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Again I didn't sleep well, Amy made me keep the bra on while I slept, It was impossible to lie on my stomach, so I was on my back and side all night, But this is Sunday morning my favorite time of the week, normally I'd sleep in till noon then mom would make me a full breakfast, then maybe I'd work on the car, have lunch, then have a few beers, then "Grand Theft Auto" video gaming for the rest of the day.

My dream bubble burst when Amy came in the room, (she wouldn't sleep with me while I looked like a girl) go figure. "Ok Sweetcheeks rise and shine,"


"But it's Sunday Amy" I sounded a bit whinny actually,  She didn't stop for a breath "Shower, wash your hair with this (Smelly shampoo) then I'll help you with your make up and hair" she said, "But why are we doing all this when we aren't even doing anything today?" I asked.

"You have no idea what I do, do you?" She asked, I tried to act like I knew what she meant, "Of course I do".

"What do I do on Sunday, What I have done EVERY Sunday for years?" She asked.

I had no idea, Sunday was my lie in day, "Ok so what do you do, and what does it have to do with me?" She answered, "I volunteer at the local hospital, and your coming with me." I saw the look on her face, she was in no mood to be argued with, I jumped in the shower, and washed my hair, I smelled like a flower, Amy styled my hair, I didn't notice it had become longer over night, I asked Amy, she looked at me like I'd lost my mind, "You didn't notice the extentions that were added to your hair yesterday?"............ I didn't say anything.

I sat down at Amy's vanity with all her make up spread in front of me, she passed me an eye lining pencil, this is how the conversation went, I say conversation, it wasn't a conversation it was just Amy shouting orders, take a listen,

Amy - "Ok, draw a line around the edge of your eye, be careful, no not like that, just on the edge, you missed a bit, ok stop, look what your doing, OMG give it to me"
that was the end of my first make up lesson.

Amy finished me off, I wasn't wearing as much make up as yesterday, but I still had a girls face, I think the eyebrows were the worst/ best, (She said they would grow back) I still had no idea where she was taking me and was too scared to ask, she pulled my hair into a small ponytail and attached a ribbon, once my hair and face were finished she left the room and came back with a dress on a hanger, it had red and white stripes and looked way too short for my liking, first she handed me a plastic bag, it had something white in it, "Do you think you can put these on by your self?" She asked, I looked at the plastic bag, inside was a pair of white pantyhose, having no idea, "I shouted I'm not stupid your know"

I pulled and tugged at the top only to realize she must have bought the wrong size, "These are way to small" I shouted, Amy came in the room and saw the crotch of the pantyhose at knee height, she held her hands to her mouth,

(To stop a scream, NO!! She was laughing at me,)

"Take them off" she said, "Do it like this" she pulled the pantyhose up her arm then bunched it together and placed it on my foot, she pulled the first leg up to my knee, then she did the same with the other leg of the pantyhose, once she had both legs pulled up to my knees she stood behind me and started to pull the waist band up to my waist, "There" she said, "At least now you know how to do that" Put your white blouse on and then put this on.

OMG it suddenly came to me, I remembered her telling someone else, she was a candy striper a none paid volunteer, and now I was going to be candy striper too, this was going to be the longest month of my life and I'm only two days in. There was a knock at the door, "Get that will you Tom." I nervously went to the door, there was another knock, I thought how rude and was just about to say, "I'm coming, keep your hair on".

I opened the door, and there he was, "Hi Aleanne, I'm here to take you and Amy to the hospital". "She doesn't understand you Dave" I heard Amy shout from the kitchen, "I live in hope" Dave says, As Amy is getting ready, I sit on the couch with my nylon hosed knees together, and my hands folded on my lap, I see Dave checking me out, with a stupid grin on his face when I catch him, "I'm just going to the bathroom, then we're good to go ok?" says Amy.

Out of the blue, when I least expected it, Dave starts talking, but there is only him and I there, "You have great legs, he says, I smile like a good Chinese girl should do that doesn't understand a single word you just said, "Your tits are great" "and if Amy wasn't here I would take you up stairs and rip that dress off you," I'm gobsmacked but I have to smile again. Amy returns, "Ok let's go, you ready Dave?"

Dave opens the front passenger door for me to get in the front with him, as we drive to the hospital we have to stop at a red light, when Dave was reaching for the gear stick, he slipped his hand on my leg, then said, "I'm so sorry Aleanne my hand slipped," I turned to face him, Amy had seen what had happened, but wasn't prepared for what I did, I slapped his face,

"Nice try Dave, bet you never expected that did you ha ha" said Amy.

I know I'm not supposed to tell any of you this, but I had a really nice day at the hospital, yes the boobs were heavy and I got some nice compliments on my legs, but I did enjoy helping people in need, when this is all over, I may volunteer myself,

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charlee718 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
dave keeps tring to get in his / her pants
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
So the disguise worked.
LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016
He's turning quite nice actually the way he's handling the volunteering job.
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016
Yes, I also find pleasure in helping others fulfill their Tg dreams, lol
JohnFromJersey Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016
I really like where this is going!
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016
Your gonna love the end.
JohnFromJersey Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016
I'm looking forward to it
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016
30 days to go then, lol
JohnFromJersey Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016
I'm patient.... 
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