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Anyone up for a role play? Your character in a world with humans not knowing of our existence (I will be my were characters Jack and Elyra, probably my witch Marisa) has to be near woods in the role play though. Drop your characters names and what they are in the comment section below if interested.
Hey, i'm not dead (unlike I want to be)!!!!
I'm sorry i'm not really on that often anymore, i'm just hella busy with work and my Scotland trip really fucked up my sleep schedule so i'm trying to recover it. I probably won't be on much but i'll be on whenever I can/think about it. I haven't really been drawing anymore either which saddens me. I'm trying to get back into writing again (though it's more personal stuff) and i'm thinking about posting this story I've slightly gotten into. Maybe once i'm done and you guy's want me to. It's about a werewolf (all anthro creatures) fighting in a war and trying to find a mate.

Secondly I have had something on my mind for quite a long time... So... What do you do when your heart goes to one but you lust for another? Like I want to try new things but i'm afraid of betraying and/hurting my mate... She means so much to me and I can't lose her. I've been having nightmares again too. Very personal and dear things are taken from me in them...
ANYWAYS... I've been playing ARK and it's fucking amazing. I already know a lot about the animals because I watch everynightRIOT and he does a lot of ark video's and other various dino games and indie games.
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I'm sorry I haven't been very active lately. I haven't really gotten on my computer this past week. I've been really busy and I finally got a job so that's been taking up a lot of my time. I haven't even been drawing that often anymore which makes me makes sad.... 
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I've been seeing a bunch of stuff about "Inktober" or "Goretober" stuff. Should I do it? It looks fun but I don't know how much time i'd have to do it.
My uncle is very unstable. I don't know what to do. My mom and grandma won't stop him and I feel like if I call the cops, they'll say it was nothing but a false alarm and then hurt me, tenfold with my uncle. I don't know what to do. I told him nicely that if he were to use the controllers for my ps4 to at least reconnect them to mine. He started yelling at me then threw something at me. Then my grandma started yelling at me. 
So I fucking finally got a job. I don't really like where I work but the people there are nice and I get free drinks. Here in little Montana it is getting cold and already smelling like Halloween and it's making me so super happy. I'm excited for halloween. Comment down below if you want to see my whole costume when I put it all on. :)
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So, i'm hella bored. Comment ONE thing that I should draw. I'll draw it then post it and tag whomever commented to draw that specific thing.

What I can/will draw:
Reptilian creatures
Some aquatic creatures
What I can't draw:
Detailed backgrounds
Machanical things
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Hello everyone that probably won't read this... Bad start, okay. Well i'm fine right now, a little stressed. Reason being is that my grandma is going to be retiring at the end of the month and the only person in this house that will have a job to pay all the bills and rent will be my mom. I'm trying to get a job, actually just got back from an interview...that failed... My worthless uncle doesn't do shit around the house and when it does, it expects to get paid. It's fucking bullshit. Luckily it said it would be moving out by the start of next year. Me and my mother plan to move out anyways. My mom doesn't want to listen when I say throw my grandma into a retirement home. I mean, she'd be safe, people would look after her. Why does that bitch gotta be our responsibility?! whew...okay. I'll be leaving in less that two full years so by then mom will be just fine because she'll have only herself to look after and Falcon. I'll be living with my mate and all will (should/hopefully) be fine. Still need to decide to live in MT or WA though... need to work that out... I don't know what to do. No one's hiring me...
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Did I ever say that I was back home from camping?

Took longer than expected and had some bumps but it all worked out in the end.
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Hey guys. By tomorrow I will be gone or about to leave. I'll be gone like a whole week in the wilderness. If I don't return well... You probably won't notice XD I don't post often (But I am on like seven times a day). But i'll be back like the twenty forth. 

Okay so the second part of "importance". For just today, until midnight, i'll be taking free requests. Only one character and you must link a reference. I don't really do humans that well, nor birds or horses but I can. It just takes more time...
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The first 10 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list!

If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list.

(1):iconcottoncandytail: Wallpaper - 3 by CottonCandyTail  <da:thumb id="593700296"/>  <da:thumb id="583880842"/>

(2) :iconjust4drawing: Turn the Lights Off.. by Just4drawing    Symmetry by Just4drawing    Jacklyn by Just4drawing








This is the last day of this. After this it'll go back to normal.
So my girlfriend is out of town camping for a few days and i'm completely alone. These next few days I will be open for; Commissions, Art Trades and Sketches. I doubt I will post a lot of random art/doodles but if anyone would like to commission me or have an art trade with me. I don't bite so don't be afraid to text me about it. 
Commission information: 
Full detail
Most worked on and time taken plus color and possible shading. Marker or pencil color.
20 :iconpointsplz:
More detailed and worked on drawing with pencil color.
10 :iconpointsplz:
Fast sketches
For smaller things that wont take too long.
Free :iconpointsplz:
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I would like you guys to choose five "Would you rather" questions and list them in the comments and later I will put it in a thing and answer all of them. No matter the questions. 
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I'm still doing commissions. I'm not going to be like some other people and constantly spam you with it. Also, are trades are also open


At the end of this year, i'll be going to Scotland! I'm not really that super excited but it sounds fun. But next month i'll be going to see my girlfriend and camp for a week. That i'm excited for. I can't wait to see her and hold her. :iconinloveplz: 
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I am going to be doing a open party leveling...thingy. If you have Dying Light and you want to play with me, i'll only be on for a few more hours. Look for "CoudedLeopard47". My icon should be two dark males holding each other and the name should be "Dark Viper". Feel free to join or message me and we could all talk in a party. Though I highly doubt anyone will join... but I feel like talking so...
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Whenever you guys see something from me, from journal to a drawing. Are you ever surprised to see it? Like am I so inactive its like "Holy shit, I forgot this person existed, heeeyyyyy"
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So in sixteen days, it will be my birthday...My mom's making a big deal about it, same with my girlfriend. It's kinda weird... I'm not much for birthday stuff. It's too social for me. 
Now onto important stuff. I am going to do a full play through of Dying light. It's one of my favorite games this year and I wanted to play through it again. If you guys are interested (Which I doubt you are) I will link it down below. 
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I wish I could get a good fury artist to help me do something like this…
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For anyone that is interested, I plan on doing a Valentines Day special. I know, short notice but I just now thought of it. People that are interested can show references of their characters down in the comments and I will draw them. The only thing I will not draw is aquatic creatures or humans. I probably won't do anything too extreme but you may decide on what they're doing.