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I woke up before him today so I have a head start, Looking forward to a soak in the tub with my favorite lavender scent, shave my legs maybe, then paint my nails, I always feel so fresh after a soak, and the scent of the candles makes my heart beat a little faster.

Where am I? Oh no shes got up before me again, whats that smell, Oh no not the lavender in the tub, Wait! what are you doing, Oh come on you shaved my legs two days ago.

Suck it Princess, I beat you to the draw today so you can look good.

What are you doing now? Painting my toe nails? I wont let you, stop it.

I feel how weak you are today Jeff, You cant stop me, is there a colour you would prefer for your nails?

No! not the red.

Ok now lets see what I can do with his hair of yours, last time you were the one in control you had it cut too short, hmm maybe a couple of barrettes?

I may have got it cut short but it didnt take you long to get me back, by taking us to the salon and getting extensions added, that was so difficult to explain to the guys at work why I had hair down to my shoulders.

You may be stronger than me Jeff but I'm way smarter, I dont know why you dont just give up and let me make us pretty 24/7

Never gonna happen sweetheart.


Jeff and Jenny are two sides of the same person, Jeff is physically stronger than Jenny, but she is mentally stronger than Jeff, What you have just seen is an everyday situation between them, sometimes Jeff wins but more often than not Jenny wins.  Back to our story.

Jenny finished painting her toe nails, but as she started doing her finger nails, Jeff began to feel his strength returning maybe he could win this one after all.


Jeff stop it, keep your fingers still.

Forget it Jenny, its not going to happen you bitch.

If you dont let me do it here then you give me no choice.

No! not the salon.

Then relax your fingers, it will be over soon.

Ok Ok, you win this time.

Thats more like it, be thankful I dont pluck your eyebrows to a nice feminine arch.


With his nails painted, smelling of lavender, and shaven legs, Jeff knew when he was beaten, long ago he had learned to pick his battles with Jenny, he could usually win the odd day, where he didnt have to wear womens clothes but today wasn't one of them, if only he hadn't drunk so much beer last night.

Jenny continues dressing for her day out, she is smarter than Jeff but he is stronger, she has to strategize to win, but luckily Jeff isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer so today was a winning day, she thought she would take advantage of it.


Do you remember where I put the glue for our breast forms last time I had control?

Yeah like im going to tell you that.

Ah here it is, now keep still or our boobs wont be level.

These breast forms are way to heavy.

Dont worry the corset will hold them in place honey.

Not the corset, please Jenny it makes me sore.

I like the shape it gives us Jeff, and I want to go shopping today with my girlfriends

Ouch! Ok thats tight enough.

One more inch and then I will stop I promise

Stop stop I cant breath

OMG Jeff your such a baby

Is that stockings I feel,

Oh yes I forgot to tell you, I bought these last time we went out, aren't they pretty

I don’t remember you buying them

You were asleep so I didnt think you would argue, Now which heels?

You must be joking, they kill my feet, why dont you wear flats for once?

Sorry Jeff, you know how the girls are they would make my life a misery if I didnt wear my highest heels, Now where did I put those diamond dangling earrings? Ha ha.


So basically thats how the day went, with Jenny picking out all the pretty girlie things that she knew would annoy Jeff, he hated it when she got the best of him, she would strut around like a queen with Jeff along for the ride inside her head, Jenny headed for the makeup table.


Ok lets start with some moistreuiser  then foundation, how does that feel Jeff?

You know how it feels to me a I hate it

So im guessing your not going to like this bronzer.

I know why you wear makeup Jenny but why do you enjoy forcing me to wear it

Im not forcing you Jeff in fact I dont even feel you trying to stop me, here lets see you try and stop me applying these “Really long” eyelashes, see nothing, I think your begining to like wearing my makeup Jeff, I just bought this new eyeshadow, I think it could be your new favorite colour, and I cant wait to see how you look with this deep red lipstick on your pretty lips.


Jeff could see she was just trying to wind him up now, he would just have to wait until he was strong enough to fight her another day, for today he would be Jenny.

Just something that came in my head can two people share the same body?
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curlgirl732738 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
oo love it!
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
Thanks Curlgirl I havent seen you before
charlee718 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018
The fight with in is the toughest fight of them all because it is a constant battle of the girls life and the boys life every time you go into a woman clothing store you can hear them calling to you
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
I know babe youve lived it every day
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