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Untitled by SFC78767

The day seemed to go super slow, I couldnt wait till the night when I would spend the night with my beatiful girlfriend Kelsey while she was wearing the corset my best friend bought for me to wear, I know that last part doesn't sound right but if you've been reading Pt 1 through Pt 6 then you know what a mess Im in,
anyway roll on tonight....

I couldnt stand to stay up any longer, David and Sarah were at Kelsey's house for Pizza and a movie night, it was my 6th day being dressed as a girl and having David think he was my boyfriend, truth be told he had been the best boyfriend a girl could want, it would be hard for me to break off this relationship and get back to being Geoff, but what a ride, and tonight was going to be a fun "Girl" night for me and Kel.

Ten O'Clock chimed on our fathers grandfather clock
that I had been servicing for years,
"Its a little early" said David, "Im going to stay up with Sarah and Kelsey
if you dont mind honey" said David, Sarah and Kelsey
both giggled to themselves at the thought of me being Davids "honey."

I almost tripped on the stairs trying to get to our room faster
so I could have my fun girls night with Kelsey.

It seemed like ages before Kelsey finally arrived, I had set out the
corset, stockings and suspenders on the bed waiting for her.

"Whats all this" she said as she looked at the lingerie on the bed

I just looked at her, "What do you mean" I asked.

"Why aren't you wearing it, she asked, "You came up early enough, 
I thought you would be ready for me by now" she said

Again I looked at her curiously looking for some sign as to what she meant.
Then it clicked, she wanted "me" to wear the corset, stocking and suspenders.

"No, No, NO!" I said "You have to wear them its a girlie night remember?"

"Look in the mirror honey," she said, "Your more girlie than I am, now dont make me call David up here to see you like this, get changed right away.

I couldnt believe what I was hearing.

"I SAID NOW, DAMN IT" she shouted.

I took off the bra I was wearing but left the panties on, Kelsey helped me pull the corset over my hips, she was very rough, and it made me feel very submissive, she pulled the laces at the back of the corset which made me lose my breath I thought about complaining, but I didnt think she would give me any slack as she kept pulling.

I was wrong before when I thought the corset was for her, she obviously had other ideas, I must admit I became very aroused when she eventually tied the laces together, the corset was now so tight it made me look like I had medium sized breasts as my chest now filled the cups, "Looking good sugar,
whats it like to have your own tits" she asked.

What happened next I'll never understand, maybe it was because she called me "Sugar," maybe it was because I was wearing a corset, but I actually giggled, not like a pretend your a girl giggle, it sounded like the real thing,
but it wasnt just me, she was enjoying it too.

We never actually got to the stockings, but I can honestly say that it was the best nights sex I'd ever had, when morning came we laid in each other's arms, I had gotten as comfortable as you can get in a womans corset, and was waiting for her to release me, but I wasnt in any rush, I laid on my stomach with my arms above my head, she was rubbing my back, I could have stayed there all day,

Then out of the blue Kelsey sat up and said, "I'll be right back"  I just thought she had gone to the bathroom, I didnt have to wait long before I felt the rubbing on my back again, I started to moan like a 16 year old school girl

After about ten minutes, I felt the stockings being rolled up my legs and one by one fastened tightly to the suspenders hanging from the corset, hands rubbing my now nylon encased legs, hands pulling the seams straight on my legs,.

 Then the kissing started from my toes all up my legs, for every kiss a moan, with every moan another kiss, round my panties and up my back to my neck, then I was being straddled, I felt the extra weight on my legs, my hair being pulled to one side to get at my ears, OMG I thought I was going to have multiple orgasms,
when I felt my earlobes being sucked.

Then I think I heard the worst sound I had ever heard.

Have you guessed?


"I heard Kelsey shout from down stairs, Ive brought bagels, 
if you want one you better hurry"

"I lay there too sacred to look who was on my back but knowing who it was.

Then David shouted, "Be right there" as he got out of the bed and put
on my nightgown that was hanging behind the door.

"Thanks Babe," he said, "I knew you wanted to wear it"

I had to go downstairs still wearing the corset, I couldnt undo the laces.

Oh Dear that was close, Geoff almost got screwed by his best friend.

Good job the bagel shop was so close. Whats next for our intrepid hero

You decide.

Sorry I guys I had this story stuck in my head and I couldnt wait so Pt 7 his here, Our hero still needs you so please add a line or a paragraph.
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rogergirl Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I sat in stunned silence before I reluctantly went downstairs.  Geoff pulled me into his lap as I made my way to the bagels and wrapped his arms around me. I was trapped.  He began kissing my neck and shoulders, but what surprised me most is that I was starting to enjoy it.  To be clear I was not enjoying my best friend kissing me, but how much I felt like a real girl in that moment.  Even though I had no interest in becoming a girl full time, I had often fantasized about what it would be like to be one.  Involuntarily a soft moan escaped my lips.
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017
Thanks for the help roger, you are such a good writer, cant wait for your next contribution.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017
as geoff down stairs kelsey was about to have geoff sit beside her just then david got to the table and said sit here sweet heart pointing to the chair beside him and kelsey said go ahead becouse us girls are going shopping later kim and no guys are aloud kim said that sound good after they ate kim said sould i wear kelsey said come with me i wlll help you find some thing when they got upstairs geoff said help me out of this thing and kelsey said if you want to wear one of my dresses you will need to keep in on geoff said i dont have a choice then
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017
Good job Charlee keep up the good work.
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