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Big Seedrian Naga info by soulcrystal Big Seedrian Naga info :iconsoulcrystal:soulcrystal 7 90
Gurgle Internal Oddysey Prologue
I remember running, heavily panting for breath, my lungs searing hot and dry in my chest as I gasped for breath.
It meant nothing, being captive in the clutches of those infantile merciless abominations. Giants. Their ominous sneers glinted from ear to ear, cheek to cheek. Their projective eyes. The storm of their every steps, booming thunder echoing every second.
I was told to never look back. I was told to just keep running.
But instinctively I looked, or maybe I was just too late? I remember being catapulted high in the air, I screamed as it was all so violently fast, I was launched backwards at supersonic speeds. Like a bungee jump, except I had never been in one. It made me sick and woozy.
Then all I could see was his toothy, stunning, maniacal sneer. His shiny black nose, his illuminate yellow cheek spheres, his fangs, each bigger than my head, cracking from cheek to cheek. His red eyes, ominous glaring red orbs, if I stared into them long enough, they made me imagine a world cri
:iconxxlrampagemaximum:XXLRampageMaximum 2 5
Waterlily the Feline ( OC ) by oreofurryfan Waterlily the Feline ( OC ) :iconoreofurryfan:oreofurryfan 7 13
Meal and Deals
The boatful of succulent little elves looked up at Mina, tiny eyes wide as they huddled together, helpless to escape.  She licked her lips in happy anticipation, reaching out to pick one with long pretty red hair and almost no coverings.  It squeaked and wiggled with appetizing feistiness, miniscule limbs kicking and flailing in protest.  Elves were Mina's favorite food by far, and it was with great pleasure that she brought the morsel to her lips . . . and then a lizard flying with ill-fitting dragonfly wings buzzed by her head, snatching it away.
"No!  Hey, stop!" the mermaid protested, failing to catch them as they zipped away, laughing at her.  She looked back down to the boat, where now a veritable swarm of aerial lizards were spiriting her meal away, but somehow she couldn't move her hands properly to catch them, and something was nibbling on her bottom lip.
. . .
"Mmmm?"  the mermaid murmured as her consciousness climbe
:iconprinnydood-abides:PrinnyDood-Abides 32 22
Monster from Diamond Rock Lake
(Warning Contains Vore, Viewer Discretion is Advised)
    Max, Paul, and Sam are going on a camping trip over the summer holiday, after finishing their studies at school its nice to have a break. They decide to go to Diamond Rock Lake as it is the most beautiful campsite in their area.
    While they were hiking towards the camp the three discussed their plans.
"So what do you want to do?" Sam asked.
"I don't know, maybe some swimming." Max responded.
"I think I'll like to make a camp fire!" Sam suggested.
"I think I'll like to canoe around the lake." Paul said.
    Paul was the more laid back out of the three while Max and Sam were more energetic. While the three were hiking a random old man came out of nowhere startling the three.
"Beware, BEWARE!!!" the old man shouted. "Beware of Diamond Rock Lake as once you enter you'll never leave!"
"What do you want old man?" Sam asked.
"To warn you! Deep below the surface of the lake lies a monster that'll sw
:iconcreaturexxii:CreatureXXII 3 3
[Vore] Opal love belly rubs of Hope by SilverTron360 [Vore] Opal love belly rubs of Hope :iconsilvertron360:SilverTron360 6 1
Mature content
Lakes of Felarya :icongraveripper:Graveripper 23 7
One big lake... (chapter 1)
“Now im not quite sure what my name is, but ill think I’ll go with Grey. Whats yours?”
The dragon huffed slightly, looking down at the human in his hand. A civilian had found ‘Grey’ trespassing on his kind’s territory, meaning he was rightfully their property. Yet for some reason the new citizen, pet, snack... whatever the apex saw fit, was not at all frightened by the prospect of living in the grip of extrasapiens. “Decker, but youll call me... well, i cant actually ask you to call me the name i had in mind without raising this chapter’s age rating.” He shrugged, the motion jostling his captive slightly.
“Okay, so...” Grey thought for a moment, unsure what to ask first- why did he end up here, where did he come from, and why was everything so big- deciding on the more important question. “Where are you taking me?” He asked, looking up at the blank-faced dragon while his tongue flickered for a fraction of a s
:iconashtrainer28:ashtrainer28 6 4
At the lake rp
You were at a lake as you were about to leave Shen you tripped over something. You thought it was a tree root but was a bulging snake stomach as you looked towards the layout to see a lamia naked with triple D bust and red hair and scale pattern as she looked at you hungrily
Male or female
Age 7+
Human or naga
Also the lamia ate an inu, neko, and another lamia
Describe character
No romance
:iconjhrshowoff69:JHRSHOWOFF69 4 233
Fun In The Lake(RQ) by cartoonlover307 Fun In The Lake(RQ) :iconcartoonlover307:cartoonlover307 12 94
Aquatic Vore RP
So recently I want to get back into some vore RP! I thought a good way to start off one would be an ocean themed vore roleplay.
- No 18+/NSFW content
- No one-liners (Minimum: Three lines!)
- Decent grammar and English
- I do allow some certain kinks such as belching, bellyplay, throatplay, romance but no scat or gore.
- Make sure to inform me if you want to abandon the roleplay
- I allow switch but I prefer being the prey
- Only half-size to same-size vore is allowed. I may be lenient on different sizes but no macro/micro
- Any genders are allowed as well
- I highly prefer safe vore compared to digestion and reformation.
Preds (Can be anthro or feral:)
Sea snake
Others, etc (you may ask)
I am not really picky about any scenarios but I do have some in mind. I would prefer if the preys were humans or also aquatic creatures. Usually scenarios can perhaps be the cases of shipwrecks, exploration or even t
:iconshifzor:Shifzor 5 182
merfolk (vore) by pumpkinlord07 merfolk (vore) :iconpumpkinlord07:pumpkinlord07 5 0
Mature content
Vore Lake Vore RP Fulltour Edition :iconcrystalkiller88:CrystalKiller88 4 36
Mature content
The lake in the night vore RP :iconevil-quentin:Evil-quentin 5 2,169
The G-File Gang - Case #3: Loch Dam Monster pg. 3 by ProfessorNature The G-File Gang - Case #3: Loch Dam Monster pg. 3 :iconprofessornature:ProfessorNature 51 7 The G-File Gang - Case #3: Loch Dam Monster pg. 2 by ProfessorNature The G-File Gang - Case #3: Loch Dam Monster pg. 2 :iconprofessornature:ProfessorNature 37 7




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