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Com: Healing Magic

7-8 hr experimental commission for Flitchee (FA) of her velociraptor DnD character L'triya! The theme given was "the power of water and nature"

L'triya's abilities are plant/nature/healing based, so I thought showing them saving some wildlife would be a good fit for the theme. ^^

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Nomads-of-Korsun's avatar

Great use of the lighting effects, is the main character a "duck billed platypus" anthro? That's probably the first I've seen of that type if so.

Seyumei's avatar

Thank you! They're actually a velociraptor! So a dinosaur basically. The 'bill' is sorta reminiscent of a beak so thats probably why it looks that way xD

Nomads-of-Korsun's avatar

Ah, must be some of the updated versions of what velociraptors look like; I always think of the 1990's Jurassic Park whenever I hear that word, I'm always thinking they are just going to be biped lizards with big claws.

Cool design though.

Seyumei's avatar

Yeah a lot of modern/scientific depictions of dinos have feathers and look more closer to birds, since they're close relatives to chickens haha. But the Jurassic Park ones are still the more "popularized" version I think haha.

Nomads-of-Korsun's avatar

I suppose that makes sense, still I think I'll always prefer the look of the classic ones personally; even if the other ones are probably more accurate. Keep up the great work Seyumei.

Angel47093's avatar

Incredible...! :lol: :love:

Seyumei's avatar

Thank you! 🥰

NeoDraconequus's avatar

Such a cute character omg! Love raptor OCs and that healing glow is gorgeous!

Seyumei's avatar

Aw thanks! Glad you like it! <3

JustAFireType's avatar

healing spells might cure wounds, but they won't bring the dead back to life. Sometimes you just need to accept the rules of nature. And then you can flip the table.

Seyumei's avatar

Ah well I like to imagine the rabbit just got injured x'D

JustAFireType's avatar

Oh then you can heal them!

Azshorark's avatar

A healing mage raptor ?

Seyumei's avatar
Withered141's avatar

Poor bunny. 🥺

It's really pretty. 😁

To me it reminds me of the Ori games (Ori and the blind forest & Ori the Willow wisp.) When you save or warp to a fountain.

Seyumei's avatar

Thank you! Oh yeah this definitely gives off that vibe xD

Screameh's avatar

I really love this picture! The amount of detail, the quality of shading.. the emotion. You feel so much with this! I absolutely love the theme and I think you executed it perfectly.

Seyumei's avatar

Aw im really glad to hear that! ^^ Thank you! <33

aqdrobert's avatar

Dr. Grant - Jurassic Park Angel Bunny Applauds Jurassic Park Velociraptor (F) [The Big One] V.2

This magical spell

is covered by your medical

plan with zero copay, Dr. Grant.

Seyumei's avatar

I'm glad that rabbit had healthcare lol

aqdrobert's avatar

Worry not, Doctor Grant. I only eat Jurassic Park guests and staff, not rabbits.

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