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Splendid POV and terrain.  :)
Great colours!
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Great use of black in the composition, and of course I adore the color scheme and the light coming through the trees. I can't wait to see more of these!!
Edit: I just read this comic in reverse-order (saw this page first) without really realizing it. Having come back this is so much more impressive, with the whole setting having been established in the other pages. This seems more grand, more epic. 
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Wonderful colours and setting Sayorrol! and also reat to see some new work from you again!
Cup-Of-Awkward's avatar
I love your style! It looks like watercolor and is just gorgeous! It adds a wonderful ambiance to it c:
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I love it very much. Very emotional and beautiful.
Stephanie-Pessoa's avatar
Beautiful lines and colors.
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This is absolutely gorgeous, I love everything, from the lineart and the colours chosen for this... this is geeeeenious!
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Man, this is absolutely gorgeous! well don!
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I love the colours in this work! Excellent!
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Damn. This is beautiful.

The way you paint and ink makes me really nostalgic. I'm reminded of being a kid again, rummaging in the back of a bookstore for old children's books full of quaint, scratchy drawings.
blueberrygumprincess's avatar
Gorgeous landscape, it makes me wanna go there!
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A fantastic sense of scale here, and the use of color and light just has this great atmosphere. Beautiful.
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