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Get Up, Greymon!

Now that preorders have gone out, heres my full piece for, a Digimon 20th anniversary zine! Digimon was a huge part of my childhood and is still one of my favorite franchises to this day, so I'm glad I got to contribute to this! ^^

This illustration is based off of a scene from Movie 01, where Greymon collapses during his fight with Parrotmon in front of little Tai and Kari. This scene gave me many feels ;_;

If you missed out on preorders, there will be a sale soon for leftovers! Just follow their twitter or tumblr for announcements. Heres a peek at what you can get! ->  Digimon 20th Anniversary Zine Open for Preorders! by Seyumei (I've gotten these in person and the quality is top notch ^^)

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Tai and Kari could've got killed and almost got hurt, it's seriously dangerous in battle and come away from that under bridge spot.

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"AHH Fuck off I'm hungover"

That moment when Greymon gets back up, Parrotmon realizes he is well and truly screwed! ;P

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Lmao indeed haha

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A legendary moment in a get series!

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I LOVED THIS SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am speechless. Amazing job, I love the colors and the attention to details is just incredible.

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Aw thank you so much! ;v;

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What a classic moment before Greymon gets up to kick some more ass.

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Haha totally :D
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Digimon is better than Pokemon. Their I said it

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BRAVE WORDS (but tbh, i agree lol)
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Pokemon is a entertaining show sometimes, but theirs something about Digimon that makes it much more watchable to enjoy. Maybe its the weirder designs. Maybe its the ACTUAL STAKES in the show like the complete eraser of the Digimon and Human world like in Season three, or maybe actually have the gal of having different characters with different partners than Ash Ketchum being apart of the show every time with Pikachu? Though I don't like season four of Digimon. I just don't like the concept of it.

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I actually never liked the Pokemon show, but I enjoyed the games.. well the newer ones are kinda eh xD

Yeah I heard season 4 is when a lot of Digimon fans kinda dipped out of being fans haha. I didnt like it either lol. Season 3 was actually my favorite season ^^
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Blow that whistle, Tai!
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*blows his heart out*
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Don’t give up graymon! Stay determined!
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I believe in him!
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**uses revive** WAKE UUUUUUUP!
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it's always really fun to find out so many artists i love and enjoy are in zines i bought! this was a phenomenal piece when i saw it in my copy
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Ah thanks for supporting the zine! Yeah this zine is chock full of talent haha :D
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