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Untitled by SFC78767

Obviously, I dont have a pictiure of myself tied up, so I have used this cartoon to give you a visual of my position. I like to think Ive been a decent, if not a good boyfriend, some would say I was lucky to get any girl to go out with me, (Me among them), but as the fates would allow Sara saw something in my 120lb, 5' 4" body of a man,
to see past all the people who questioned, WHY!

As I have said, I try to go out of my way to please Sara when ever I get the chance, we have been dating for a year now and I think things have been great, I'm always trying different things to make her happy or just to get a smile, but looking back this last idea was one of my more crazy thoughts, but I'll let you be the judge.

As the picture shows I managed to tie myself to a chair, the only difference being, I was dressed only in my underwear, so no T shirt or pants, I had noticed on Sara's Ipad that she had been looking at various bondage sights, Im not into bondage myself but if it made her happy then who was I to judge?

Sara was due home soon, so I first tied my feet to the legs of the chair then a gag around my mouth as I had seen in some of the pictures in her gallery, I then tied my wrists together and looped the rope over my torso, it was perfect, I even took the time to tape a note to my chest saying,

I Am Your Hostage, Do With Me As You Will.

Thats when it all started going downhill, the phone started ringing in our apartment, I was in no state to answer it, so I just sat there waiting for the answering machine to pick up, "Hi Sara and Tom here, we couldnt make it to the phone so please leave a message at the beep"......BEEP!

"Hi Tom" it said, "Sara here, Im so sorry, something has come up at work and I have to stay late, go ahead and warm that casserole and I will see you when I finish here, Happy Anniversary sweetheart"

I sat there dumbfounded, there I was tied up, by myself, with no indication of when Sara would be home, I fought with the ropes which only seemed to make them tighten, seems my time in the sea cadets hadn't been wasted, I fought for a good ten minutes but had to give up, then the phone rang again, it was Sara again, maybe she was coming home after all, the machine picked up, "Hi Tom, me again, I forgot to tell you, Tara, (Sara's sister) might come over, she forgot her Ipad last time she was there"

Oh shit, it wasnt Sara that was into bondage it was her sister Tara, I looked at the sign on my chest, it spelt disaster for me, why did I have to put on this stupid gag, I doubled my efforts to undo the ropes, but to no avail, maybe Tara wont come? I thought, dreaming more than thinking.

I had tied myself up at 5:00 pm when it was still light, it was now 6:30 pm, and darkness had settled in, I was feeling cold and tired, Im not a strong man and trying to get untied had taken most of the strentgh I had, I really hadn't thought this thing through very well, believe it or not, I fell asleep, when I awoke it was 7:00pm, darkness filled the apartment, I had been tied up for 2 hours, then I heard it, a key in the door, was it Sara? Was it Tara? It could have been anyone, someone just coming over to pick up Tara's Ipad maybe?

I heard footsteps coming towards me but still couldnt make out who it was, then I heard my first sound, "Hmmmm Nice" (obviously female) she must have read the sign, but I still couldnt make out who it was, a few minutes pass, I heard them walk past me and go into our bedroom, then it went completely black.... the person or persons, I didnt know if they were alone, had put a sleep mask over my eyes, now I was blind, gagged and tied to a chair...

I saw a faint light turn on that I could just make out through the sleep mask, but I couldnt make out anything else, or anyone else, I still had no idea who this woman was, or what she was going to do to her "Hostage" but I didn't have to wait long, I assume she was going through some clothing in mine and Sara's bedroom,  i heard the hinge squeak, Sara had been on at me for weeks, to put some oil on that squeaky hinge, I felt something being wrapped around my waist, as the laces tightened it was obvious that it was a corset, a black corset, I knew the color as I had bought it for Sara for our Anniversary, I was going to give it to her tonight, little did I know that it would be me wearing it before her, some would call that ironic, mostly women.

The person tightening the laces had some strength to them, could I have got it wrong? Could it have been a man in the room who had a high pitched voice?, I was
in the dark, sorry for the pun, I heard the tap running and I felt something cold and a little wet being placed into each of the cups of the corset, balloons I guessed, filled with cold water, a final tug on the laces and they popped into place.

I found it difficult to breathe at first but quickly got into a slow and smooth rhythm with my breathing, what was next? Cream was spread up my legs and after ten minutes they began to burn a little, a soft wet cloth was used to wipe off the cream, I knew what it was, I'd seen Sara use it a few times, I just knew my legs were now free of any hair, but it was confirmed when I felt a breeze blow on them.

Then there was a strange sound, some kind of packaging being opened, it was soon after that that I felt the soft silky stockings I had bought to go with the corset, first the person untied one leg then the other to roll them up my now hair free legs and attached to the suspenders one leg at a time, then she re-tied my ankles, I had hoped to see Sara in the stockings later that night.....
they were also black I seem to remember.

Shoes were fastened to my feet, womens shoes I noticed, by the height of the heel. I was still tied to the chair by my ankles as the person lifted me so I could stand, I almost fell over as I balanced on the heels, I could feel a dress being pulled over my head, and since I was still tied at the ankles there was no chance of escape.

I was released to put my arms one at a time through the arm holes in the dress, then I was zipped in and with just an arm on my shoulder I was forced down again into the chair and my arms re-tied, but this time in front of me, to a bystander it would just look like I had my arms folded.

Just as I was looking forward to my mask being taken off, I assumed they would cover my face in make up, then I would see my attacker, it was clear by now that that was the objective, to humiliate me by dressing me as a girl, the time had come to take of the sleep mask, as I felt it being taken off, I had my eyes wide open, but that wasn't a good idea, as the mask came away from my face I was blinded by the bright light, and before I could re-adjust my vision, what felt like a halloween mask was pulled over my head, again I knew instantly what this was, it was a full face mask Sara had bought for this halloween, it even had a full head of wavy hair attached.

Untitled by SFC78767

There would be no discovery of who had done this to me as the holes for the eyes had not yet been cut out, again I was completely blind, as the mask was being stretched around the back of my head I felt a zip behind my head, it was so tight it even made my gag tighten onto my face, thank goodness the nostril holes had been cut out or I would have suffocated. 

As I sat there trying to imagine what I must look like, I heard it, a key in the lock, I also felt my bonds being untied, I stood up ready to rip off the mask and everything I was wearing, until I thought I had heard a familiar voice, was it Sara or Tara?.....

I say "thought'" because the latex mask I was now wearing made it very difficult to make out who was who, I couldnt even hear very well because of the mask covering my ears, it could have been Sara? I had no idea OMG my mind was racing, who was  the woman at the door was it Tara, or Sara I still didnt know who had forced me into this most feminine of clothing? 

The person coming through the door said something but I
couldnt make it out, then my captor spoke,

"Its a male friend of mine, this is his first time out as a woman hes a little nervous so he asked me if I knew anyone that would go out with him, and I thought of you, would that be ok?"

"Wheres Tom?" I heard one women ask? "Well hes close by," said the other, "But I think hes going out too, maybe we will bump into him while we girls are out"

Now it was all getting very confusing, both girls took an arm and led me outside, I didnt know who was the captor and who the other girl was, if it was Sara that had dressed me as a woman then I had to go along with it but what if it was Tara that did this to me, she could say that it was my idea and she was doing me a favour, after all one of them that had seen me tied to the chair, with the hostage sign attached,

I was so confused....

Im Live from NYC until the hurricane leaves Miami, please comment.
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ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Interesting. Sorry to hear you have been displaced from the storms, but at least you are safe. :hug:
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017
It was the last thing I wanted but after whats happened there I think it was for the best.
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Ah, okay. Otherwise, how are you doing?
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017
Had a small amount of damage with hurricane Irma.
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Ah, okay.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017
his idea back fired but who dressed him up
and is there a pt 2
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017
Hmm lets see shall we?
LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017
Fun story! He was so sweet to do this for his love, he deserves a fun night ;-)
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017
Im not sure it was what he had in mind, ha ha.
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