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Uh...Slade!!!!!!!!! Duh!
We Have New Members!!!! So if you are already a member please give a warm welcome to the new Sexy slade members!! :new: 1) ~Raven767 ( 2) :iconsphere-tuner: 3) :iconTheThirdFinalBeast: 4) :iconaymiah: 5) :iconDarkRaven44: And a big thanks to our other loyal members. Sorry it took so long to come back!! :iconIndraPyre: :iconRiparian: :iconSajiwo-Chan: :iconShiankra: Afflicted with: ~~** The-Face-Club  :iconThe-face-club" The Anti-terra-group :iconanti-terra-group: The Teen Titans club :iconteentitans: The Robin-x-Raven Club :iconrobin-x-raven: THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE SUPPORT!!! upcoming contest soon
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Hello! This club is for all the DeathStroke/Slade fans all over! Slade bashers are alowed too! Welcome! ~=~+~=~ To join this club just send me a note with the subject 'Joining' and telling me that you want to join. After joining to post our icon link on your journal put : icon Sexy - Slade - Club : without the spaces. )(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may submit your art here! We allow fanfiction, regular art(drawing, photos, & ect.), poems, and any other art there is! Slade Bashing is allowed! ~)(~ For submiting  fanfiction or poems just send me a note with the link to your story(or poem), or you can E-mail me the fan fic
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Hey! I miss the club, I have some art in the works for Slade ^^ is the club still alive?
"Hello, Titans...."

I'm a dude, so I wouldn't exactly say sexy, but Slade, A.K.A Deathstroke, is probably one of my all-time FAVORIE villains, right up there with Mr.J himself (big deal.)

The fact that His animated role was voiced by the uber-awesome Ron Pearlman totally helped.
I'll join slade is awsome to teh max
You're right. Slade IS sexy.


I just wish to say, to all the wonderful Teen Titans fans whom are with this club, that I have Teen Titans Comics for sale.

If you wish to inquire please read my Journal! Thank you!
If you would like to save seaosn
six why not sigh the REAL sign thingy go to [link] to save ita and pass this on to others!