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imagesCWLUZM8V by SFC78767

How I got here sounds crazy, but my life seems to revolve around the number 2, let me explain, my name is Billy or William as I was named, everyone called me Billy until they started calling me Prima Ballerina, I know your asking the same question I did, SAY WHAT?

Let me go back 20 years and the number 2,

I was born 2 minutes after my sister, my identical twin Shannon,
That made her the eldest, she was treated like a Princess, while I was left behind

On our 2nd (Number 2 again) birthday our parents bought her a pony, yes a pony, Princess Shannon of course got to ride the pony first, I was only allowed to ride it "When your sister has finished Billy"

Things stayed the same for quite a while, Shannon was allowed to go to ballet school, but there wasn't enough money for my soccer camp, I used to watch her practise at home in the special area my dad had made for her in the garage, no room for my bike, but lots of room for the princess, As time went on Shannon passed all her exams in ballet to be considered for a special school in Switzerland, It was two weeks (Two again ) before she was to do her final exam, she was on stage, I was watching from the wings as I had always done, my father had left us two years ago (Two again) because mom had turned into one of those crazy ballet moms, one day after she had done another exhibition, Shannon was walking off the stage, when she tripped on the last step, mom caught her but the damage was done, a sprained ankle, mom scooped her up and shouted to me to get the bags and hurry.

When we arrived home, mom looked at the sprain and strapped it up so the princess could rest up, I had to do all her chores for a week, when it came time to take the strapping off, mom gasped when she watched Shannon walk, mom had strapped her ankle too tight and Shannon couldn't even walk in a straight line, mom started crying, after all that work, gone up in smoke, She took Shannon to a doctor out of state, when the doctor looked at Shannon's ankle, he said he would have to put it in a cast if she ever wanted to walk properly again, 6 weeks in a cast, all her hopes dashed, mom drove home but I could see she wasn't thinking straight, like she had something else on her mind, that was the first time I think mom ever even noticed I was alive, I was seven at the time, she looked at me and said,

Mom....."You will have to stand in for Shannon"

Billy....."Me, but I'm a boy",

Mom....."Your the same size, a little make up and no one will tell you apart"

Billy....."Mom please I cant dance like Shannon"

Mom....."I've seen you watch her, I've seen you practice like her, you may not be as good as her, but you can and you will dance like her"

Mom had me in a tu-tu, white tights, and ballet shoes the same day, she even bought a hair piece in the shape of a bun and clipped it to my head, I'd been jealous of Shannon all my short life and now mom wanted me to BE her, she made me practice till my feet bled, Shannon couldn't dance, but she showed me all the moves and how to dance, That's me on the left.

images495JOF58 by SFC78767                       imagesUHGMJNWR by SFC78767               images04R7AH37 by SFC78767

The first week was the worst                               Second week was better                                     The third week 

By the fourth week mom put me into an exhibition dance school out of state, I couldn't believe it when they said I had potential and asked my mom if they could keep me at the school for a while,

Billy......"Please mom you cant do this to me"           

Mom....."You will stay here or I will show your father the pictures of you, Its only until Shannon gets better, then you can stop ok? there is only two weeks until her cast comes off (Number 2 again) then she will be back to normal"

Two weeks came and two months past, Shannon was never going to be the same again, Thats when mom turned her attentions to me,

Mom....."You can do it Billy, If you cant do it for me do it for your sister, Shannon"

I did it because mom threatened me with telling my father and showing him all the pictures she had gathered, 12 years later I'm a Prima Ballerina in Switzerland and my name is Princess Shannon how ironic!

This is a request by Cinderella 12345 I hope you like it Shannon.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
i loved it
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017
Thanks Charlee
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