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Minun used Spark!

By Seyumei
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Another one for the Gen III Pokemon collab at ! Its the same one I submitted Roselia to earlier  Roselia Used Ingrain! by Seyumei but I realized I kinda messed up with my first entry (I was supposed to choose a different move than what was chosen before) so I wanted to redeem myself xD

Plusle and Minun are actually my favorite of the pikachu clone lines! Though I do like Minun a bit better than Plusle, heh. (totally not just saying that cause I like blue better than red lol). I wanted to stylize Minun a bit more from his original model so I gave him some rad anime hair haha.

There's still Pokemon available to claim if you wanna join the collab! Just check out this journal! >>>  Our POKEMON Generation III Tribute (235/270)
Like announced, we start our Pokemon Generation III earlier than the previous 2 and you can claim your first pick right now!
The rules are for the most part the same as last year.

We illustrate the Pokemon without a background and use the .png format for them, so we have a transparent bg. The main theme is also to illustrate each Pokemon while it is performing one of its attacks, moves, abilities. Similar as in the 3 examples from last year.
The moves don't have to be from Generation III but since we are tributing Gen III, it would be awesome if you can pick a Gen III move or ability.
Here is a list of all Gen III Moves:
Every artist can pick up to four Pokemon but only one at a time.
We got the previous two Art Collaborations done before Christmas and I hope we will be able to publish the Gen III Tribute again at Xmas.
If you pick a Pokemon today

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this is cute !!!!!:la:

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Why do you have so many in your tesla...............are you enslaving electric pokemon to charge your car
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Old Pika-lover here
Hunterchu Boucing. Emote Would sooo love to ruffle Minun's hair!
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It is very ruff-able haha xD
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I love Minun !!! <33
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I hate to trouble you, but what software do you use to make such unbelievably gorgeous art?
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I'm really basic, so its just paint tool sai xD Though I used photoshop for the glowing effects haha
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Thank you for the quick response. I actually already have sai. I just haven't gotten around to learning to use it yet. ^_^'
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Awww, lovely Minun! I'm stalled with a story where Pikachu's clone, Pikatwo, eventually falls in love with a Minun girl
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Aw that sounds cute! ^^
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They have babies eventually, and the story ends with, well, a visit.

But I digress, your Minun looks funky
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Ahaw well thank you! x)
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awesome, can I use as my prof pic?
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Sure! Just credit me somewhere for it if you can! (:
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Very beautiful!
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Thank you! ^^
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You're very welcome!
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