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F7bad372-c352-40e0-9517-0ac9f9bd1653 by SFC78767

My Aunty and Uncle told me they would only be staying two weeks to help me get over losing my brother, well guess what? they have been here now two months I have been practicing my female voice and posing as Jenny every night, I even had to draw a tattoo on my ankle that she used to have so they wouldnt find out I am in fact my sisters twin brother, as you can see I have overcome any pain I had wearing her shoes occasionally.

I had to buy a pair of false boobs and a corset for some of the clothes Jenny had since my Aunt and Uncle threw out all my clothes.

979f52db-8250-41d5-ae44-69c5d4322fdc by SFC78767

As I went down stairs I could see my Uncle was on the phone so I asked my Aunt “Who is he talking to?”

“Don't worry,” she said “Hes just checking on a reservation we’d like to change”

I almost did a summersault, finally they were leaving, It would take a long time to replace my clothes they had given to Goodwill but my nightmare would soon be over I couldnt wait for him to get off the phone and ask him when they were leaving.

Trying to listen in on his conversation, the only thing I heard for certain was,

“Yes that’s exactly what I want, we are spending a lot of money on this trip and if I cant get what I want from you then I will take my custom somewhere else”

I was thinking, Good for you Uncle dont take any hassle, you get off home while
I still have a male bone in my body, lol.

After maybe another ten minutes he put the phone down and looked at my Aunty, winked and said he had done it, it was all sorted, he then said,

“Do you want to tell her?”

“No no” she said “It was your idea you tell her”

“Ok” he started “Your Aunt and I have booked a world cruise, (I knew they had money but bloody hell a world cruise) and Ive managed to get you on the same cruise, of course you will have your own room, but wont it be fun?”

This was the second time my Aunt and Uncle have almost caused me to faint.

Then my Aunt chipped in, “Seems to me like us girls have a lot of shopping to do if we are going to ge on that boat in two weeks,” all I could think of to say was....

“Its a ship aunty they call them ships” 

I know, pretty lame for someone going on a world cruise as a GIRL.

Here are some of the clothes she picked out for me.

E2456742-3ba0-4694-a881-9ff709c7657d by SFC78767

Cocktail night
(Look at my ass)

Bd81b865-5acc-4423-a0a9-33dfc8e4a788 by SFC78767

Something I could wear for casual

1f0fb0ad-5130-42f0-a0ec-df25a27fefc6 by SFC78767

Lots of new shoes, she knew how much Jenny liked her shoes.

9a895017-83fd-4712-a984-ae5491df2c03 by SFC78767

Me after our trip to the salon.

B992eaa9-83d7-498a-8bb8-1ffa92e0c76f by SFC78767

Hair extensions from a hair salon

80e2ae59-1000-4c53-a621-f34595be5098 by SFC78767

More shoes, a purse, and I cant remember what the hell that thing is.
(Something called lip plumping I look like ive been stung by a wasp)

Thanks to Gorgeous Gregory
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LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018
I feel so sorry for him, but I think he'll be better off as his sister. She looks gorgeous!
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
Yeah its tough to lose someone so close I can imagine me being like that, not wanting to let go.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
I love this story so much and love that he is going to a girl for a long long long long time how i wish that it was me instead i would have so much fun
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
Thanks Charlee.
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