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Hi there, you don't know me, my name is Luke, I'm the one on the right! I know what your thinking, He means the left, sat down, in the suit, Man, I wish I was wrong, (Pardon the pun). I have four sons.

Matthew, He's always been the shy one,
Image by SFC78767

This is John, he was the first to be married. Hes the one on the left

.Image by SFC78767

This is, Peter, the rock of the family. Hes on the left also.
Image by SFC78767

And Simon, he was always was the prettiest,
Image by SFC78767

I haven't been a saint in my life, but I haven't been the devil either, I had a nice little thing going, my wife and four sons would go into some of the most expensive suit shops in England, we would have our suits made to measure, make payments by cheque, then dissapear with the suits, before it became obvious there was no money to buy the suits, we had a large clientel, lots of people wanted to buy our expensive suits "cheap."

It lasted 5 years until we got too much attention from Interpol, they were on to us, but couldnt prove anything, we needed one big job to retire, we went to the most expensive shop we could find, everything was going well until the clerk we were dealing with said " Dont I know you? Im sure ive seen your face somewhere"

I said "No son you dont know us" 

"Yes thats it, your those fraud people"

Thats it, he was about to turn us in, no doubt there was a reward, then he said, "here take this phone number call me tonight I have a plan" Reprieve, we had been thrown a life line, I almost kissed him ha ha.

His name was David, thats all he would tell us, we told him everything about our plan to do one big job and then retire, he said he had a plan, that it would take about 5-6 months of planning as it was really big, he had me at "Really big" I asked him "So whats the big plan you have?"

"Ok, we have a large shipment coming in of high class clothes up to $250,000 each" 

"I said dont be ridiculous there isnt a suit on the planet woth $250,000"

"Its not a suit, they are bridal dresses" I told you it would take a lot of planning," 

"Hey man I dont know if you've noticed, but we are 5 men"

"Sure you are now, but in 4-5 months I'm sure we can work on you."

"No way this is not going to happen"

"Now wait a minte Julie said lets not jump to fast,"

Are you serious honey?

"Wait one minute, I'll be right back, Boys get undressed down to your boxers"

When she came down the stairs she had four dresses, she threw one each to the boys and said "ok put these on," there was a lot of complaining until I told them "You heard your mother, get those dresses on"

Julie started playing with the boys hair and straightening there dresses, "See" she said, "I think I can work with these, Luke we're talking maybe $1,000,000"

"That is tempting" Luke said, ''Dad there is no way we will pass for girls" said Simon. 

Julie said, "Give me a week, if they dont pass muster, we will forget it"

So it began, she told the boys to grow there hair out, in these dresses, wigs were not going to cut it, after a week, Luke had to admit they did look more like girls than boys, but they still had a long way to go.

Thats when Julie really went to work, she had them shave their legs every week, she took them to her local spa every week and had their nails done, their eyebrows plucked and their ears pierced, two months in I manged to get some female body suits which hid their bulges between their legs and provided them with boobs and forced them to sit down to pee, this would only be temporary, but helped them with the deportment, they dressed 100% girls 100% of the time.

The boys hated every minute but would not cross their father, David went to them 2 months in, he had news for them, he found out that there was a wedding dress coming in for an older lady that was worth $400,000, Lukes eyes almost popped out of his head, 

"Oh Man what a chance for us, you have to do it Julie!"

"I'm sorry Luke but theres no way I can get the girls ready and have all the fittings that a dress like that needs, you will have to do it!"

"What! are you crazy" Luke said,

"I dont see why not Luke, if I can do it for the boys  I can do it to you"

"Come on Dad its only fair said Simon" 

Simon was right and I knew I'd have to do it. While the boys teased their father, I took Julie to one side and asked her "Did you give them the female hormones I got?"

"Yes but keep quiet I dont want them to freak out, Peter is already showing"

"Real boobs'' I asked, "well they will need them if we are going to pull this off depending on the dresses, the girls fitting the dresses will notice if they have fake boobs." answered Julie.

David got word the dresses were coming in on Monday, it had been 5 months since he first put the plan to Luke and the boys. Luke and Julie had spent every penny they had including remortgaging the house, but when David knocked and Luke came to answer the door, he was honestly taken back, and the boys looked just as good, he said he could have married Simon him self lol. David asked Julie how the five months had gone, she told him it was tough when Luke and the "girls" realized they were growing their own boobs, but when they explained they would only have to wear the panties now and they would lose the boobs after we got the money for the dresses, she told him she thought it was only the money they thought about.

Monday, Luke, Julie and the "girls" came into the store, David made a bee line for them knowing why they were there, they asked about the dresses and he led them over to where the girls would have them try the dresses on for the first fitting, even he was suprised how many fittings they had to go through.

When the final fitting was over the girls looked amazing, Well you've seen the pictures above, Now I have something to tell you that i didnt know until it was too late, behind our backs Julie and david had our passports changed to suit our sexes,

Matthew became Margie
John became Joan
Simon became Simone
Peter became Petra
and I went from Luke To Lucy, and all our pictures had been altered

These passport were given to the drivers of five Limos that were waiting outside.

After the last fitting we came to the front of the store, everyone was clapping, we were led outside to five limosines each of the boys got into a limo and we had no idea where we were being driven, within 10-15 minutes we got out at city hall, men came to each of us and held our hands as we walked in, I looked across at the Interpol agent that had been chasing us across the country for the last 5 years, we realize we were set up it was get married to these strange men or go to prison, It wasnt till 2 months into married life I found out the boys and I had been put up for auction on,

            www.Asian men looking for transvestite

Julie and David had set us up and ran off together with the money from the auction.


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charlee718 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017
i loved this one alot and i also loved the dresses
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017
Thanks Charlee
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