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Untitled by SFC78767

I sat in stunned silence on the end of the bed before I summoned up the courage and reluctantly went downstairs. David had taken the robe off the back of the bedroom door, so all I could find was a very short black see through nightie, I pulled it over my head and sat back down wondering how it had all come to this, as I stared at myself in the mirror, I couldnt believe how big my boobs looked being forced up by the corset. I wondered (was it possible to feel so stupid but also feel so sexy)? 

As Geoff went down stairs Kelsey was about to have Geoff sit beside her, just then David turned and said "Sit here sweet heart" pointing to the chair beside him, Kelsey said "Go ahead Kim because us girls are going shopping later and no guys are allowed. "Kim said "That sound good" she would be glad to get away from David at least for a while, even if it was to try on dresses and shoes

David pulled me into his lap as I made my way to the bagels and wrapped his arms around me. I was trapped. He began kissing my neck and shoulders, but what surprised me most is that I was starting to enjoy it.  

To be clear I was not enjoying my best friend kissing me, but how much I felt like a real girl in that moment.  Even though I had no interest in becoming a girl full time, I had often fantasized about what it would be like to be one.  Involuntarily a soft moan escaped my lips.

After they had breakfast Kim said "What should I wear?"
Kelsey said "Come with me I wlll help you find some thing" 

It wasnt until I stood up I realized just how short the nightie was.

"Nice ass" said David

Untitled by SFC78767
When they got upstairs Geoff said to Kelsey, "Get me out of this corset" and Kelsey said "If you are going to wear one of my dresses you will need to keep it in on Geoff"  

"I guess I dont have a choice then" said Geoff

So its off to the mall and spa for our hero.

Lets hope he doesnt bump into any friends
that know David and Geoff

What will happen next. You decide 
Dont forget to add your own spin on this story.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017
as they get to th mall the girls decide to go and try on some different style corsets and under pants and bras them they decided that geoff needed some dresses of his own and remembering he still had the corset on the girls thought that he should have dresses that showed off kims fingure then it was off to get make up and now it was time for the shoes kelsey said that kim should have at least 3 or 4 pairs of shoes
SerenStars Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017
Eventually, Kelsey picked out a baby blue cotton dress. "This dress is adorable, Im sure it will suit you." Kelsey said giving a devilish grin. I reluctantly took the dress and headed to the bathroom to change, before I put the dress on I took a long look at myself. "Wow, I look like a whole other person." I thought to myself. I manage to put the dress on, upon notice it cuts off below the knees, yet shows a decent amount of cleavage. I left the bathroom only to be congragulated by Kelsey on how cute I looked. "I never thought I would get to enjoy the spa with my boyfriend or should I say girlfriend." She gleamed. I rolled my eyes at her comment, only for her to point out how long my lashes were. We eventually made our way to the mall and I hoped to stay hidden. Luckily, I was disguised so well I looked like a legitimate woman. We were greeted by a cute asian receptionist. "Welcome Kelsey, party for two. Please have a seat and an attendant will be right with you." She said. At this time I was quite frightened of what was to come, but also quite excited about the new experience.
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