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Commission: I can have rainbow hair, too



This is a commission for :iconapottzy:! This was done as cover art for his story, Flying Further and Far Better, which is a friend-shipping fic featuring, you guessed it... Rainbow and Scootaloo! :D

The first chapter is up on DA ( [link] ) as well as Fim Fiction ( [link] ). I had the privilege of being the first to read it aside from his proofreaders. It's definitely a read and you should totally check it out :D It looks like it's going to be a great fic that will add a lot of depth to their relationship.

I hope you like it, and thanks for being a great client :D

EDIT: ooohhmigosh I just realize this image got on Equestria Daily XD THANK YOUUU :D
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does RD have the "WingBoner" ?