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F2U PRIDE FLAGS (Updated 2020!)

Requests for flags not here are open! just comment the flag, and its name! (please do not request for a personal/Not F2U flag as this is not what this deviation is for; these will always be for everyones use!) 

intended use: either for using the flag on its own as your icon, or for using as a BG for your icon with a character in front of it!

Please note:
credit is not required, but is sincerely appreciated!!
please do not claim as your own ;v; 
please only edit these to use as an icon BG (resizing is also ok!!) ! if you would like a specific flag, palette edit, etc., please ask me to make it!!

Separates can be found here!

Included (left to right, top to bottom):

Agender | Ally | Aromantic | Asexual | Aspec
Bisexual | Demiboy | Demigirl | Demi Non-Binary | Demiromantic
Demisexual | Fictosexual | Gay | Philadelphia Flag | Original Gay Flag
Genderfluid | Genderqueer | Intersex | Lesbian Community Flag | Sunset Lesbian (5 stripes)
Non-binary | Pansexual | Poly-Amorous | Polysexual | Queer
South African Pride Flag | Transgender | Unsure/Undecided/Undefined/Unidentified
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i'm Bisexual and Demigirl

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Am I allowed to make my own personal pride flag? Credit will be given.

And can you add the pink lesbian (the one without the lipstick)?

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I really love it
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THESE FLAGS ARE WONDERFUL!!! And I'd really love to use the genderfluid or pansexual flag as my icon!! Thank you for providing these!

I do have to bring attention to the lesbian pride flag though (The 7 striped lesbian flag or the sunset lesbian flag)...the designer Emily Gwen is bi- and ace- exclusionary! It's unfortunately such an unknown issue but here is a twitter link that contains screencaps of the evidence!

Maybe the community can come together and create another flag to use?

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That's only the one with lipstick, not the normal pink one without it.

This image was found Instagram.

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omg dA is weirding out right now BUT im glad!! thank you so much >w<

thank you btw for that! i do recall the Sunset lesbian flag being the bi and ace inclusive version, as it was an edit made by someone when it was learned than Emily Gwen was bi and ace exclusionary; if theres any issues regarding the sunset lesbian flag (in conjunction with the Lipstick lesbian flag, the original and the one that is exclusionary) lemme know though!! i do have a THIRD flag in here for lesbians, it is the one on the left of them in the deviation! it was made by a user here on dA and can be found here:

Lesbian Pride Flag

:dummy: i hope this helps!!!

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Oh, I see!!

I honestly really love the colors on the new flag made by another dA user!! It's so nice to look at!

The lesbian flag (the second lesbian one in your icons) seems to be the same flag that Emily Gwen has designed? That or she's trying to reclaim it because she's using those exact colors on her twitter pfp, claims she designed that exact flag and she sells items with that design and color layout!

The original lesbian flag, it turned out it's creator was racist. So new flags started circulating to recplace that one and that's when Emily Gwen's flag was adopted (the middle lesbian icon you have in your deviation). Then it came out earlier this year that Emily Gwen is ace- and bi-exlcusionist.

I do love that first and third flag though!! Their colors are really nice!

Maybe replacing the second flag with the simplified version that was designed by someone else would be best?

Thank you for replying by the way!!

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oo thank you so much!

i actually did NOT know anything about Emily Gwen being an issue (i honestly just assumed there was only the issue of the lipstick flag nbJHB so i thought that she was the one who made the original AAA) i can absolutely update the flag with the simplified version! sorry for the confusion btw with my previous comment, admittedly i didnt know the whole story qwq

the third lesbian flag is the lipstick one! i did use alternative colours for quite a few of these (i used a palette i made myself) so it does look different (and then some DONT so i am going to be updating this soon so theyre ALL using their actual colours!)

i do quite like the colours i used for the lipstick flag but i dont think i myself have a place in pushing it for an alternative flag as I'm not lesbian/female attracted myself, so for me it wouldnt feel right to be like HEY WE SHOULD USE THIS bhjcvfcvfrhbjf :iconrazycryplz:

BUT YEE i'll update the second one with the simplified version!! thank you so much for your comment btw!!

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