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I'd make the defense that I'm not very good at keeping up with my social media presence, but truth is that I'm just not very good at keeping up with my social presence in general. Sorry internet. And sorry real world.
Dooder Demo is Now Available!!!
Hello friends. So guess what! I just finished the first demo for the game I'm making called DOODER! I made a new trailer and a little web page to celebrate the release of the demo. You can find the link to download it on the new DOODER HOME PAGE! Just click the link below::: Sadly, it only runs on a PC, but if you play it, let me know what you think. Any and all pointers, advice or glitch reports are more than welcome. GAME ON! --- As for the state of my computer, it's pretending to work okay again, but it's not fooling me. Other than working on Dooder and minima
My computer is dying a slow, painful death.
UUGGHHH! I've been using the same Dell computer since about 2002/2003, and it's been chugging like a tranquilized rhinoceros for a while now, but it's been usable. Yesterday however, I spent literally all day just trying to boot it up. I had all but lost hope, and then it miraculously decided to turn on again today. I'm pretty apprehensive about using it though. I think I just need to back all my shit up, and kick it to the curb. Anyway, just saying, I might be pretty sparse on the internet for a while, until I get a new setup. I don't want to push this tired horse farther than it can handle. It's kind of ridiculous that I'm still using suc


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xxchippzHobbyist General Artist
sexy indeed
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AndroideIllogiqueHobbyist General Artist
So obviously this has been inactive for a while but if you ever check this, I would love to find a download for dooder. Just saying.
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TLCookProfessional Digital Artist
Hey man! I looked you up from the reviews last night, and I found your DA page here.  And I realized your stuff looked familiar because you're in our database here, I think I'd literally seen your stuff a week ago.  Nice work! :)
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jeremyrocksHobbyist Photographer

i like that video "These Pancakes Are Tiny" i love it


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EmjaidiProfessional Digital Artist
I remember watching These Pancakes Are Tiny on Newgrounds years ago. Great stuff man!
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CaroWaroProfessional Digital Artist
Wow!! Your gallery is so amazing
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jkillyleagh953Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are, official, the last person Edd Gould added to his friends list...god rest his soul, he died of leukemia.

You should be honored, whenever you come on.