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Vinyl Scratch on a Light Cycle

Done for /r/vinylscratch's contest. Congrats on the 1k!

I'm really proud of how this turned out- especially the city and a lot of the effects.
Took forever (8ish hours total) in Photoshop.
Tons of references used, for basically everything.
Thanks for looking!

tumblr- [link]
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TOTALLY fits! lol
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Aw now this is cool. 
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OK now this is REALLY easy to imagine I love it!
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The world just couldn't get cooler than dis. :-o
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You, my friend, have just proven yourself to be the most awesome person ever.
Not only did you draw TRON City canonically, but you also perfectly captured the image of a Generation 4.5 Light Cycle.
If you do the math, this means that this picture was "taken" in a time of peace on The Grid.

Lastly, Vinyl looks AMAZING on the Light Cycle; so fitting! If only she had some circuitry armor :3
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Gee, thanks! It's been a while since I did this and I'm always planning on doing more TRON stuff, so the armor may be a possibility!
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Hee hee I'm finally ready, are you ready? :woohoo:

After being sucked into the grid while attending Lazerpony's show, Vinyl stumbles upon a world in need of some "bassic" light and joy.

While contemplating where to put on new concert to help meet this need, she is spotted by a recognizer which locks its Spotlight Scanners onto her!

She sprints as fast as she can, even as the road gives way beneath her hooves. She's loosing the race fast and is almost falling behind when she remembers her Musical Chairs ability and uses it to freeze the ground in place long enough for her to make it into an alley.

"This is bad!" Vinyle gasps struggling to calm her racing heart that, at the moment, has a faster beat than many of the songs she listens to. "How am I supposed to get out of this place and back to Canterlot?"

The sound of many heavy footsteps alerts her that her heart is probably going to win the Indianappleless 500 in a heart beat.

As she prepares to face the onslaught of who knows what, Vinyl decides maybe it's time to take up Octavia's offer of free Chellos lessons, "I mean I like electronic but this is ridicules!"

Then she sees them, Tall black and red Trees without any branches on the sides! They're horrible! And they all have…?! "Are those Hands?!" Sure enough they all have hands and under each arm is a stick like device.

As the lead Creature takes a round disk from its back, and enters a stance for the anticipated toss Vinyl makes her move!

"These things must be soldiers, which makes the stuff they're carrying weapons." Vinyl uses her telekinetic powers to pull one of the sticks away from underside of the creature's arm and dodges just as the glowing disk skims over her right side, grazing her hind calf and leaving a painful cut!

With adrenalin masking the pain for the moment Vinyl runs with the stick as more disks wiz mere inches away from here and leaving little ripples in the air that swirl and wisp.

As she continues to run her concentration slips and the stick begins to fall, taking her mind back from the talons of terror Vinyl tries to catch the stick with her powers, but her mind is so filled with racing thoughts that she fails to see a slight bump in the road. Just as she is grabbing the stick again, she trips over the bump loosing her mental focus and instead of just pulling the Stick back up she pulls it in two different directions. As she falls time slows around her, but what's happening?!

The stick is doing something! Lights are coming out of it and making shapes! Soon a whole Contraption forms underneath her as she lands in the seat instead of the street!

Quickly grasping the controls she puts the peddle to the metal as she realizes her new ride's groove is to move.

Then looking at her right flank she chuckles to herself, "Guess they don't call me Vinyl "Scratch" for nothing."

End of line… Or is it?...

Wow! What a rush and a ride that was!

Thank you Aeroflyte both for using your God given talents to bring us this dynamically delivered detailed and delicious piece of art, and for being so kind about waiting till I could give you a proper comment! :D

Keep seeking to push your skills to infinity and beyond Aeroflyte, using what you gain to bring joy to our lives and smiles to our hearts and in doing so, many a joyful time will be yours. :icondragonwant:

God bless you Aeroflyte as you continue to bless others with pictures that set their dreams to soaring!

With well wishes (and a hearty Hurrah!) ~ From Monturrock :iconmonturrock:
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Thanks so much for this! I wasn't expecting anything this long or detailed.
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great job on this, here goes my new WP~
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Glad you like it!
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Listen to "The Grid" and look at this. You are very welcome.
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Can I say perfect combination.
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Clu : "Welcome to the grid, Vinyl"
Clu : "No Wait !"
And Vinyl save Utopia
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Perfect combo. Nice!
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That's awesome work rigth there
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When I saw this, the first thing that ran through my head was she's gotta be rocking out to some Deadmau5 while riding the light cycle. :D
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the song from deadmau5 must be 'one trick pony' XD listen to it and it fits perfectly :D
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