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"Tom wake up" said Amy

What's she got planned for today? I thought. I looked at her, she was fully dressed,

"Ok I'm off to work, I've asked the girl from the salon her name is Sarah, to come over and teach you a few tricks about make up and hair, by the time I come home from work I want you to be able to do your own hair and makeup, is that clear?"

She had that rushed/late for work look, I didn't say anything, I just nodded, "I want you to practice today ok?" Nothing is off limits, heels, flats, pantyhose, stockings, garters, corsets, oh no not corsets that's another day, dresses, skirts and jewellery."

Again I just nodded thinking that that bra was coming off as soon as she goes through that door, "Ok bye honey see you at around 6:00 pm, Love you." And she was gone as if she had never been there, I turned over and waited to hear the front door close, 2 minutes later I heard the sound that would free me until the girl from the salon came knocking.

I lept out of bed and reached around the back of the bra to unhook myself from the torturous device, what was that? It didn't feel like the hooks that Amy fastened for me, it feels familiar though, I ran to the full length mirror turned my back to it, and there it was staring at me, mocking me, it was a travel lock, you know, the kind you put on a suitcase, I was locked into the bra, that's why she said no to the corset I assume, I couldn't even release myself from the weight of the water filled balloons, as she had sewn them into the cups.

Just then the phone rang, I picked it up not speaking until I knew who it was, It was Amy, "Hi honey It's Amy I guess you have found the lock by now, don't bother looking for the key, I have it here in my purse, have a nice day, "bye sweetcheeks."

"So this the way she wants to play it is it, fine, I showered using the shampoo and body wash she gave me, I was so mad all I could think of was how I was going to get back at her, I wrapped a towel, turban style around my head, and waited for the girl from the salon, one funny thing was I found myself crossing my legs more, hmmmm, strange!

It was 9:00am when Sarah arrived, she said "Hi" I put my hands together and bowed my head, (A traditional greeting in H.K.) and that was the last thing she said, everything after that was sign language, well a basic form of it, she gave me the eyebrow pencil and watched me, holding my hand as we painted, for the want of a better word, Yes, painted my face, this went on for a couple of hours, each time with less help from her and more me doing it myself, it was during this process I was trying to think how I was going to get my own back on Amy.

I had a vague idea, but nothing concrete, I picked up the phone and pointed to Daves number, Sarah signed, "Do you want me to phone him?"  Twirling her finger in a circle in the air like a rotary phone, I nodded and motioned my hand as if to ask him to come over, I couldn't get back at Amy, but Dave made a good second choice, touching my leg like that, I was going to blow his mind, ha ha, I asked the girl to go all out glamour, Dave wouldn't know what hit him, ha ha

I put on the most ridiculous frilly dress I could find, and 3" heels, Sarah gave me a crash course in walking in heels, and I was ready to go, ha ha, I couldn't wait to see Daves face. The doorbell rang, I sat perched high on a bar stool, legs crossed, with the most seductive look I could muster, Sarah opened the door, I thought Dave was going to faint, which was a little scary, I felt like the juicy steak again, I held out my hand, painted nails and all, I thought he was going to shake it but at the last minute, he held it and kissed the back of my hand.

That kiss really threw me, I was just about to change my mind when Sarah shouted "Bye you two, have fun,"  suddenly it hit me, Dave and I were alone together, and I had invited him over, I clearly didn't think this through. Dave looked me up and down and told me how pretty I looked, which didn't help, I thought quickly, I should offer him a drink, it would be rude not too, I held my fingers and thumb together in a sign for drinking, "Yes please" he answered "Coffee (he pointed to the coffee can,) would be nice, two sugars and milk please" OMG he was being the perfect gentleman.

We drank the coffee then Dave signed as if saying can we could go outside, I thought he was going to show me something, He held my hand as we went down the front steps, I felt so ridiculous out in that dress, we got to where his car was parked, I looked round, wishing we were back in the house, then it happened, as if in slow motion, the door was closing, I screamed, funnily enough I actually sounded like a girl, I ran back, well, as best I could in the heels, just in time to hear the lock "Click"

Now I was locked out in the most frilliest of dresses, with my best friend, and Amy not getting home for 3 hours. Even then what was I to say, I signed to Dave if he had a phone, he passed me his cell and I found Amy's number in his contacts, I walked away from Dave so I could talk,

"Amy, It's me, Tom" It's a long story but I'm locked out of the house, you have to swing by the house and let me back in"

"Ok give me an hour or so I'll be right there"

"NO, NO, NO, you don't understand, Dave is here with me"

"What's he doing there?"

"I invited him over to teach him a lesson for touching my leg the other day"

"Ok I'll be right there hold on"

I handed Dave his cell phone back, I didn't even try to explain how Amy was going to show up to let us in, it seemed to take ages for Amy to come with the key, what I didn't know was Amy was watching us from the end of the street laughing at my predicament, then Daves phone rang, it was Amy, she was talking to Dave, he was smiling, then he passed me the phone, I was confused but Amy had told him she knew a few words in Chinese and she was going to tell me what was going on,

"Hi sweetcheeks it's me Amy, can you see me in the car at the end of the street?" She waved so I could see her, "You look very pretty, I know I told you to go all out, and nothing was off limits, but this is going above and beyond, well done, great legs by the way, and heels wow, Anyway, I've told Dave I can't get away till at least 6:00pm that should give you an idea of what you have got yourself into,

"You can't do this to me Amy"

"Oh on the contrary Tom you've done this to yourself, you will have to tell me all about it when you get home, see you at 6:00"

"Don't go, I'm going to kill you"

"Oh dear, did I say 6:00, I meant 8:00, shall I tell Dave 6:00 or 8:00?

"I answered in a whisper 6:00"

"Sorry "Aleanne" I didn't hear you"


And since you have done so well I think I may have a surprise for you when I get home.

So there I was, looking like a doll, Dave didn't waste a minute, he led me to his car and opened the passenger door, I gave him a suspicious look, he looked back at me, and held my hand to help me get into his car, "Trust me" he said, without even thinking of whether I could understand him or not, I took his hand and with the greatest of care and attention, sat down.

We drove over to Dave's house, again he took my hand, I was apprehensive as to whether I should be going to his home, what did he have in mind for me, I wasn't sure I couldnt run very far or very fast in heels, he led me into the living room, I had been there before but that was to play war games or tour of duty, my mind was elsewhere these days, he sat me down on the couch, and gestured for me to wait.

30 minutes went by, I looked across at the stairs, something that I never expected, Dave was wearing a suit, I didn't know he owned one, He grabbed my arm and again led me to his car.

I look back now and can't believe the wonderful night we had, Dave took me to a fancy restaurant were everyone was looking at Dave and I, I could see their faces, especially the women, Awwww was the cry, all they saw was a well dress teenage couple, not knowing that last week we were rolling about on the floor arguing over a gaming controller ha ha,

Then he took me to an ice skating rink, Dave and I both play hockey so skating was easy, although I will say skating backwards all the time was tough, I nearly fell twice but Dave was holding my waist so tight there was no chance of me falling, then we ended the night in a coffee house we laughed a lot trying to find out which coffee I wanted...... I looked at my watch, oh no it was 8:30, I had no idea, I pointed to the watch he saw my reaction to the time and tried to ease my obvious tension, we arrived home at around 9:00 Dave apologized to Amy for keeping me out so late, it took some explaining to Amy, not sure she believed me but I went to sleep happier than a few nights ago.
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JenniferLiz1 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
Revenge is such a tricky thing, isn't it.  It does have a habit of coming back on you.  Very Nicely done !
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
Very true
charlee718 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
i think dave i falling her / him cant wait to see what happens
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017
I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.
LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016
Awwww... So sweet!
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016
Yeah that idea really backfired on Tom.
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