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SexyAlice Nebula+Fractals

These are Fractals and Nebula's that looks like fractals. The folder contains 15 PhotoShop brushes and 15 PNG images for 7.0 user to convert into brushes if these don't work for 7.0

Have fun using them Fav's and Comments are highly appreciated =D Check out my Gallery for more koolio brushes

[ Sad Note to 7.0 users ;_; ]
It looks like my internet or DA won't let me put my compressed file into the brush section looks like all Photoshop 7.0 users have to go to my scrap sections and download them one by one then convert them into brushes.

If you just want the original fractal there in the scraps
© 2005 - 2021 SexyAlice
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thank you so much for this amazing brushes!
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Just love them! :3 Want to use them soon!
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These look awesome :nod:
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wow, just saw your work, amazing!
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I'm glad someone is thinking of us 7 users! thank you Alice. going to ck out your gallery! just starting on 7, been on PaintDotNet for a year, have made over 3000 composites, had got sick and had to stay in bed but gave me a chance to learn how to work on PDN and do layers etc, laying there with nothing to do. Found myself! Retired nurse, never could draw, who'd think I'd do anything artsy? ck out as everything I've made from fall of 2010 is in there. Then a kind soul got me PS7 and I'm tinkering with that, trying to learn it! some of the tuts on here are helpful; no money for books! love your work, and thanks again so much!
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;D nice fractals!!! really nice and helpful brushes
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Nice, gonna check it out ^^
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Fantastic, thank you!
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Great job. Thanks for these.
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Hey, I used these brushes here: [link]
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Used here! [link] Thanks mate!
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really good, thanks ^__________^
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Great brushes!
Used here [link]
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Thanks! Use here[link] for parts of the background.
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I was a little disappointed in this Brush set. I downloaded it and tried it out. That box was around it, showing you did not in fact make the brushes, more like found pic's and converted them into brushes. I have several of the pic's used for these brushes.
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thats insane

and thats a photoshop brush
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It looks just great! How do you make them so... shiny? I mean, they really look like they were glowing Oo
I enjoy fractals... :matrixfight::chainsaw::ninjastar::ninjabattle:
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Realy nice set of brushes mate :) :+fav:
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