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Untitled by SFC78767
I had been sailing too close to the wind for months now, I would wear tights under my pants even while mom and Emily were home, I would wear them in bed while I slept, I even wore them to school one day, that may have been the fist time I left the house in tights, I loved the feeling of them against my skin, ok it wasn't en femme as some of the people I had read about on the internet, but pretty brave for me, I was only 12, as I was putting my school uniform on over the tights, It was like no other feeling I had felt before, when I got to school and saw my friends one of them actually asked me if there was something different me today, my legs were like jelly, it was the best feeling I had ever had.

I used to wear any tights that I found in the washing hamper, I almost got caught one day when I was wearing a favorite pair of my sisters tights, unfortunately mom decided she would do the laundry just as I was coming down the stairs, "Make sure you wash my black tights mom" shouted Emily,  "I need them for school tomorrow" that was going to be really tough for mom as I was wearing them at the time, I ran back upstairs just in time to see mom picking everything out of the hamper, "Do you need anything washing Peter?" she asked, "No, No I dont think so, let me go and check" I said.

I went into my room and quickly got changed and grabbed a load of socks and underwear, I removed the tights and bundled all the clothes together, including Emily's black tights, as I ran down stairs I almost tripped and nearly dropped the whole load, black tights and all, at the bottom of the stairs, when I got to the washing machine mom was there sorting all the clothes, I tried to pile them all together but mom stopped me and said, "Peter dont put them there I need to sort them into whites and colours" the game was up, as mom was sorting through what I had brought down she spotted the black tights in my pile of clothes, she held them up to my face, she didnt say anything, she didnt have to.

It was a month before I found out what my punishment was going to be, Emily was going away on a camping trip with her friends and two parents to watch over them, that meant mom and I would be in the house on our own for a full week.

No sooner had Emily left for her trip that mom sat me down in the living room, and she had the tights, Emily's favorite black tights in her hand... "Whats going on Peter" she asked, I tried to tell her that I had found them on the floor and had brought them down to the washer with my own clothes, she countered with the fact that I had told her that I had nothing for her to wash when she had asked me, I'd been caught and we knew it.

We came from an old fashioned family, but mom had got the wrong idea about me, after dad had died mom thought I must me surrounded by too much estrogen, and thats why I had started wearing girls clothes, it wasnt that I wanted to be a girl its just that they felt so nice on my skin, I tried to tell her this but by this time she had grabbed my wrist and was taking me up stairs.

She took me to Emily's room and told me to pick out a dress, I tried to protest but as I was thinking of what to say next she had already picked out the frilliest dress Emily owned, I was stripped to my underwear and the dress was pulled over my head, she tied the white ribbon around my waist and started to put some pink lipstick on my lips.

I told you it wasnt my choice, 

Mommy made me do it.
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shoujodana Featured By Owner May 23, 2017
I love this!  I also love the pictures
SFC78767 Featured By Owner May 23, 2017
Thanks Martin.
charlee718 Featured By Owner May 22, 2017
i loved it nice twist the twist you put on your stories is what keeps me comming back love all of your stoeies though
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Edited May 23, 2017
Thats what i like to hear, its a shame more people dont comment.
charlee718 Featured By Owner May 24, 2017
as long as you keep wrighting you will always hear what i have to say but i will always be here to talk to anytime you want to talk becouse i like talking to you you understand me
SFC78767 Featured By Owner May 25, 2017
Thanks im so happy
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