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:bulletorange: S. Fairbanks Artist - sites, contact information:

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(  srf_artist @ - but with no spaces in the address  ) 

:bulletorange: Contacting S Fairbanks

A note from the sister of artist S. Fairbanks: 

(April 2015)

Please be aware that I (S. Fairbanks' sister) sometime log in to my sister's account on her behalf to upload art or respond to messages, both here on deviantArt, her art associated e-mail address (hosted on Yahoo mail), and other sites. 

I may go for a period of two or three months or longer before logging into these accounts, so if you send S. Fairbanks correspondence or requests, there may be a delay in response, which I apologize for.

I hope she eventually takes to checking into these sites herself, and maybe at a minimum of once a month or every other month, so that she may respond to you directly herself, rather than through me. In the meantime, there may be a delay in replies. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.