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It wasn't long before my sister found out about mom dressing me up as a girl.

I had had two years of mom dressing me up as "Rachel" before my sister found some pictures of me that my mom had "hidden" and not very well I might add, mom tried to pass them off as a cousin of ours but my sister couldnt be fooled so easily.

She teased me for a few weeks by calling me Rachel under her breath then denying she had said anything, but it wasn't long before she could resist meeting her "New" sister.

"Can you come upstairs for a minute?" she shouted down at me,

Of course I ignored her at first until she repeated....

"Can you come upstairs Rachel? I will only ask one more time"

I slowly made my way upstairs knowing I was sunk, what did she have in mind? I had no idea, but I knew it wouldnt be good for me, when I got to my room it was empty, and I suddenly realized she had been calling me from her room, a room had never been allowed to enter until this day, I stuck my head around the door to see a bra, frilly panties, a suspender belt and some black stockings on her bed.

"Lets start with these shall we "Rachel"?

I tried to pretend I didnt know what she was talking about but instead of saying anything she just fanned out the "Hidden" pictures my mom had taken of me years ago, I went into the bathroom to get changed, as I pulled up the black frilly panties I realized this was the first time I had every actually dressed myself as a girl....

"Ok Rachel lets get a move on we dont have all day"

I walked out of the bathroom with my head down and wondered what she had in mind for me, sorry I mean for Rachel?

"No" she said Immediately "Thats not going to work"

"Take off the stockings and shave those awful hairy legs"

"But before you do lets get a picture of you taking a selfie"

I was snapping pictures of myself in this ridiculous outfit my sister was forcing me to wear, as she was directing me as to what poses she wanted from me....

"Ok put your hand on your hip, yes thats a keeper" she said.

"Now go and get those legs shaved"

"And put this dress on when you are finished and we can take more pictures"

"And smile for goodness sake, Yes thats better"

Untitled by SFC78767

Looks like his sister has taken over where his mom left off.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 6, 2017
sounds like his sister has some plans
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017
I think so too, read on.
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