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Sexy-Furry-Females is a group for all the great artworks of Anthro/Furry Females and Pinups on DeviantART. We have pride in this family of ours so please come and enjoy the work or our many great artists in our gallery. We hope you consider joining or watching if this sounds like the group for you!

"Our main focus is the enjoyment and adoration of the female form"








Rules and Explanation



1. We cannot accept any artwork which breaks DA rules

2. Any artwork which has to be cropped or censored to get on DA will also not be accepted

3. We do not accept artwork with males in it

4. We do not accept any full human artwork unless the artwork contains a female furry (this will vary by a case to case basis)

5. We will not accept artwork which is traced, copied or 'inspired' by other artists. All artwork must be made completely by you. No bases,doll game creators,etc.

6. We do not accept any advertisements, this includes art with Patreon logos, adoption signs, streaming links, auctions, bases, YCH or anything else similar.

7. We do not accept hermaphrodites or trans characters (many people has tried to pass cis males as trans into this group when it has been proven otherwise, so we don't want to deal with the hassle anymore)

8. We do not accept children or cubs

9. We do not accept artwork which only focuses on one area of the body with no context (including breasts, butts or private regions). Busts are okay as long as it's from Head to at least past shoulder

10. Maximum of 5 submissions a day

11. We do not accept artwork which is 'work in progress', the submitted version should be the most complete version.

12. Multiple versions of the same artwork are also not accepted. We may allow different colour schemes but not coloured and uncoloured versions of artwork.

13. Quality is important to SFF, art may be declined if it does not meet our minimum standard or does not follow the group's 'sexy' theme. This is subjective to each moderator so please ping us if your art is declined for this reason and we will discuss it as a group.

14. Rules may be relaxed for sub-featured compared to featured folder requirements however the artwork must not break any of the other rules. The art still has to fit higher quality standards compared to regular folders.

15. Do not use artwork that has been submitted to the group as an example or counter argument to why yours was declined. We have older artwork in the folders from when the group had different rules. We made it fair to leave the work as is since we would pretty much have to close to the group down and clear folders completely to fit the current rules.

16. We will not accept hate speech art involving abuse or threats that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation. You will be blocked immediately without warning.

Those who break the rules regularly or are toxic to moderators will be blacklisted or in severe cases banned.

If your submission is declined:
There is a specific reason why we declined it. Usually we would give a reason but if we don't then please ask us in the submission correspondence message (and not in the group comments or notes). Check the group journal for the folders list and which folder to submit to. sexy-furry-females.deviantart.…

Please remember:
All moderators are volunteers who do this as they enjoy interacting with the anthro community. We are often pressed for time and we receive huge amounts of submissions daily. We will try to respond quickly to any query but please try not to become frustrated by blunt responses or delays.

Hopefully more on the way!

We hope to bring you the best of the anthro DA community


Trick ;)
We have been getting quite a number of entries that clearly shows that some of you are not reading our rules. It's a possible mistake for the lot of you and I can understand that. However your time and ours is wasted when you put your pictures up to be shared only for it to be declined if you do not read our rules. Continuous rule breaking will result in a blacklisting and ban after a warning is given.

Keep in mind, if your image is declined and nothing is being said, you are free to ask for future references as long as it's on the submission box itself (where you see the status of your image as it waits to be accepted or declined into the group). We cannot help you if you just send us a note, as it doesn't tell us who declined it and where it was originally submitted to

That being said

Advertisements, YCHs, and Adoptables are not allowed
If it's a finished piece from the YCH, we don't mind as much. But no matter what. If you submit something that means you are offering something for any sort of gain. It's not allowed for any reason. We do not keep track of when your advertisement is finished and remove it after it is done and prefer finished pieces compared to its WIP counterpart.

Be mindful of where you are submitting your works!
Some people have been posting their works in the Featured folder, and there has been a few cases where the submissions to the featured folder are from the same person. Please keep in mind of where you are submitting your work. If the character is from a show, series, game or wherever the picture goes to the FanArt folder. If the image is NSFW (no matter if it's Fanart or not) it goes to NSFW folder. If the image is MLP based, it goes to Brony Girls (fanart of the pony girls from the show would go here). If the image is animated, then it goes to the Animation folder no matter what.

If it needs to be censored or cropped to be posted on dA, it doesn't belong in this group
We don't mind images where it's part of the image (Like actual hearts over the bits and it's made to be like clothes) and there are NSFW variants on other websites. This is for any image that has a form of censorship that will otherwise make it not allowed on dA. Some people even cover tasteful nude/pinups or have their censor bits small and not (too) bothersome, and it's just their preference which is fine! I am sure there are other groups that will accept your pictures and wish you the best of luck on this.

Males, humans, and Child/Cubs are not allowed
Any image that contains males are not allowed in any way possible. This also includes Hermaphrodites as they also contain a penis. We also do not allow transgenders as there has been many cases where the person would fight and argue that said character is really female, when it has been checked and has been said otherwise in the tags or when the person who the image is for would say otherwise that the character is really male. It's a hassle and we get a lot of trolls over it, so please respect our wishes for the time being.
Likewise, any child-like characters are not allowed even if they are in images that are not depicting them in any lewd situations. If they are aged up, we don't mind as much. But if they are obviously children or make us question it as such, then they are not allowed.
If the Human has any sort of animal attributes (like the ears and tail) it's fine, but otherwise we do not accept full on humans in our group.

If we have to keep reminding you to read our rules to the point where a warning is issued. Then you are at risk of being banned. Please read our rules for the future.

Any questions in general feel free to ask at any time if it's to make sense of any situation

Thank you for your time
- Des
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