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I've recently taken an interest in dollification aspects of BDSM and am searching for someone interested in exploring this topic through RP with me. I don't have any specific scenarios in mind yet, so that's something we can work on together. I'm okay with either fantasy or modern settings, though, so keep that in mind.

Pairings I'm Interested In:
M x F
F x F

Other kinks can be discussed in notes but mostly I'd really like to focus on dollification and bondage. I hope to hear from you soon~
Milf Anal Slave RP

Recently divorced mother of 2 wants to get back out into the dating scene. However thanks to low self esteem and a rather controlling ex husband the only type of men she seems to attract are controlling and abusive, which it's not like she's complaining about. She meets a younger man who turns her into his personal anal slave, who knows nothing but degradation and humiliation.

Note me if interested
*For the anime category*

Male RPs are welcome too, but I wish to have female RP'ers, but anyway, so far I have not found any fresh female RP'ers recently and there are some that just can't keep up with my wishes and style. I RP'ed with female RP'ers on various media, they have been great and satisfying experiences, mainly anime characters that are drop-dead gorgeous to swoon over, like High School DXD, and Fairy Tail. Unfortunately they left DA a long time ago, I lost that sense of thrill and I really wish i could do it all again.

I'm looking for partners for 18+ erotic RPs, mostly female, that don't seem to mind hentai at all and enjoys it, and loves the RPs to be sexy. I want my RPs to be as seductive and erotic as it can be. I do not do weird things in RPs, like BDSMs, fetishes, and other weird stuff like that, just straightforward erotica. Please message me if you like so we can discuss it further!

Thank you very much!
It sucks having so many ideas but no one to really carry out the ideas with. For starters, I am looking only for female rpers and not males playing females.  However, I must explain what I am looking for

Note- I am NOT  a one trick pony who only does smut Rps. If you have no problem with doing non smut rps, I am perfectly fine with doing clean rps too.

Bathroom Play
breast/ass expansion
forced transformation/gender swapping
Male Pregnancy
Pregnancy fetish

Basically anything gross I can think of

Uniform [ask]
High Heels
Licking/sexual licking
Foot jobs -occasionally
Cum swallowing [done by girls ofcourse]


-Someone who doesn't reply in one liners. I usually try to average somewhere around 3-5 lines to a paragraph, maybe even two paragrapphs depending on the situation.  The more the better, but I am lenient towards short posts if a scene is strictly dialogue

-You have to be able to play both Original Roleplays and fandom Rps as I have ideas for both

-You have to be able to play mulltiple characters if neccesary. This is because in settings like a military themed setting, there will be characters who can do things that the main characters can't  Plus it adds more flavor to the rp.

-You have to be open to playing whatever characters I request for the Rp, whether its a non fandom characters or a certain one I am looking for in a fandom Rp like say Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy from the Batman series.  

-I have gotten complaints that I dictate too much of what happens in a Rp, so don't be afraid to contribute something and I will work with your suggestions

-If you do not wish to Rp over Notes, let me know of where we can Rp such as Discord [preferred] or other platforms

----RPS I am Looking for---

Smut oriented [with less focus on plot]

Smut with a plot [if neccesary]


Mafia Rp- whether its set in a Period Piece or a Retro Universe kind of setting sort of like how Gotham City has elements from the 30s but a timeless feel. Could even be done in a Custom City controlled by the mob for more flexibily [similar to Gotham]

Gotham AU Rp- without Batman or his rogues gallery

Standard Gotham Rp


Sci Fi/Space Exploration/Space Military- I would have asked for a Gundam Rp but I rarely come across Rpers that know this xD

Feudal Japan Rp [I am open to a clean version of this too. I am sort of a sucker for Samurai and Ninja or Shinobi as they were called]

A Sword Art Online 18+ Rp- I had a specific plot in mind but hardly anyone is available for this and no one really meets requirements.  I would not play Kirito due to my dislike for the character unless I am asked

Vampire Hunter/Female Vampire

Highschool or College Rps [stuff can be added to this if neccesary]

Something involving a actress or Idol Singer/Pop Idol

Debt Slave?- Inspired by another Rp prompt on here where a girls family is in poverty and she manages to get them out of poverty, helping them financially by offering herself as a toy to someone.

Undercover Spy

Magical Girl Rp?

[as I said, I am ooen]

--Fandom Girls I am interested in a RP with-

Fate/StayNight- Saber, Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, Rider, Caster [female]

Inuyasha- Kagome Higurashi, Sango, Kikyo

SoulCalibur- Taki

Ranma 1/2- Akane Tendo

Tokyo Ghoul- Touka Kirisihima

Fullmetal Alchemist- Lust

Highschool DxD- Rias or anyone really

Sailor Moon- anyone

Naruto- Sakura Haruno, Temari, Tenten, Konan

Dead Or Alive- Anyone except for Honoka or Marie Rose

Street Fighter- Cammy, Chun Li [I can play Vega if neccesary for those two], Juri Han, Juli and Juni, Sakura Kasugano, Karin Kanzuki

Mortal Kombat- Kitana

Yandere Simulator- Ayano Aishi [main girl]

Elfen Lied- Lucy

Sword Art Online- anyone but especially Asuna Yuuki or Sinon

Bleach- Dont have preferences at the moment.

RWBY- Anyone since I am new to this series

Food Wars/Shokugeki No Soma- Erina Nakiri or Alice Nakiri

Akame Ga Kill- Akame, Leone, Kurome

One Piece- Nami

Lupin the 3rd- Fujiko

Neon Genesis Evangelion- Rei Ayanami or Asuka Soryu Langley

Tekken- Jun Kazama, Asuka Kazama, Nina Williams, Anna Williams, Julia Chang

Resident Evil- Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Rebbeca Chambers, Sherry Birkin

Final Fantasy 6- Celes Chere

Final Fantasy 7- Tifa Lockhart or Aerith

Code Geass- Kallen, C.C

King Of Fighters- too obscure for most here but anyone really
I would prefer to use discord if you have an account. There are a lot of things I like but you Don’t have to like them or do them ignore you don’t want to. We can talk about specifications.

I like:
-Straight / yuri /yaoi
-romance (optional)
-Furry / avian / scalies
-Alien species (most of them)
-Fantasy species (mostly orcs and demons)
-other creatures
—Ask me for my fandoms.

Kinks: (optional)
-foot fetish / tickling
-vore (soft)
-mind control / hypnosis
-Master - slave

-hard vore

I’m here if you want to roleplay. Remember that if you have any character/scenario/kink/etc. You want to do, send me a note we can talk about it ^-^

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