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I've been getting a lot of questions lately about the group which is nice actually, it shows members are interested which I like. However, to save some time for everyone, here are some of the more frequently asked questions I've been receiving...

Q: Why can't I submit an image directly to the group?

A: Because all too frequently, submissions were being posted randomly in one folder or another where they didn't belong. The entire reason I broke the images up into folders was to separate them by category within the general theme of Sexy Cowgirls. What's the purpose of having a separate folder for 3D images if 90% of the time members were just posting those images into the Art section? Also, images showing cowgirls in obvious situations of peril were being posted in the 3D section if it was a DAZ or Poser rendering etc...instead of the folder specifically set aside for images of Cowgirls in Peril. It was becoming time consuming and a pain to have to move numerous submissions a week into the proper folders they were meant for.

Q: I suggested an image but you didn't post it, why not?

A: There are a couple reasons why an image might not be right for this group. Probably the most common reason is the theme of this group is Sexy Cowgirls, not just sexy women. An image of a woman, no matter how pretty or sexy she may be, without some cowgirl element is not a proper image for this group. A cowboy hat, a western style gun, cowboy boots etc... some western element must be present for it to be an image of a cowgirl. Not just a pretty girl in denim shorts or standing near a horse or barn or bale of hay etc... Straw sun hats or fedoras are not cowboy hats and sexy black jackboots are not cowboy boots. The image has to have some western or cowboy component to it to be accepted into the gallery.

Q: I submitted a whole series of photos and you only posted 2 or 3, how come?

A: I try and limit the number of photos I use of the same model to keep redundancy down. Most series of photos show the same model in the same western attire in virtually the same pose...over and over. As pretty and sexy as the model may be, I don't want to clutter up the gallery with 20 shots of the same girl only slightly different than the pose before it. If a model is shown in a barn, then on a horse, then sitting on a wooden fence etc... I'll try and post one photo from each location. But yeah, 20 photos of the same model standing on the same porch is not going to make it into the gallery, sorry.

Q: I submitted a photo of a pretty girl dressed as a cowgirl getting shot, stabbed, scalped etc.. why didn't you use it?

A: The theme of this group is "Sexy" Cowgirls, not just cowgirls period. If your idea of "sexy" is seeing some woman disemboweled or decapitated or hit with a hatched/tomahawk perhaps you should start your own group or better help!

Q: I submitted an image of a girl dressed as an Indian Maiden, why did you delete it or not use it...?

A. Easy, the subject of this group is sexy "cowgirls" not sexy anything else. If an image has another type of character in it we might use it as long as it contains a cowgirl as well. Otherwise, If you want to start a group called "Sexy Squaws" go ahead.

Okay, that about sums up the FAQ's for now. If I failed to address any questions you might have please feel free to leave them in the reply section below or note me personally. And thank you all for being members!!
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