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This is my new OC

Made with deviantART muro

Heh, the names Takeshi...Ever mess with me, then I'll have to kill you....

Now THIS is the one that acts like Grimmjow! XD Okay, he's supposed to be more muscular, but I suck at drawing that >_> He's a badass guy lol

He's a tough guy, he brings on any kind of fights...If someone bumps into him, he'd start a fight with him, even if it was a girl...(I swear, he has no heart, but it's probably deep inside of him, he just doesn't want to show it lol)

Yes, his eyes are red XD lol

It looks so horrible...T_T More horrible then Haru....aldkfj;lsd I need to try Sai, but I don't know, I can't draw really well on mouse on it lol XD it's all shaky and stuff

please ignore his torso and arms :iconoelplz: He looks horrible ; n ;

welp...:3 hope you like it~

Takeshi (c) Me

Please do not steal!
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This really needs a lot of work.