A story about Boredom

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It's a disgrace to be bored...Once you're bored, you know nothing of what to do...boredom tortures you...and there's nothing to do about it...Don't you hate boredom? Of course, everyone does...there are some times people may like to be bored...but that only means, they're crazy...the only way of having fun is to...

Act like an idiot and don't give two shits about it...

Yup...that's what I've learned...It's the only it's better to act like an idiot, than just sitting around like an old hag, just lazying around with a bottle of beer in your hand...

It's time to get your butt up and party hard! Put your favorite jam and dance to it like you just don't give a fuck that your friends and/or family is watching...Show them who's boss!

The end.

I just did this out of boredom...XDDD

So, if you guys don't like how random this is...then you may leave out of my corpse :stare:
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