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Running late by SFC78767 Running late :iconsfc78767:SFC78767 5 4
Where to start,
Lets start with Charlie, his mother had been in a nasty car accident, she would be ok but it meant that Charlie had to be fostered out, the poor boy went from disaster to disaster, this time he was going to a family that had a teenage boy and two younger sisters, the family had fostered children before many times. Jeff, the teenage boy was hoping for a boy, younger or older than himself it didnt matter, all he hoping for was that it wouldnt be another girl, because including his mother there were three females to one male
While Jeff’s mother was out shopping, she had left instructions with the children that a new foster child was arriving and they were to make them welcome, Jeff asked if it was a boy or a girl, she told him that she had no idea until they came, One hour passed then two hours, with no sign of the foster lady, Jeff turned to his sisters and said that he had to go out and they would have to welcome the new foster kid on their own, They both said they
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 14 10
Women Have It So Easy These Days Pt 2

Frank managed to get home without anyone he knew seeing him, this wasnt a peep show, it was to show his wife that he was in charge, not her.
“Ok” she said “Lets get you dressed”
“You want to do that now” asked Frank a little worried that Betty was enjoying this a bit too much, but he couldnt back down now after getting his hair and nails done.
Your body shape is too manly here put this on, and she threw him a corset that she used to wear years ago, It hit Frank in the face before he managed to catch it,
“Whats this for?” he asked
“Hmph!” She said, “So not as easy as you thought being a woman then?”
Franks face started going red, as Betty wrapped the corset round his waist, he began to get the perfect hour glass shape Betty was looking for, he looked down at the empty cups as Betty was filling “balloons” with warm water to fit the cups in his corset, Frank almost fell
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 11 6
Did I say how much I love my shoes yet, lol. by SFC78767 Did I say how much I love my shoes yet, lol. :iconsfc78767:SFC78767 4 2 Hope you arent getting bored with these pictures by SFC78767 Hope you arent getting bored with these pictures :iconsfc78767:SFC78767 3 2
Women Have It So Easy These Days
Famous last words, Frank had been saying this for years, men would laugh, women would just turn their heads, but his wife had had enough, so one day she was talking to her friend about an upcoming party they were having at their house, Betty told her friend the plan and Emily laughed at the thought of what she had planned.
A week before the party Betty bought a nice pair of grey open toed slingback high heeled shoes and gave them to Emily the night before the party, they were placed at the front door as people started to arrive, as usual everyone that came took their shoes off and went into the living room, the party went well but as usual Frank and his wife were always the last to leave, when they got to the front door the only shoes that were there were two pairs of women’s high heeled shoes.

Frank stared at the shoes, then at Betty, and he said,
“Emily, I dont see my shoes have you seen them?”
Emily said “They must be ther
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 16 13
Their Back !!!!! by SFC78767 Their Back !!!!! :iconsfc78767:SFC78767 4 6
Surprise The Wife Pt 2
“Today is the final test Tom are you sure you want to do this?”
Tom was actually talking to himself, asking his mirror image if he really wanted to do this, he had already shaved his body, he had practiced applying make up that Sara would normally wear, if he wasnt going to do it now would be the time to tell Sara he wasnt man enough to be a woman, when he said it to himself it sounded crazy, but he loved his wife and it had been two years since he had seen her and his son Tom Jr, and he decided that they were worth the effort.
Sara had given him her drill uniform and hat the night before, it was all him now, Sara couldnt be seen anywhere, Tom put his arms through the straps of the bra and fastened it without much trouble, he placed the fake boobs in their cups, then he paused for just a second before pulling on the shirt that Sara would wear while on the parade ground, it felt a little tight against his new chest as he pulled on the army fatigues and fastened the belt, he
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 8 6
Pretty skirt by SFC78767 Pretty skirt :iconsfc78767:SFC78767 4 7
Surprise The Wife

Tom Davidson was a navy seal, that might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but to the people that knew Tom it was a minor miracle, he was the smallest person in his unit, actually he was the smallest seal in the country at 5’ 3’’ but he loved being a seal, almost as much as he loved his wife Jenny and son Tom Jr.
Tom had been a veteran of two wars, he would tell you which wars, but then he would have to kill you, just kidding, He would come home whenever the time would allow, but it had been 2 years since he was last on leave, Jenny understood, (Mostly) but she was always glad when he rang the doorbell, in his special way, not because he was scared of any reprisal attacks, it was just a fun way for Jenny to know it was him.
Two years is a long time and Tom wanted to make it special this time so he asked his commanding officer if she knew of a way he could go home and surprise his wife, without her knowing it was him, Tom
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 15 9
Whoops almost fell, lol. by SFC78767 Whoops almost fell, lol. :iconsfc78767:SFC78767 6 7
Mr? Perfect

Simon had always looked after himself, he was on the swim team, football team, and even the male cheerleading team, so when he dumped Sandra the head of the girls cheerleading team she was devastated, her mother thought she would never stop crying, so when Simon came into her salon for a trim (Simon never had his hair cut, that would be too long without looking perfect) revenge was top of Janes list.
“Take a seat I’ll be right with you, she said “I just have to unpack a
new product we’re trying out” 
That got Simons attention, she knew it would, as she began trimming Simons hair,
“So whats this new product you have?” He asked
“You wouldnt be interested Simon, its for women with facial imperfections”
She could almost hear the cogs turning in Simons head, the only
question was would he take the bait?
“What kind of “Imperfections?” He asked
“You know, like pimples and zi
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 24 12
I will crush you with my foot by SFC78767 I will crush you with my foot :iconsfc78767:SFC78767 4 23
Call Me Kitty Pt 3

I woke up the next day in Jo’s room, It was a cold October day there was a little frost on the windows, I looked across at my sister blissfully sleeping, wishing I was still in a dream as I stared at myself in her mirror, my face had become unrecognizable to me, not just to me but aparently to my mother and father, I was Kitty to everyone now the only person they knew the truth was Jo, as I stood daydreaming looking at the girl in the mirror there came a knock on the door, “Wake up, you two we have a lot on today” said my father, as he passed me a huge box, he opened the box for me to see a dress, “Here Kitty put this on today please, what could I do I answered “Oui”
As I stepped into the dress Jo was just waking, “Whats going on” she said “Where did you get that dress and why are you putting it on?”
“Dad brought it to me, he wants Kitty to wear it today”
“Omg” said
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 20 18
The Hauted Elevator

Not much to look at, but I will never assume anything is “Normal” for the rest of my life, these are the elevator doors that I use every day at work, but one day changed everything, I work in a building down town that was built on the site of an old department store, I work on the fifth floor, I have never been past that floor, never had a need to really, One day I had pressed the button for my floor but when the elevator got to my floor there was a shudder, when the door opened I was in shock, the sight before me was not the doors I had stepped into 2 minutes ago.
I recognized them though, they were the doors of the old department store, I remember them because my mother took me there when I was younger, I got back in the elevator and again pressed the button for the 5th floor, but it continued going up, when it got to the 6th floor the doors opened again but this time I heard the sound of a man, “6th Floor Ladies Underwear”
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 15 2
Call Me Kitty - Pt-2

We leave our hero Zach made up to the nines in his sisters bedroom with Jo his sister and his best friend Kevin, Kevin arrived early to see his friend Zach while Jo was practicing her hairdressing skills on her brother Zach, (At a cost of $25 per hour)
Jo had just finished Zach’s hair when in walked Kevin, luckily Zach had his back to his friend, so he couldn't tell it was Zach because he was wearing a “Love Pink” bathrobe, and his hair in a tight bun.
Unable to get rid of Kevin, it became impossible to get out of the room without Kevin seeing his face, Jo continued as if “He” was a girl, plucking his eyebrows and adding false eyelashes, foundation, blusher and a lovely lipstick, Zach was at his sisters mercy.
When Jo had finished Zach looked like a model before an important picture shoot, all Kevin could say when he saw what Jo had done was “Wow!”
Meanwhile down stairs another problem was developing,
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 23 13


A lesson for the teacher 144 by Melissa822 A lesson for the teacher 144 :iconmelissa822:Melissa822 64 15 MaidForHer10 by BluGail MaidForHer10 :iconblugail:BluGail 36 3 MaidForHer09 by BluGail MaidForHer09 :iconblugail:BluGail 33 0 MaidForHer08 by BluGail MaidForHer08 :iconblugail:BluGail 29 1 MaidForHer07 by BluGail MaidForHer07 :iconblugail:BluGail 27 2 MaidForHer06 by BluGail MaidForHer06 :iconblugail:BluGail 31 3 MaidForHer05 by BluGail MaidForHer05 :iconblugail:BluGail 34 2 MaidForHer04 by BluGail MaidForHer04 :iconblugail:BluGail 36 0 MaidForHer03 by BluGail MaidForHer03 :iconblugail:BluGail 29 1 MaidForHer02 by BluGail MaidForHer02 :iconblugail:BluGail 25 6 MaidForHer01 by BluGail MaidForHer01 :iconblugail:BluGail 42 3 DressingHimUp11 by BluGail DressingHimUp11 :iconblugail:BluGail 68 4 DressingHimUp10 by BluGail DressingHimUp10 :iconblugail:BluGail 28 0 DressingHimUp09 by BluGail DressingHimUp09 :iconblugail:BluGail 24 5 DressingHimUp08 by BluGail DressingHimUp08 :iconblugail:BluGail 22 0 DressingHimUp07 by BluGail DressingHimUp07 :iconblugail:BluGail 34 2


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