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Mellow Out

This piece I did yesterday, when I was really down and just super stressed out. This painting was actually planned months ago and then was forgotten and the final piece was not like this in my head. The feeling I had was of worthlessness, that I could not support my family. I felt like an exposed sloth that was hunched down sitting on intestines that represents my art that feels like crap to me sometimes like they're not good enough to support my household, but the flowers and strawberries are my mom and my wife, the two people that care and support me the most. They are the pleasant people that I can talk to. I also need to keep stuff in and the only ones that know is God and me. No one else can understand the heart because those words don't exist. Finally, the lemons in the back...well, when life gives you lemons...
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sorry to hear about the journey to this painting's realization! :(
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Trippy! I like it a lot. :) 
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thank you my friend. it was just one of those days, thank God thats behind me for now.