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Eventually, Kelsey picked out a baby blue cotton dress covered in pink flowers, "This dress is adorable, Im sure it will suit you." Kelsey said giving a devilish grin. I reluctantly took the dress and headed to the bathroom to change, before I put the dress on I took a long look at myself. I thought to myself

"Wow, I look like a whole other person."

I was able to put the dress on by myself but could only zip it up part of the way, not all the way, I had to ask Kelsey to zip me up, which in its self didn't mean a lot, just that I couldnt reach the zip anymore but I realized it meant a lot more to Kelsey when she smiled knowing I wasn't hating what was happening to me,
but still not quite "liking" it. 

It was at this point I noticed the dress cut off above the knees, so I was showing more leg than I was comfortable with, but Kelsey was loving it, I walked down the hall I was congratulated by Kelsey as she gave me a wolf whistle and told me how cute I looked. "I never thought I would get to enjoy the spa with my boyfriend or should I say girlfriend." She gleamed. 

I rolled my eyes at her comment, only for her to point out how long my lashes were. We eventually made our way to the mall and I had hoped to stay hidden. Luckily, I was disguised so well I looked like a legitimate woman.

We got a taxi to the mall and Sarah paid, Kelsey held out her hand to steady me in my heels, I was so thankful as my heel got stuck in a small hole in the parking lot and I almost fell, both the girls laughed at my predicament, "Looks like your going to need more practice" said Kelsey

As we went into the mall the girls decide I should go and try on some different styles of corsets, underwear and bras, then they decided that I needed some dresses of my own and remembering I still had the corset on, the girls thought that I should have dresses that showed off my figure, after trying on dozens of dresses,
it was off to get my make up done.

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I sat in the make up chair for over an hour, the woman was very nice but I wondered if she suspected I was in fact a man, as I turned to look in the mirror, I had to gasp at the beauty that returned my stare.

"Not bad eh Kim" said Sarah, "Now lets see if we can get you some shoes to match that pretty dress of yours," it was just at that point in time when she said, Pretty dress "Of Yours" a realization came over me,

I was a woman,
a woman in a dress,
in a mall,
for all to see,

I woke up suddenly from my day dream to hear Kelsey say,

"You should have at least 3 or 4 pairs of shoes"

When we arrived at the salon we were greeted by a cute asian receptionist. "Welcome Kelsey, party for two. Please have a seat and an attendant will be right with you" she said. At this time I was quite frightened of what was to come, but also quite excited about the new experience.

This was the world of women, where men never ventured, that is until today,
I was to see all they saw and experience all they experience to
become one of the beauties they become.

As Kelsey, Sarah and Kim(Geoff) are leaving the mall Sarah spots a very short French Maid costume in the window of a lingerie store. She nudges Kelsey and they both grin ear to ear. Kim now sees what they are smiling, but Geoff gets a very sinking feeling as Kelsey grabs his hand an pulls him in the store. 

"Please Kelsey don't make me wear that". Sarah chimes in and tells Kim that he will indeed wear it. Kim has to try it on in the store to the delight of Sarah and Kelsey. They purchase it. Sarah picks up the phone and calls David. "We should be home by 9 and I will bring a bottle of wine. Stop by, Kim doesn't drink but she will keep our glasses filled and she can't wait to show you the cute outfit she bought

Untitled by SFC78767

Oh Dear looks Like Geoff is deeper than ever

Whats next for our hero/heroine ha ha.

Send suggestions to me by note not comments.

Have fun.

Send future story lines to me by Note.
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