I just hadn't shaven for a few days, They rolled stockings up my legs, (The strangest feeling I have ever felt btw) I was handed a corset with suspenders hanging from it and a bra attached (Sorry, Im not up on the proper name of women's underthings)

I went into the cubicle they led me to, and proceeded to pull on the women's under wear they had given me, I was in a panic, what was I to do? I decided that it was more important Barbara kept her job, after all what could go wrong?

When I finally had the corset on, I attached the stockings to it, and stuffed the bra part with my socks, then I was handed me a very large pink frilly strapless dress that looked like they had just taken it off a barbie doll, it was way too short, but I couldn't say anything because of my deep voice.

                                    .images0SDQO27D by SFC78767

I wore (Mary Jane shoes, what ever they are) I was just glad they were flat, I was praying Barbara would return soon and change places with me again, I had no idea just how long she was going to be!

They almost had to force me outside, I couldn't believe how fast my life had changed, I was on the street in front of the store dressed like a Barbie doll, I couldn't tell you where the wind was coming from, but I can tell you where it was going, wow.

Two hours later it was time for my lunch break, but that wasn't to be for me, MR Barrett had other ideas, I was taken to the salon again and told to take the Barbie type dress off, Thank goodness sanity at last. Oh no, Over the top of the door came a ballet outfit, white tights and ballet slippers (The color "Pink" what else did you expect) Again I was forced out onto the street, Where was Barbara?

images6KQ9T16W by SFC78767

Another two hours on the street, this was getting out of hand, Then I saw her, Walking towards me with MR Barrett and some of the girls from the store, I couldn't believe it she told me to take the head off, I stood there in a pink tutu, white tights, ballet slippers, and she said "Do you still think its a good idea to be a mascot?"

I had been tricked and everyone was in on it!

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charlee718 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017
nice twist
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