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Welcome to Sexy Spectrum, the fan club for female characters with unusual skin colors. If you like characters like She-Hulk, Mystique, Starfire, Poison Ivy, night elves, the Draenei, or the Asari, you've come to the right place.

A few ground rules for what we accept:

:bulletyellow: This should go without saying, but color work only.
:bulletgreen: Similarly, finished pieces only. No sketches, works in progress, or scrawling on lined paper.
:bulletblue: The focus of the piece must be a female character with a skin color that is not found on natural humans. When it comes to stylized cartoons, colors that do not exactly occur in the real world but are meant to stand in for real-world color pigmentation (like yellow in The Simpsons) don't qualify.
:bulletpurple: Anthro characters are acceptable, but must be mostly humanoid, particularly facially. Funny ears, tails, wings, or extra appendages are OK, but not pronounced muzzles or animal bodies. Nonhuman legs below the knee are acceptable. Catgirls, Draenei, and most devil girls fit, but nagas, taurs, and most werewolves do not.
:bulletred: No gore, no vore.

Please submit to the proper folder. Submissions to clearly incorrect folders will be denied. The system of categorization is explained on the gallery page.

The focus is on sexy pinups, but nudity is not required.

If you're not sure if a piece is acceptable, feel free to ask, either in the group comments or by sending a note.

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

Shrapnel PoleDance by TSM-Draws

Mature Content

Barbora 7319 by pasiasty
Women are from... Mars??? by LordWilhelm
Dark Elf Warrior by RosaKiddy
Green skin

Mature Content

Poison Ivy by devildredd
She Hulk Sketch1 by RodneyCJacobsen
Maleficent Costume Swap by ARTIST-SRF
Secrets by Crimsonight
Red skin
Sultan of the Sands by Ehaw09
SU: Garnet by ArainMorn
Maladi, Talon and Zannah by Aphrodite-NS
Kaladar Infernax gearing up by StoneMan85
Multicolor skin

Mature Content

Zombae by DevonianDollarMeal
Gehenna by Dark-Drac
Adoptable (2/3) Dawn and Dusk by Nivarisart

Mature Content

xothian nude ref for buyer by DawnoftheBlueMoon
Blue skin
Who is Serina Nanga-Mai? by BlueJacketChronicles
Evelynn and Poro - CM Ryutuisen by Xano501
Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan Cosplay by elenasamko
Mystique-Change of Face- Harley Quinn by RobertMacQuarrie1
Silver and grey skin
Imp Midna [Painterly] by scificat

Mature Content

Raven pinup by hutoart
Rebirth by S-k-y-F-r-e-e

Mature Content

princess midna by HARKHAN71
Mixed groups
Lost-A-Bet Bunny by shadowblade316
I am 3 years old on Patreon! by kondaspeter1

Mature Content

Frelly's Been a Naught Girl by AvengingKobold

Mature Content

Succubabes- Demonica and Morphika-Colors AntZurser by MrInternetMan
Yellow, orange, and gold skin
Barkeep by Antischwert
Tiger lady by clem212
Zoelei- The Girl on Fire (Gif) by mcp100
Purple skin
Murloc hunting by Xaaph

Mature Content

Yuna, Starsweeper by ZDMCreations
DotA 2 -  Rangers with candy by MilliganVick
Happy Hump Day! by holahov
Green skin 2

Mature Content

'Tentacles of Terror!!!' by BDAndrogyne

Mature Content

Jenzart by Desi-Doll
Bimzy-Benzy by ArainMorn
Calling for a Beam Out. by willdial
Silver and grey skin 2

Mature Content

Skaydoll_fanart by AlexanderOpara
Blue skin 2
2assasins Final by MemorialComics
Green skin 3

Mature Content

Horde Recruitement by Reinbachlite
Silver and grey skin 3

Mature Content

Naughty Lady Death bust cover by gb2k
Purple skin 2

Mature Content

Patreon: Tyrande by The-Moonbound
Blue skin 3
High Voltage by Loko-Motion
Red skin 2
Schoolgirl Selfie by shadowblade316
Stamps and Miscellany
Koriand'r Stamp by JubiaMaJo
New Features
Squiggly in Dante's outfit by TheCheesoArt
Green skin 4
Hey There!! by TheRizkPiecraft
Yellow, orange, and gold skin 2
Sexy nurse Ahsoka Tano by kondaspeter1
Purple skin 3
Perfect match by Your-Dear-Skyla
Blue skin 4
Sharing Popcorn by shadowblade316
Silver and grey skin 4
Christmas Angel by shadowblade316


Silver and grey skin 3 is full, all hail Silver and grey skin 4!
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