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Trolls Next Gen - The New Princess
It was a beautiful day at the Trolls village, and Poppy was sitting on a bench, watching the kids playing in a playground ten feet away from her, when Harper came up to her. "Sup Poppy!" smiled Harper. "Oh! Hi Harper! Good to see you again!" smiled Poppy as she waved at the Troll painter. "Wow! Your highness, just take a look at you!" said Harper. "In less than a few days you'll have a third prince or a second princess." Poppy chuckled. But Harper was right. Poppy was nine months pregnant with hers and Branch's fourth child, and it won't be too long until the baby decides to come out of her tummy. "Yeah! You're right Harper- oh!" said Po
Max's Hungry Mother
    Max had been seeing his new girlfriend, Sarah for a few weeks now. Tonight was the first night that she had agreed to stay the night. Sarah had come over and had dinner with Max and his parents. His mom seemed to especially like her. Which made Max happy since this was the first girl he had brought home to meet his parents. Max was lying in his bed, waiting for Sarah to come back. She had gone to get a drink of water, he had offered to get it for her but she said she wanted to get it herself. Although she had been gone for a suspicious amount of time. Just then Max heard some strange noises. He got up and opened the door to listen to the
Eating to Impress Part 2 (Final)
Jason and Janette sat in Jason’s car outside of his house. They were waiting for Jason’s two siblings, Alexis and Dylan to come. Jason had finally decided to eat them, if his parents didn’t like it, they could join Alexis and Dylan in Jason’s huge stomach. They planned to see if Alexis and Dylan wanted to come to get some food with Jason and Janette, where they would go to a restaurant where a friend of Janette’s worked, this friend had agreed to put some powerful sedatives in the food so that Alexis and Dylan would fall asleep. Jason would then drive the four of them back to Janette’s house where Jason wo
Eating To Impress Part 1
“You like the size of it?” Asked Jason’s girlfriend ,Jannette . “You know I do, babe,” answered Jason as he rubbed his girlfriend’s stomach filled with one of her classmates. “Tell me again how you got this one?” Asked Jason. “Well I was leaving class about to go home when this girl just came up to me and said she was tired of high school and she wanted me to eat her. So I ate her on the bus so that I wouldn’t have to try and make it onto the bus with my huge stomach.” Answered Jannette  with a smile on her face as she ran her hand over her extended gut. “You know, babe,
Vore Day Meal part 3/3
Her mother gave one last scream before Janelle took one last swallow, the two people who made her were now going to make her fat. Part two of her vore day meal was finished and part three was soon to follow. Janelle digested her parents in about half an hour with the pills she had purchased. Together they made about an equal increase in boob and butt size. Part 3 was gonna be her favorite part, today was a beautiful saturday, meaning many people would be at the park, especially families. She would go to the park and eat an entire family, preferably a family of two parents and two kids. She put on a sports bra and some yoga pants, that way sh
Vore Day Meal part 2/3 parental meals
Janelle made a meal consisting of hamburgers and fries so that her parents could have one last meal. As she was putting the food on the table she heard the doorbell ring, she ran to answer it. She opened it and there stood her parents, she licked her lips at her delicious they looked. They entered the house and all went to sit down for the last meal they would ever have. After all having a very filling lunch, except for Janelle who was still starving because of the pills, her mother went to use the restroom while Janelle’s father sat down on the couch. Janelle saw this as the perfect chance, ever since she discovered her predatory a
Vore day meal part 1/3
Vore day was the best day of the year for predators everywhere. They would all go out and devour some delicious people. Janelle was a new predator and this would be her first vore day as a predator. Any other time of the year she would try to limit herself to just 1 or 2 people a week, but this day she had a huge meal all planned out. She had ordered special digestion pills that would speed up her metabolism causing people to be digested in a matter of 30 minutes instead of 8 hours, no matter the number of people that were in there. In order to avoid losing weight she had to eat at least 8 people today. Her meal would consist of the neigh
Palutena Vore
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