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2 by SFC78767
Before we start, I'm not one of these guys that say they were tricked into wearing dresses or pigtails, my identical twin sister and I were always playing dress up as children, I love my sister, we had to rely on each other, from an early age, I'm not saying our parents were bad, but we spent a lot of time on our own, so when we played, we played together, I admit it, it was an imaginary world were I would be the daddy (David) and Courtney would be the mommy, we had pretend kids, but if I wasn't doing the daddy like Courney wanted me to, then she would say, "not like that david, daddy should do it like this" Then she would be the daddy and I would put her dress on and be the mommy, I never really thought it was a bad thing, it was just what we did.

I think we were around 6 or 7, Mom let me grow my hair the same as Courtney, (Actually she didnt care either way,) "Cut it, dont cut it, I dont care" was what she said word for word, I remember one time, again we were in her room we were watching T.V. we were both wearing the same kind of dresses just different colours, I sat in front of her while she brushed my hair, by the end of the show I had pigtails and ribbons, just like she was wearing, I laughed, she laughed, Daddy was stood in the doorway, he wasnt laughing, "Courtney did you do this to your brother?" I stepped forward to say "Yes daddy I did" That was the first time we fooled anyone, we learned fast just how far we could go with this, If one of us didn't feel like doing something but the other did then we would just switch clothes. This is what my daddy saw:- BTW Im the one in the pink dress lol
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As we grew older we dressed alike less often, this was us about age 8-9,

images6VVX00IU by SFC78767
I think it really came to an end, when Courtney started growing boobs, although I do remember when we were around 17-18, she asked if we could go to a fancy dress party, she rented the coustumes and all the "Extras" she thought I needed, including fake boobs and a corset, (My hair was still long so I didnt need a wig) we went as the twins from a movie that was out at the time called "The Shining".

But even into our late teens I would go over if she was feeling down, and we'd watch a movie while she brushed my hair and put ribbons in, what can I say, it made her feel more relaxed and it never hurt me so why not, (Dont judge us). One time I remember I was over at hers after she had had a really bad break up, I had a shower there, so I threw on an over size robe, she had my hair in a ponytail and a scrunchy, when there was a knock at the door, Courntey shouted "Who is it"? from her bedroom, Back came the answer, "Its Mike can we talk?" You could tell by the way he was speaking he had had a few drinks, Courtney stuck her head out from the bedroom and shook her head to me, I put my finger to my mouth in the shush position, Then, I dont know why, but I let him in lol, he walked right by me saying how sorry he was and how it would never happen again, Courtney hadnt told me why they had broken up, so I was all ears, he did all the talking, how this girl had come on to him in the record store, he felt flattered, one thing led to another, but, "I never meant to sleep with her" he said.

That was it for me, He never "Meant" to sleep with her? what an idiot, he had to pay,
I went to the bedroom and tried to calm Courtney down, she wanted him out of the apartment, but I had other plans for "Mikey", I picked up some things from the bathroom, and told Mike I'd be right there, by the time I got back to the living room he was flat out drunk, I laid him on the floor near the coffee table and began to remove his clothes, I remember saying out loud to myself, "You have no idea what we girls go through to get ready for you men" lol, "well "Mikey" your about to find out," and I started shaving his legs lol.

Courtney came out of the bedroom and saw what I  was doing, she started to laugh, but said, "David you can't do that" I said "oh yes I can, it'll be one night for him, but it will feel like a lifetime" it wasnt long before she joined in, starting on his make up, she did a great job on his eyes, very smokey and the lashes looked amazing, red lips followed, I glued a black lacy chocker around his neck, she asked if he needed a wig, I said "Yes bring that big black one, the you don't like anymore, and bring that large rose you have on your dressing table," the hardest part was getting him in the red and black tartan corset, (Picture above), we had to flip him over after we got it around his waist, so we could tighten the laces, by the time I had fastened them he had quite the tiny waist, I asked Courtney if she had any glue, she said, "I only have this" and handed me a large tube of superglue, this was going a little further than I wanted to go, until he started to move, as he moved he said, "Oh Sara, I love you," that was the last straw.

Sara was the girl he never meant to sleep with, I smeared the glue all over the fake boobs and placed them perfectly on his chest, they sat nicely above the corset, and just for good measure I ran some glue up the laces of the corset, then Courney came out of her bedroom saying, "I bought these stockings today will they do?" And this black skirt I don't wear anymore?
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I attached the sparkly stockings to the suspenders, with a touch more glue lol, they looked great with the open toed heels I glued to his feet.
 I got changed with Courtney and we got him down to the car, as he got in, he saw Courtney and he asked "where are we going Court? she looked at me and I said "we're going dancing Mike, is that Ok?" He said "well you better keep an eye on me, I cant even walk straight lol"
We called him Sara at the club, we only got him in as drunk as he was because I know the bouncers, I told them "she's new in town, only one night, give her a break lol" It was so funny to see him dancing with all the guys, they were holding him up and buying him drinks, they were all over him dressed as he was, I heard one guy say "I think I'm in here" lol then the shit hit the fan, in walked the real Sara, I grabbed Mike and tried to get him out of the club, but it was too late he'd seen her, before I could say dont go there, he was gone from my grasp, he headed straight for her, sat next to her and said "Hey Sara you didnt say you were coming here tonight," she just looked at this strange woman that sounded like she had a cold or something, because her voice was so deep, It was going well until he said, "Its me Mike dont you recognize me," OMG I thought Courtney was going to choke, she was snorting her drink laughing, it got that bad the bouncer I knew came over to tell us to keep it down, I think Mike got the message,

                                "DONT mess with COURTNEY"

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charlee718 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017
us girls got to stick together
Justforalittlewhile Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OH WOW! Gotta say, Mike deserved that, and yeah, never mess with a Courtney, we're dangerous 
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Tell me about it lol

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