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Cast Pin Ups - Tour Guide

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Disney Cast Member Pin-Ups - second of the series

First of the series, Skipper Em [link]

Copyright of Ashleymarie Sey Lively

Inspired by Disney costumes/uniforms.
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Gnomer01's avatar
So cool. I used to work in with Disney costuming. That's well done.
It reminds me of one of the Disney 50's artists. Can't remember his name. But, he would always create pin up drawings also.
seystudios's avatar
Oh, if you do, let me know! :-D I love researching artists.
Gnomer01's avatar
Ah-ha! Found it. Fred Moore drawings. "All the Cats Join In". Hope you like it.
seystudios's avatar
OMG! I love you! I've been trying to find the name of this artist's work for years!!!! I just must have kept missing it! *hugs*!!!!
Obi-quiet's avatar

You sound like you've worked at Disney...

Honestly, no one would ever dress like that, LOL. Interesting concept, though.
seystudios's avatar

Actually, I don't, I'm just a major fan. My fiance does however. You're right on someone actually wearing such a costume... never happen... unless it's Halloween and you want to be slutty.
Obi-quiet's avatar
LOL! Indeed. I worked for Disney for a while. It's more of a one-upmanship contest among the crew to see who has the worst costume.
chellybats's avatar
Very Shane Glines - a little too much perhaps.
You had some really great shapes in your other pinups, would like to see more of those applied.

Otherwise, still a really strong drawing and design.
seystudios's avatar
Yea, I was trying out his style.

I think I might try her in the other style too... see how it comes out.

Thanks for your constructive critique. I really appreciate it! Hardly get that around here. *hugs*
chellybats's avatar
Well like I said, REALLY enjoyed your previous style for sure.
Stay true to that for sure. Love it.
seystudios's avatar
Thanks. I'll try pushing it a bit more. To be completely honest though, the other one was inspired also using his style as well. :-D But I know what you are saying. ;)
Tito-Mosquito's avatar
She looks classy. Kinda like a flapper.
seystudios's avatar
Thanks! :-D I was trying to get that 1920s German classic femme fatale in there somewhere.
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