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Adventures of the Late Night Crew
For streets around the music and roaring laughter could be heard pulsing rhythmically from the Late Night, the city of Victubia’s premier bat and centre for entertainment, ‘The Bar That Never Sleeps’ it had been nicknamed by the locals. Late Night certainly lived up to its namesake, no matter what time, day or night, someone was bound to be found roaming the floors of the Late Night club.
Even now with dawn but a few fleeting hours away the building still blared with the sound of life. The inside of the club was well furnished and tidy. Varnished wood panels skirted the pale pink walls and the soft wine coloured carpet gave way to a polished wooden dance floor.
At the end of the dance floor, pressed up against the wall was a raised circle platform draped by thick red curtains where performers from all around Victubia and lands beyond would come to perform and entertain the land. At the moment the pair upon the dais were not your usual performers. Lady Gabbi, Victubia&
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Digimon Legacy: Last But Not Least: Part 4
"What the hell" the driver grumbled, rubbing the back of his head. "What happened?"
"It's okay" Ian said, his voice made the man jump in his cabin. Ian flashed an apologetic smile before continuing. "The bus broke down and you needed to call someone out to fix it but couldn't get any signal. I offered to call them and eventually got through. By the time I did though you'd fallen asleep, we tried to wake you when they got here but couldn't. Either way, the bus is fixed, it was nothing major, the repairman just left so I thought I'd really better wake you up." The driver raised an eyebrow at the young man. The boy smiled sincerely and tried not to drop eye contact. The driver shrugged and turned on the ignition.
"Fair enough" he said as the bus pulled away and continued onwards down the road.
Ian walked back to his seat next to Freyja; they were now sitting on the bottom deck.
"That was the best you could come up with?" Najamon whispered.
"Hey he bought it didn't he" Ian retorted.
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Digimon Legacy: Last But Not Least: Part 3
"Jesus that was close." Ian sighed in relief. Loamon had used his staff to block Boogeymon's attack just in time. The deadly points of the demons fork were mere inches from the two humans. The pair promptly ran to a safe distance as few feet away as the two Digimon duelled.
Najamon had easily avoided Tapirmon's rushed aerial attack and while the strange Rookie remained dazed made his attack. "Barbed Strike" His teeth embedded themselves into the side of the other Digimon. It screamed in pain as electricity coursed through its muscles.
In his attempt to hang on as he was shook violently in an attempt to dislodge him Najamon did not notice the next attack until it was too late. Boogeymon, who had successfully parried his adversary's attacks and disarmed him, knocking him to the floor, slashed his weapon viciously at the snake Digimon tearing three deep reels into his skin.
Najamon let go of Tapirmon, screaming in agony at his wound, which was bleeding steadily. Boogeymon kicked the Rooki
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Digimon Legacy: Last But Not Least: Part 2
Loamon awoke with a jolt; he shivered and looked about him quickly, taking in the scenery outside the windows. They had left the city behind and were travelling down a main road, fields and trees on either side as far as the eye could see. The Rookie wondered for a second what had woken him; he had a lingering feeling, icy prickles travelling down his spine as if he were being watched. He didn't like it.
Loamon looked at his partner and other human friend. They were both sleeping silently, his partners head resting on the man's shoulder. A brief smile played on the monkeys' lips before he remembered what he was planning to do. Najamon let out a soft hiss as he was gentle shaken awake. "Whatisit?" he yawned sleepily, only one eye open.
"I feel like I'm being watched." The monkey explained. By Now Najamon was used to his friends' suspicious nature, but the other Digimon looked genuinely concerned.
"The driver?" Najamon asked, quickly turning his head to face the stairwell. Nobody else wa
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Digimon Legacy: Last But Not Least: Part 1
Wind was blowing through Freyja's hair. It would have been pleasant if the air wasn't laced with chill. Summer was ending and the autumn was beginning to creep in. In a few more weeks was the college ball was to be held for the students who had graduated this year. The exams had finished just after the first Digimon attack and it had been a long and bizarre summer but until the ball was over they were all still technically college students.
Freyja had been wandering around Truro city centre shopping for things she would need, she'd already found and bought a dress. Gina had been freaking out and had gone into full fashionista mode, desperately trying to outfit all of the girls in the most stylish ball gowns imaginable. The boys had refused Gina's offer of advice, much to her chagrin. Freyja and Katy were appreciative of the girls talents, neither of them had really been to fancy events such as this so took all the help they could get.
The curly haired girl was now standing at the bus s
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Hey guys

As you know I am of course redrafting and making the original versions of the episodes better. As it is a massive task I have recruited Windz-O-Change to basically do the 2nd drafting. He's a brilliant writer and also Windsor the DigiDestined (if that wasn't obvious) 

Don't believe me? Check him out.


Ian and Gina

:D :D :D :D


Ian Borlase. Gina Munyard
Artist | Hobbyist
United Kingdom
Basically me and my friends are massive Digimon fans, and we really love reading all the fan series' people make so we thought we would make a Digimon fan series. Gina is really good at drawing and i'm good at making up stories so that's how it started.


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